27 Feb 2016

My wife and I recently went on holiday to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. My wife is not active sexually so I took the opportunity most days to wander in the dunes in the late afternoon while she rested by the hotel pool.

Before going I had looked at videos on-line and seen the kind of things to expect and also found a map of the dunes to show where the best places are. The first day I just walked inland past La Charca lagoon and turned in by the camel rides base. Following the line of the nature reserve down I soon saw nude men in the dunes to the left. I stripped off and wandered through the dunes checking out the various guys. Eventually I came to “Pussy Dell” where the hetero action was supposed to take place. There were several nude couples around but no one seemed to be doing anything but talking. One woman was sucking her man’s dick but as soon as she saw two of us watching she stopped.

Another older couple were clearly packing up to leave. The woman put her dress on, then walked a few yards from her man, pulled the dress up and peed. I was too far away for a good view. When she finished she turned round and saw me watching, dropped her dress and went back to her man. I thought perhaps she was annoyed that I had watched. Later in the week I came across them again about the same time and saw they were packing up again. I went nearer to have a look at her. This time, still nude, she took a few steps away from their towels, turned her back to me, bent over and peed. She knew I was watching this time and I stood wanking. When she had finished she looked directly at me, but there was no invitation to come closer and they went on with their packing up.

At another spot I came across a guy watching another couple. They were lying quite awkwardly and I wasn’t sure if he was fucking her from behind or not. The other guy watching indicated for me to move on, not wanting me to spoil it for him, so I did. When I came back a little later I found the pair still busy with no other watchers. The woman had her eyes closed and her arm across her face. She was laying across his lap. He saw me approaching and deliberately started stroking her pussy. She opened her legs to give him access and his hand went to work on her clit, with occasional pushing of his fingers into her cunt. I watched and wanked, standing quite close but clearly not invited closer. As he brought her nearer her orgasm she wriggled on his fingers and her tits slid around, her nipples very erect. Suddenly she stiffened, clenching her thighs on his hand, and jerking her body as she let out a long groan. He nodded to say that it was over and I nodded a thank you and walked away.

Wandering around one afternoon I found an area where males were standing around, mostly singly, one or two in pairs. As I walked through, checking out the goods, I was aware that a guy was following me. He was shorter than me, younger and a little tubby. I went and sat down in the shade of a bush and lay wanking for a few moments and he appeared by me. I sat up and he walked over to stand close. I knelt up and took his cock straight into my mouth. He wasn’t very big so I found him easy to suck down. It wasn’t long before he grabbed my head and fucked my face for a few strokes, and then he pumped his cum into my mouth. He smiled and said “Danke” before walking off. I wandered off and found another older guy to suck but he had already cum and had nothing for me.

My last visit turned into a disappointment. There were only two couples in the area and they didn’t seem to be doing anything, and the male area seemed empty. I was just giving up when I found a guy on his own lying in the sun reading. He glanced up and I smiled and said “Hi”. He replied and was obviously British, so we exchanged a few words about the place. His wife had gone shopping so he was on his own. I gave my cock a rub and so did he, so I sat down near him and reached for his cock. After a little mutual wanking I went to suck him but he said he preferred just manual. It wasn’t long before he came on my hand and I then used his cum to lubricate my cock to bring myself off.

All in all, it was a little disappointing but there was clearly action to be had if you committed the time to it, and perhaps you'd score if you were younger and better looking than me!