Written by Letitallhangout

16 Jun 2008

Wow, just back from Gran Canaria and the dunes of Maspalomas. First day out, headed for the dunes as I\'d heard so much about them. Wasnt quite expecting the following. As you can imagine, it was hot and sunny and it took me a while to get to the beach area. I walked along the beach for a while til I noticed I was in the nudist section with a large percentage of guys sunbathing. Never one to miss an opportunity to check out the opposition, I positioned myself on top of one of the dunes, stripped off and settled down for a bit of voyeur fun. After a while this got a bit boring so I decided to go for a wander further back towards the bush area, having noticed a few people, mainly guys, head off in that direction. I was as naked as the day I was born, it felt great. With just a towel over my shoulder and a bag hanging from my hand I set off on my trek. It wasnt long before I reached the edge of the bushes and could see that among them were hillocks of sand surmounted by vegitation and inside of some of these were people, again mainly guys, mostly older ones, all either wearing shorts or also nude. I found myself a perch and settled down. The feeling was indescribable as the warm breeze and hot sun beat down on me. I must admit, that up to this point I hadnt got an erection but lying there in the sunshine did the trick. It wasnt too much longer I had the feeling I was being watched. I propped myself up on my elbows and was amazed at the first sighting of a guy openly looking at me from about 10 feet away and wanking a small cock, smiling at me. To be honest, he didnt look all that good but it got me thinking. I politely waved him away and it took a few minutes for him to get the message but off he went. I looked all around me and could see others at a bit of a distance, none of whom were looking in my direction. I lit a cigarette and was about to stand up for a better look around when I noticed on the next hill a guy of about 60, heavily tanned, naked and sporting a semi, doing just as I was about to do. He was at this time, looking in another direction so I got up and kind of turned myself towards him slightly so he could get a good look at my hard cock if he was to turn around. Bingo! He started to turn towards me so I quickly looked the other way, pulling on my fag and gazing off into the distance. God I felt so wicked. I casually reached down to my cock and \'absentmindedly\' gave it a little stroke and turned even more towards him, showing all I had. I had previously noticed that he was shaved down below as I am too, and as I looked up, caught his eye for the briefest of seconds and saw he was looking straight at me with a smile on his face. I continued to stroke my cock and at the same time slowly sat back down again out of view. My heart was racing as I lay down on my front, I felt the warm air engulf my back and arse and noticed that I was already dribbling precum. I cleaned myself up a bit and resumed catching some rays. Sure enough, within a minute I heard him scrabbling up my bank and stopping a short distance away. He gently coughed to get my attention but I pretended not to hear, instead, I left things as they were for a second then propped myself up on my hands and rolled back on my knees, showing him my smooth bum and cock and balls, heavy and again nearly at full mast, from behind. Ever so slowly, I \'rearranged\' my position and lay back down, face down on my towel, this time opening my legs just wide enough to keep his attention on me. It seemed ages but I was aware of him being a lot closer to me, probably just a few feet away so stayed perfectly still except for a slight sway to my bum, making my balls move back and forward very gently, my cock now at full mast and to be honest, getting a little uncomfortable being pushed down and back towards his direction. Again I could feel my precum oozing out and slimeing its way down my inner thigh. Again the guy coughed and this time quite loudly. I could not pretend to miss hearing him this time so raising myself on my elbows, I looked to my left, then to my right and forwards, into the thickest part of the surrounding bush. I couldnt see anyone else and still knowing he was there, again rearranged my position, still on my stomach and this time making a very obvious show of myself to him. He must have got the message as the next thing I knew, he was behind me on his knees and very gently started to stroke my left calf. I made a noise along the lines of \'mmm\' and he became bolder, moving his hand further up my leg til he was quite openly stroking my bum. This was pure heaven...... His attention was focusing more on the crack in my bum and working his way unmistakeably towards my hole. Slowly, so as not to scare him off or cause him to start, I gradually turned over to fully expose myself to his gaze. He was as I said, about 60, tall, tanned, full head of hair though grey, quite toned and sported an impressive cock of around 8inches, uncut and as smooth as a baby\'s bum. His right hand started to caress my cock and balls while his left was playing with his own. He smiled a warm and friendly smile and asked, \'Espaniol? Deutsche?\' No, I replied, English. \'Ahh\', he said and with that, bent forward and lowered his mouth to my bursting cock. My heart was really pounding now and his mouth was warm and very wet, licking and sucking for all he was worth but very gently, just as I like it. I turned slightly to my left and reached out for his cock which he anticipated and moved his own position to accomodate my unsaid request. I took hold of him and was a little surprised to find him thicker than he appeared under my grasp, very hot to the touch and throbbing in my palm. I slowly started to wank him, felt him relax his body more, and settle into a position for a long slow relaxing time.