Written by John

2 Jun 2008

Her name was Betty, I called on her regularly about every six months to service her domestic appliances. She was petite, blonde and blue eyed and had a good figure and legs, I put her age around late thirties. I was in my early thirties and, although married, took my fun where I found it.

Right from the very start Betty was extremely friendly, very chatty and I always got a cup of coffee, invariably spending more time there than I should have. One of the reasons was that she somehow always managed to let me see up her skirt, she seemed to prefer light blue semi-transparent knickers and the shape of her mons and sex were easy to see.

It was quite obvious to me that she was angling for me to make a move on her, I certainly wanted to as she was an attractive and very sexy looking woman. I must have visited her at least three times when the next time things happened, it was a very warm summer morning and Betty was dressed in a very low-cut summer dress. She'd had trouble with her washing machine pulling threads from towels etc., and she wanted me to find out why. While I was trying to see why such an unusual thing was happening I noticed that I could see far more of her breasts than I had before. Her breasts were quite small and every time I looked another button seemed to have come undone. I asked her for some washing and tried the machine, apart from towels she produced there were also several pairs of her light blue knickers and bras. It took me some time to discover, by partially dismantling the heater element that a trapped pin, invisible when everything was in place, was the culprit.

Betty was delighted that I had found what was causing the trouble and threw her arms around me to give me a passionate kiss. This was obviously the time and I picked her up and said, 'Where's the bedroom?', she directed me. It was a bungalow and by the time we got there she had her dress off, she looked so beautiful and sexy lying on the bed as I laid her there. As I undressed she said, 'What took you so long?' 'Well,' I replied, 'I work for a very big national company and they are always getting complaints from women that they have been assaulted, one murmur and I'd be out, I had to be sure that I could trust you.'

Betty said, 'Oh, I would never do that to you, John! Come here.' I still had my underpants on but my erection must have been obvious. I joined her on the bed and we began kissing, I could see the desire in her eyes. I removed her bra, her breasts were small, beautifully shaped and with little pink nipples, they jiggled like jellies and she love having them kissed. Soon I was sucking those little firm nipples and she was feeling my cock through my pants. I kissed my way down her body, when I reached the waistband of her knickers I pulled them off. Her mons wasn't big either but was a nice, plumpness nestling between her thighs, the lips there rounded and closed. She hadn't a hair on her body.

I kissed her mons, inner thighs and groin on either side of her cunt, she was breathing hard and trembling slightly. Then I kissed her cunt lips before running my tongue up and down the slight groove between them. She liked that and gave a little moan. Soon the lips parted to reveal the inner lips engorging quickly, after kissing them I took each one between my lips and pulled gently as I sucked. She wriggled, moaning. Then I inserted my tongue into her love-hole and fucked her with it, she groaned and then screamed and came as I sucked her erect clit.

I had never seen a clit like she had, although buried, it emerged from under the clitoral hood and reached to her love-hole then divided round it. She was incredibly sensitive there and writhed and screamed as I tongued and sucked it. Her juice flowed until everything was coated in it, my face, obviously, but also her inner thighs, stomach and all round her bottom. She was almost sobbing with desire so I removed my pants and mounted her.

She immediately spread her legs as wide as she could pulling her knees up, her cunt opened wide, spilling juice down her crack. I touched my cock to her hole and in an instant she had thrust herself up and engulfed it, I thrust hard. She grabbed me as I buried myself deep into her cunt, she was spurting juice round my cock, I had never had a woman so aroused. I started fucking, she was panting, urging me on, 'Oh yes, go on, go on, harder, harder!', she gasped.

I fucked her hard for as long as I could before subsiding to a more gentle pace, 'Oh, that feels so wonderful! Oh, I love the way you make love to me!' She had wrapped her arms and legs round me, I could feel her cunt muscles clamping and releasing my cock. I said, 'What's the matter, doesn't your husband give you enough?' She snorted, 'He never has! He's not much good at it anyway, you made me come before we'd hardly got started, he's never made me come at all!' Curious I asked, 'So what have you been doing all the years you've been married?'

'I'd rather not answer that,' she replied, 'just make love to me.' The first time I think I lasted about ten minutes but I knew that if she wanted I could make love to her again for as long as she liked. As I carried on fucking her she became more and more aroused and, as far as I could make out coming virtually all the time, she was lovely and tight and reacted beautifully to my thrusts. As I said, I came after about ten minutes, I panted as I felt the sap rising, 'Where do you want it?' 'Inside, darling, inside!' came the answer and I obliged. I come very strongly and heavily, Betty loved it.

Afterwards I lay on her, both of us panting and winding down, my cock shrank. Eventually she moved me out and off, I rolled on my back, she kissed me, 'Thank you, John, thank you so much.' She got up off the bed and disappeared, a few moments later she returned with a tray on which was a small bowl of warm water, a flannel, soap and towel and, much to my surprise a tot of whisky! 'That's for being a good boy,' she said and proceeded to clean me up. I couldn't help noticing that, apart from her love-juice nothing had escaped from her cunt, I commented about it, she shrugged, 'Never have leaked afterwards,' she told me, much to my astonishment.

After she had cleaned me up she sat on the bed and a while later said, 'Can I ask you if I could have a repeat sometime?' 'You can be sure of it,' I replied, 'not only that but if you'd like a repeat now, you only have to say.'

She looked astounded, 'You mean you could go again after making love to me like that?' I nodded, 'Oh yes, and I can make it last as long as you like!' Needless to say she took advantage of my offer and I was inside her, fucking with a short rest now and then for two hours before she told me that she was exhausted. She wanted me to come over her that second time so I did as she wanted, she was amazed at how much spunk she got covered with, but she loved that as well. After that I had to ring the office and tell them that I felt unwell and couldn't do the rest of my calls that day!

Did I go back? Of course I did, for something like two and a half years I made love to Betty at least once a week and many times twice. Each time she demanded that she be fucked twice, not that she used that word, she was too ladylike. It all came to a shuddering halt when a neighbour told her husband, not that he contacted me just that Betty told me why it was all over. I got the impression that I wasn't the first and probably wouldn't be the last, but what a woman!wnTfg