Written by carpet monster

10 Oct 2009

both girls kissed my cheek in the early morning light, sonya kissed my lips followed by jane, then both girls moved down to my nipples, kissing, biting and licking, sending delicious ripples through me, both using one hand to rub and stroke the inside of my legs, jane giggled as i bucked and twisted my hips, trying to steer my hard cock to their rubbing hands, sonya moved down further and used her free hand to smooth over my pubes, just above my straining cock, i begged the girls to touch my cock, to which they responded with one finger each on my bell end, light torture filled strokes all over my one eye, jane moved down and kissed my pubes, my cock hot against her cheek as she lifted her head allowing my cock to brush her lips, sonya moved down level with jane's head, my cock bobbing around so close to those sexy lips.

jane smoothed her hand under my legs and my hips bucked as she lightly stroked my balls, sonya followed suit, two hands working on my balls, tickling, stroking, pinching, then sonya's hand moved up and curled around my cock, i gasped with the pleasure of her contact, she lifted my cock and held it steady as sonya kissed my cock head, licked the head and kissed down my shaft, i threw my head back, closed my eyes and groaned with the fucking release of her kisses, then i gasped out loud as jane moved her head forward and sucked my bell end, her head bobbing, then moved back to let sonya have her suck, and christ could she suck, her mouth swallowing the whole of my cock then back up, both girls swapped my cock back and forth, and i warned them my cum was close, jane left sonya sucking away and moved round between my legs, kissing and licking my balls, and what with sonya sucking away with abandon my cum started to rise, my resistance to their sucking lips gone my cock throbbed, but then both girls stopped, i opened my eyes to see both them smiling at me, i begged them to carry on, they giggled at me again.

sonya's head dropped and resumed her sucking, jane licked down my balls and carried onto my anus, her licking and kissing my ring was too much and i throbbed and groaned, and this time there was no stoppping them, sonya sucking, jane licking i gasped 'oh fucking hell girls' and came in sonya's mouth, howling thru my cum as both of them carried on their attentions til my cock was spent, it was the early morning, my wife was away , my daughters friends jane and sonya pulled me into my shower room, sonya stroking my back as i fucked jane from behind,i had the whole day with these two 20 somethings and i was gonna enjoy every single second......