20 Jul 2018

The last session with Brenda was at their house, this time Dave decided it would be back to using the blind fold and a mixture of inside and outside. He was keen for Brenda not to know who it was, telling me if I saw her a few more times she would soon recognise things about me so the options in this area were limited. The good news on my part was they obviously wanted to continue our fun and games! He also told me they were seeing Ray from our initial meet on a similar basis.

I was told to drive up to a lake just outside Rochdale close to the M62. Park up next to their car then wait for things to happen. It was just going dark as I drove into the car park when I saw their car, a gold Ford Cortina, parked discreetly down close to the very bottom. Pulling up close to the car I would the window down and peered over. Certainly there was a couple inside but difficult to make out much detail in the fading light. There was some movement but nothing to suggest anything much more than a kiss and cuddle in progress.

Then, another car pulled up the other side of me. yes - a gold ford Cortina, I'd been watching the wrong car! I wound my window up, hopped across to the passenger seat and winding the window down could make out Dave in the semi light. He got out and went to the back of his car so I followed.

He told me Brenda was inside on the back seat with just a coat draped over her shoulders, blind folded and semi restrained. I could do as I wished with her but no sex, that was for later back at their house. Keep silent and keep her in the dark as to who I was.

Dave got in my car as i opened the back door of theirs. With the interior light on I could see the light coloured raincoat draped over Brenda's shoulders and a black eye mask. Sliding in beside her I slipped the coat off her shoulders which revealed she was wearing a metal collar round her neck with a padlock at the front. Chains went off either side to metal wrist cuffs. I motioned her to masturbate while i removed my trousers and got my stiff cock out. The chains were jangling as she enthusiastically rubbed her cunt then as I forced her head over my cock I felt her warm wet pussy. My fingers probed every corner of her naked body until eventually I shot my load into her mouth. Brenda swallowed every last drop, I got dressed and met Dave at the back of the car again. We had a joke about me being next to the wrong car, he had seen me drive in but gave it a few minutes before coming over.

He told me to drive off then pull over once outside. Let them drive past then about 15 mins later to go to their house. If his car was there, wait until he drove off, otherwise the front door would be on the latch and to go inside. Brenda was mine to do with as I pleased, he wouldn't return until after I'd gone. Again darkness and silence for Brenda.

When I went inside Brenda, minus the collar and cuffs, was sat tied to a dining chair in the middle of the lounge. I strode round her several times touching her body as I went, perhaps trying to make her think maybe there was more than one. I stripped naked then rubbed my cock over her body before slowly untying the ropes which bound her to the chair. Dave had placed a quilt over the floor so I led Brenda over to this and guided her onto the floor.

At this point she spoke, just to ask 'whoever you are please make sure the front door is closed!' Knowing it was I made a noisy effort to prove this to her. We got down to business and had wonderful sex together. i tried to penetrate her ass but she wouldn't relax enough so had to abandon that idea. After an hour or so, I placed Brenda back on the chair but facing the other way round just so as Dave would know as he entered the room she had received a visitor! After tying her to the chair I dressed and left, shutting the door firmly behind me.

Next morning I called Dave and asked him if everything had gone to plan and his satisfaction. He said it had and Brenda was clueless as to who her visitor was.

I joked with Dave that driving home I was wondering if I should have actually closed the door. Was another visitor due and did he have a key to get back in!