9 Jun 2016

I had been on another site for a short while and got a message through from another Woman one day that drew my attention to it, it was not what I was expecting to see at all. As this message came out of the blue to me I sat back to read it , it was from a late 20's girl called Jess who had a boyfriend who she described as a good looking hunk of a man with a fine body and a lovely big cock to match and that he was a very capable lover who knew how to use it.

She went on to tell me she liked my profile and noticed I liked to wear stockings and suspenders or hold ups, well the next thing I knew she pinged up on my tablet to have a chat , so I answered her request to chat and we had a good chat as Jess fired many questions at me. Jess asked me for a photo so I sent her one and she seemed very impressed saying I was very pretty and had a fabulous body , she went on to tell me she worked for a local Company and that her boyfriend Carl had his own business and was a very horny guy.

As Jess went on she told me she had , had a bit of fun with another lad at a recent party at the Company she worked for held, also telling me it was not the first time she had let a guy fuck her while at work and she went on to explain she wanted me to meet her boyfriend and if I was up for it and fancied him at all would I let him fuck me . Well I was a little surprised at her request as she said would I like to see some photos of him and a few minutes later she pinged some pics of him to me, I sat back looking at these photos , thinking to myself she is winding me up .

I looked on at this amazing hunk of a guy , very handsome, tall, with a fit muscular body just the type I like, who also possessed a beautiful cock that would turn any women's head , I thought surely she isn't serious about doing this . I chatted to Jess saying are you serious because he is a hunk of a man she said Oh Yes ! , as Jess went on to give me his phone number and asked me to ring him on some pretence or another as she said from your photos I have seen he will love you , as you are just his dream of a woman .

Jess asked me to think about it over the next couple of days and she would mail me for my answer, well from what I had seen I already knew my answer, as I was home alone, my husband was away with work for the next 4 months and had been gone 2 months already. I awaited her mail and I replied I would do as she asked, we chatted about what she would like to happen , but I was free to do what I liked with him, she asked if I had come up with any ideas of how to meet him , as I told her well I have a car and perhaps I could call him up and he could come to fix it for me as I said I know a lead to remove on the engine of my car which most men would go straight for to fix the car.

As Jess said yes sounds a good plan , she asked how I intended to let him seduce me and went on to say he would love to find out I was wearing stockings and suspenders, so as I told her I would wear those and the rest of my little plan she said yes go for it . I told her perhaps I would have a problem on the coming Friday night after work as Jess said you can tell him you know me from the Company I work for and you rang me for to ask if I knew anyone to fix your car.

On the Friday I left work early, went home to have a bath , wash my hair and find something to wear , Jess told me he liked the Office Secretary look, so I took my skirt suit out , a white blouse , my matching bra, suspender, g-string with a new pair of stockings and my 5" heels as Carl was a few inches over 6 feet tall. I gave myself a spray of perfume looked in the mirror thinking to myself I looked pretty good , got in my car and set off to the secluded car park that I knew of, I got out of the car put some gloves on to pull the lead off put the bonnet up and rang Carl, he asked me how I got his number.

I went on to tell him I knew Jess from work and that I was stuck as my hubs was away with work , he explained he would have to lock up and bring a few tools and he would see me in about 20-25 mins, I sat back in my car thinking of soon meeting Carl and hoped he had the one tool I needed and that it was in good condition and able to service me , I could feel my pussy getting wet with anticipation . A short while later his car pulled up at the side of mine , he asked me if I as ok as he got out an introduced himself , I said well I was worried when it wouldn't go as I didn't know who to contact, Carl said I will soon get you going and gave me a hug and a kiss on my forehead.

He asked me if I had noticed anything any noises etc, before it stopped well I lied saying yes there as a noise , he asked at the back or the front , I said I wasn't sure as he lay under the back of the car to take a look as he lay there on his side I thought I would squat down facing him to talk with him . I squatted there having pulled my skirt up a little so I was able to and also enough that I could leave a gap as I spread my knees apart , I heard him cough as I realised he must have seen the view between my legs as I asked everything ok !

