Written by Letitallhangout

22 Jun 2008

He withdrew his fingers so he could put the condom on, then resumed his attentions on me. With one hand still wanking my cock, his other reaching round and collecting my precum and working it around my hole. I was that turned on I was amazed at how much kept dribbling out of me. It wasnt long before he reckoned he had enough and grasping his cock, slowly but surely eased it into my hole. Once in he stopped, probably only about an inch or so and I could feel the heat of his tool. Allowing me to get used to it and relax, he very gently began pushing and withdrawing til at last I felt his belly against my cheeks. I clenched and released my hole as quickly as I could, trying to wank him with my inner muscles and he again started to fuck me back. The feeling was awesome, I was sure I was going to soil myself over his cock but as it turned out, that didnt happen. He was quickening his pace and it started to smart a bit but at the same time, intensified the feeling deep inside of me. With out warning he grunted and I felt him swelling and shrinking rapidly. He had cum and I was still rampant for more. After all the build up we had gone through, he had only lasted a couple of minutes. He withdrew and took the condom off, wrapped it in tissue and said thankyou and was gone. I was speechless, the least he could have done after all that was to bring me off. Anyway, still hard with lust, I picked my towel and bag up and exited the bush. There was no sign of him so with some reluctance and annoyance I started to make my way towards the beach front. I had only gone about twenty feet when I noticed another guy wearing just a teeshirt and sandals, peering round from another clump of bushes, hand under his balls, shaking them and his cock in short bursts. He was looking straight at me and smiled. I needed to cum so walked over to him and without any introduction or ceremony he grabbed my cock and began rubbing me. Seeing no-one else in the immediate area, I sank to my knees and took his cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth while carressing his balls. He placed his hand on the top of my head and fucked my mouth. Although not too well endowed he was getting to the back of my throat and every so often making me gag. Big time. This obviously turned him on more and he speeded up and every time I gagged he tried to get even more in, really pushing as hard as he could. I was busy wanking my own cock, feeling the warm breeze on my body and in particular on my hole, cooling it down from its previous exertions. He stopped suddenley. I thought we we\\\'re about to be interupted but all he wanted to do was change positions and helping me to my feet he backed me up to a sizeable trunk on the edge of the clump and took his place on the end of my cock. I raised my arms above and behind my head, holding onto the trunk and fully exposing my whole body to him and allowing full access for him. This guy really knew what he was doing, he licked and sucked and teased for ages and wouldnt let us swap positions back so I could have another mouthful. Oh well, never mind I thought. And just lapped up the attention. I heard voices, male and female, talking and laughing and getting louder. To my left, they appeared and the woman, a slim blond of around 40 was the first to see what was happening. She stopped dead in her tracks and grinned. Her feller was just a second or two behind her and together they both carried on looking and gradually moving closer for a better look. The guys cock was getting stiff and his girlfriend, noticing this, took hold of him and started to pleasure him. He in turn began to rub her pussy while they both carried on watching, neither of them missing a thing. This was just too much for me and I tensed up and began fucking my guys mouth, both hands dropping down to grab his head and for about 30 seconds relentlessly fucked him. Then I came. And did I ever. After nearly an hour of playing and being rigid with lust all the time, I exploded into his mouth, my knees barely holding me up I was shaking and twitching so much until I was utterly spent. I didnt bother to look if he was swallowing my cum or not, my eyes were closed as I came and when I opened them and finally looked down he was a bit of a mess. He must have tried to swallow but there was so much cum he didnt make it. It was all over his mouth and chin and running down his chest. The woman was making very pleasurable sounds and her guy was beckoning my partner towards them. Although still as stiff as a board, I turned towards them, smiled and gave them all a little wave and left them to it. I felt too weak and spent to continue or even watch them.

This was my first day in the dunes and it wasnt my last. I visited every day, some were eventful, some werent. Some were horny, some just so so. I would definately go back again given the time and spare money for a weeks stay but Ive heard that Fuertaventura has some action to be had and I do like a bit of variety. Watch this space.........