Written by Rockstar

29 Sep 2017

I have been talking to a young lady (well 16 years my junior) for quite a while she always kisses me when we meet and her husband shakes my hand.

She has the biggest boobs I've ever seen so I could feel them pressing into my chest when she hugged me.

She is quite a laugh and her hubby is not so I guessed they were not that happy .

I got her number by chance one night and text her when I got home.

She said it was ok but better not tell our respective other halfs.

It all started respectfully but she hinted that she had secrets that would shock me.

It took weeks but confided in me saying she was bisexual and her hubby did nothing for her .

This hit my horny button and I pushed for her for more Information.

Months after we started textng we arranged to meet for a coffee .

I picked her up and drove about 20 miles to a local tea room and we sat passing the time with small talk.

Her low cut top I hoped was for my benefit but she gave no inclination of any sexual tension between us.

I broached the subject of her and other women and she winked and smiled.

She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips and smiled.

We drank our coffee and got back into my car. We started on our journey home and she stroked my knee and thigh as I drove.

I said you are not doing anything for my concentration as I was getting hard.

Shall I stop she asked with a knowing glint in her hazel eyes.

I said not a chance it is lovely and she gave my throbbing bulge a squeeze.

Anyway I asked her to get a parcel I had bought her from the glove box.

She opened the package to reveal a large pink anne summers rabbit , mm mmm she said I love this and mine has broken so it will cum in handy.

We laughed and giggled as I stroked her Jean clad thigh.

Nearing her village I asked if I could pull over and give her a kiss as it would be to dangerous nearer her home.

We pulled into a gravel laybye and I pulled her close and kissed her soft wet mouth .

We parted and she said that was amazing and pulled me close again . One thing led to another and I had both her massive boobs out and sucked on her nipples they must have doubled in size. She said thst she was wet through between her legs and i slid my hand down and unbuttoned her jeans .

I slid my hand inside and felt her shaven Pussy no panties just a dripping wet cunt .

I slowly found her hard clit and flicked it slowly then faster and faster as her breathing became deeper I took a nipple into my mouth and looked up at her face her head was back her mouth open and her left hand on her other boob.

I slid 2 fingers slowly inside her dripping Pussy. God she was wet VERY VERY wet her jeans were soaking i quickly found her G Spot and gently stroked upwards into her spongy pussy she shouted "fuck fuck what " and came with a flurry of swearing and bucking her hips .

I let her come slowly back to earth just fingering her lovely wet love tube.

As a smile came back to her lips I kissed her gently and put my fingers that has been inside her into her mouth .

We both licked and sucked them clean .

She said that was incredible how the fuck did you make me cum so quick.

I said it was her not me and it was her sensative G Spot.

My what she said I've never had That stroked before.

Anyway she said I am now gonna give you the best blow job you have ever had and started to unbutton my jeans.

FUCK just as she had her hand inside my boxers a car pulled up behind us.

She said pull off now so as she struggled to get her boobs back into her bra we were off down the road.

She had my cock out and wanked it slowly but no blow job was forth cumming as we approached her home.

We kissed passionately and I dropped her off as close as I dare to her house.

I told her I would text her later and drove off as horny as fuck.

About 20 minutes later I'm nearly home when my mobile rings and it's ( shall we call her sonia) she says can you video call me when you pull up.

Cors I can I said pulling up, so I called her on wattsapp and she answered me with a giant grin .

Can I help you she said, grinning I said what did she want.

To which she produced a buzzing pink rabbit .

FUCK I said I must have left you horny she replied watch as she moved it down past her naked boobs and over her belly and inbetween her legs. I could see from her swollen pussy lips she had been fucking herself with the vibrator.

Her breathing became heavy above the buzzing rabbit that was now inside her lovely cunt lips. The ears were on her clit and she was shouting fuck me (my name) Fuck me hard.

I want you cock in my cunt, fuck wish your tongue was on my throbbing clit you dirty bastard. I want you to fuck me from behind . I need your thick cock i me.

I wad running my cock through my jeans and uttered words of encouragement shouting cum for me sonia . Fuck your Pussy for me cum down my cock.

She bucked her hips but dropped her phone as she came and a had the last few seconds in audio only.

After what felt an age she picked her phone up smiling.

I needed that she said.

Can you get away after midnight to come and make me cum with your tongue.

I said yes let's do it .

That's why my story is named what it is.

Let me know if you want to hear of Sonia and myself in a early morning sexfest.