Written by Nawty

15 Apr 2016

Taken us ages to get back on and finish this due to work etc but here the rest of our Easter experience.

We had arranged two meets with older guys after Easter weekend, the second was on the Thursday.

My GF is really into role-play as a naughty school girl and we asked to meet older gents to explore it. Hugh got in touch.

We met him in a pub at Uxbridge just before 5pm, he looked older than in his photos but we had stipulated age did not matter. He told us he was 66 but he looked in his 70's. We are both mid 40's.

The meet and greet is a bit boring so I will mostly skip it, we got on well. My GF gives me the 'signal' for yes and goes to the ladies on queue and I asked Hugh if he wants her or not. wow,, yes of course. I didn't think he would of said no but its possible.

On her return we have fresh drinks and a thumbs up is my sign to the GF its a goer. So, she sits with Hugh this time and they get cosy. they sit close and kiss and cuddle.

After another 30 minutes or so, my GF leaves for the hotel alone which is just 10 minutes walk with a see you guys later.

I have a good chat with Hugh and we chat about his experiences after being widowed and his school girl fantasies.

It seems like ages but eventually I get the txt from my GF to come to the hotel. Hugh is up and out the door faster than me, pretty impressive for bloke his age!

When we arrive at our hotel room, my GF is there waiting, showered and dressed in a short grey tartan mini skirt, white blouse and tie, black suspenders and high heels. She has her hair down and her makeup is as good as ever. She looked half her age, She does this stuff really well.

Hugh's face is a picture, half the buzz for me is watching guys faces. Wow, wow, wow he says. He turns red and seems to be stuck in a trance.

I do my usual thing and take my GF's hand and pass it to Hugh. She's yours mate, enjoy. I walk away to pour us all drinks.

As I look at Hugh he seems to have frozen and it looks like it might turn awkward so I pass him the drink and he sits on the bed. My GF proceeds to sit on his lap and we all chat, mostly my GF is doing the talking about why she likes to dress up and do roleplay.

At this point I decided to find some music and switched on the TV in the room to the radio to try and relax him.

My GF took the lead and started to kiss and cuddle him and within minutes we got passed the awkwardness and Hugh was now full on kissing my GF and exchanging tongues with her.

Hugh seemed to be sitting on his hands ( I would of been all over her by now) With hindsight it was because he was real gent and did not want to seem over forward ( crazy but sweet) my GF's words!

I interjected and undid her blouse while they kissed, he hadn't even noticed until my GF pulled away from the kiss.

As he looked down his eyes lit up as my GF's 34b tits were freed and on show.

From then on the situation changed and he took over leaving me to relax with my drink and sit back.

Within minutes he had removed her skirt and panties and was exploring her body like somebody that had not seen a woman's body for years. My GF surrendered her body to him and he took it.

We both had sex with my GF until about 1:30 in the morning.

It was a good meet and we have stayed in touch with him.