Written by Buzz_66

22 Jun 2010

This story dates back to 2004 when I first revisited Dubai since living there in my early twenties, 16 years earlier. I was single and earning a fortune then as Dubai was beginning its business boom; this time I was slightly older, married and, thankfully, still doing well.

Having completed a full day of business I was in the bar with two UK colleagues and a local client reminiscing about ‘old’ Dubai and nights with the Emirates and BA hostesses when we decided to look up some old haunts. Dubai had changed a lot in 16 years so, unsurprisingly, so had the fleshpots of old. After visiting a few bars we decided to try one last spot – the Cyclone.

This looked more like it! A queue of guys to get in and a pounding beat emanating from the club. I paid for the four of us and we entered. I was left to get the beers in as the others disappeared to the gents and my eyes gradually became accustomed to the subdued lighting to find I was surrounded by girls of all nationalities. This was obviously a knocking shop, but on a hypermarket scale. To my left were young, smiling asian girls and to my left beautiful, but less amiable, eastern Europeans were vying for our attention and business.

Feeling like a dirty old man I left my colleagues and started a stroll around the club. The eastern Europeans were undoubtedly beautiful, but hard work, so I decided to select the asian side of the bar. The young girls stood in gaggles, all smiling their bright white teeth and saying hello as I wandered past. A stunning young girl caught my eye and introduced herself as Lili; she was around 5ft tall and slim with pert, round tits. As we negotiated she rubbed my swelling cock through my jeans and we promptly left in a taxi.

On arrival at the Hotel the ever attendant doormen let us out and we completed the walk of shame across the lobby, blood thundered in my ears as it was obvious that I was taking a hooker to my room as her heels click-clacked beside me to the lift. Thankfully the lift arrived promptly an on entering Lili had her hand down my jeans and began massaging my throbbing cock, 32 floors later I was bursting for release and we arrived at my suite.

Lili entered and headed for the bathroom as I flicked on the telly and lounged on the bed. She was soon out wearing a cute thong and bra set and her soft, hot lips devoured mine as we embraced for the first time. She slowly kissed down my torso, removing my shirt and sucking on each nipple, alternating between nibbles and hot kisses. All I could do was lie back and enjoy as she went further, licking, nibbling and biting until she reached my jeans. With expert hands my belt was loosened and my jeans removed, my cock sprang out eager for attention. Lili smiled before kissing the end and using darts of her tiny tongue to swirl my pre-cum around the swollen head. I wanted my cock in that hot mouth and thrust forward, Lili took me deep and the sensation of her tongue and sucking almost took me over the edge, her skill was like nothing i’d ever experienced.

I had to taste her and we switched to 69. Her tight little shaved pussy looked beautiful and tasted like nectar as I licked and probed with my tongue, Lili whimpered as I fingered her, feeling her pussy juice on my fingers and licking her clit. I risked my thumb on her asshole and, getting no resistance, gently pushed in – frigging both her holes as she sucked my cock. I soon felt her body tense as a wave of orgasm hit and was soon saturated in her cum as it leaked over my chin and chest.

Lili got off me and knelt on my sofa offering me her now sodden pussy. I had put on the condom offered and entered her in one swift stroke, bringing a gasp of both pain and surprise, before pumping into her doggy style with a view of the main road 32 floors below. Lili placed her hands on the window as my thrusts became deeper and more frantic and her second orgasm coursed through her bringing shrieks of delight. I was close to cumming but Lili had one more surprise and insisted that I cum on her face, I withdrew and her tiny hand gripped my cock, wanking hard until I shot wad after wad of hot creamy spunk into her waiting mouth. It was a beautiful sight as dribbles ran down her chin onto those perfect round tits and Lili swallowed my cum, licking my cock clean.

I assumed that was it, but Lili had other plans and a more sedate fuck followed until Lili eventually left in the small hours; leaving me with a throbbing, spent cock and her mobile number.

Dubai had indeed changed and many more adventures were to follow!