Carl replied Oh Yes!! but cant see anything wrong here though , so I will look at the front now , he got up a bit red faced as he got under the front I repeated the same move, opening my legs even wider this time , he said looks good to me as he stood up trying not to make it obvious he was adjusting his cock in his trousers. He leant over the engine to take a look saying straight away I reckon that is going to be your problem as he lifted the lead up that had somehow come off the engine, he put it back on and asked me to start the car and of course it worked as he wiped his hands clean , he stood over me looking down my blouse where I had left more buttons than normal undone.

I looked up at Carl and told him he was so clever to know the problem and I couldn't thank him enough especially with my hubs away , as I asked him how would I like me to pay him giving him a naughty smile . He said well I can think of away grinning back at me I said well I will just get my handbag and stood up and as he had his arms outstretched leaning on my car roof as I got up I was level with his face and placed a kiss on his lips.

He pressed his lips firmly to mine our tongues exploring each others mouth's as we parted for a second or two I turned around pulled my skirt up a little so I was able to put one knee up on the drivers seat and bend forwards to try and reach in for my hand bag I had placed in the passenger foot well. I was bent across the seat when I felt Carl's hands hold my waist as I then felt his bulging cock pressing against my bum through my skirt. I turned my head smiled at his beaming face and said oh something sees to have come up here then would you like me to help you out with that Carl as I rubbed my bum up and down a couple of times against him.

I moved back to stand up turning to kiss him as he placed his hands on my bum pulling me tight to his body, we had a lovely kissing session as his hands came up to undo the few buttons still done up on my blouse pulling it apart to see my 36E boobs trying to escape from my skimpy bra I wore , he flicked my bra straps off my shoulders as he pulled my blouse down and undone my bra in a second or two to feast his eyes on my boobs and my hard nipples standing up proudly.

I watched as he cupped my boobs in his big hands and began to bite , lick and suck on my nipples an boobs, as i reached to his waist pulling frantically at his t shirt to see and feel his chest , he stopped for a moment to let me pull it off over his head , my fingers rubbed his chest making there way down to his trousers to undo them . I pulled them open to see the head of his cock wet with pre cum above the waist band of his boxers , I sat back on the car seat pulled him closer so I could run my tongue over the head of his cock as I pushed his boxers down , he said Fuck Babe ! , I am so hard for you !, his hands rubbed my shoulders and neck as I bobbed my head up and down licking and sucking on his lovely long thick cock.

He asked me if I was going to suck him off or did I want him to fuck me, I lifted my head up smiled and said both , but I want to feel this big cock of yours inside me first Carl , he grabbed my shoulders lifted me up reached to undo my skirt I stepped out of it he said Fuck you are perfect what a body you have and I love the stockings . It was lucky it was a lovely warm night, he practically ripped my g string off my legs saying do you want to kneel on the back seat like you were in the front earlier, I knelt on the back seat as the head of his cock stabbed a couple of times at my wet pussy his hands almost tearing at my hips as he pressed his cock in to me ,.

I was telling him its so fucking hard as it fills me as he pressed till it was all inside me , he pulled back before slamming back into me again and again , he kept saying I want you , am going to fill your cunt with a load soon , I told him Yes please I want to cum as well , want to soak your cock with my pussy juice , we both came together , both of us gasping for air after such a frantic fuck . We stayed as we were his cock inside me slowly shrinking as his cum dripped from my sopping pussy , he stepped back leaving me feel empty without the warmth of his cock inside me , I sat up to tell him to give me his cock to suck again as he stepped forward , Carl watched me lick it clean then pulled me up to hold me to him asking me would I like to do this regular as he would really love to fuck me often .

I said well I am married but you are welcome to do so while hubs is away as I would also love to have you fuck me again , then I added what about Jess ,he said well you are not going to say anything are you , I told him No!! well then she need not know , as she isn't half the fuck you are Babe !

So we have been meeting up over the past few weeks he has liked that he has been fucking me in my bed , replacing my hubs and in our cars outside and in his office, as he has just begun to ask how serious do you want to go with this to me. I am now thinking I just wonder if Jess knew what was going on between us now what would she think of us both even though she was the one that bought us both together !!!???

I would love to hear your comments on this story as I am in a bit of a dilemma with this , should I feel guilty or should I just carry on enjoying this cocking I am getting from Carl , thanks , hope you enjoyed this read xxxx