Written by mayfairgirl

8 Jul 2008

Just thought I would post my holiday experiences, just so those of you who are desperate for group sex or threesomes realise that it is quite easy to get into.

My hubby and I have just been to Majorca, where we had a week of great sex together & with other people.

Our first experience was outdoors with an unknown spanish man. We stayed in a resort called Cala Bona and 1 day got the bus to another resort, Sa Coma, with the idea of walking back to our hotel around the coast line. The walk takes you through a nature reserve and once there we sat down for a rest. After a while I noticed a guy standing about 50 yards away. He just had on a pair of trunks and every know and then looked at us. As I looked again he grabbed his crotch and started to rub himself. I laughed and told my hubby, when he looked, the guy turned away. We got up and walked towards the guy and said Hola as we walked past. He smiled and replied. He was older than us mid 50\'s probably but his body was well toned for his age. We went a bit further and I told my hubby to stop. We were a bit more secluded there and I got down, pulled down my hubby\'s shorts and started to suck his wonderful cock. Within a minute or so from the corner of my eye I spotted our Spanish friend, who had obviously folowed us. Much to my joy, he pulled his stiff cock out and proceeded to wank himself, whilst watching us. I let my hubby go and beckoned \"Manuel\" or whatever his name was over. He gave me a big smile and moved forward. I grabbed his cock and gave it a few rubs, and then started to lick it from its base to its tip. He moaned as I carressed him and licked the pre-cum from his knob. He then pushed himself into my mouth and I sucked away until he exploded into my mouth. When he had finished and I let him go, he smiled, held up his hand, said thank you & walked away. Of course my hubby was still feeling horny, so he had to fuck me there and then.

Our second experience was with another guest at the hotel, a woman named Bernice. She was on holiday on her own, she is 59 and divorced. We got to know her the first night she arrived, a few days after us, as she sat with us for dinner. She could talk for England and by the end of dinner, we had heard her life story. The next day we were relaxing on the sun terrace, when Bernice grabbed the sun bed next to me and started to chat again. I was sunbathing topless and Bernice decided to join me. For those of you who have read my other experiences, you will know I have a 34 inch bust, but have a girlfriend with much larger tits and just love them. Bernices tits are much bigger than mine, and though she is nearly 60 are still in good shape. We talked for a bit and the subject got round to the fact that she always tries to get off with another guy on holiday, just to keep her hand in as she put it. She lives with her elderly mother at home, so doesn\'t get a chance for any action any other time. My hubby was reading during this and was ignoring us but when I mentioned to Bernice that I was quite happy if my hubby satisfied her, he sat up and took notice. Bernice was totally shocked that a wife might suggest that, but I said I was just offering and that was that. She didn\'t say anything else until dinner. She then purposely sought us out and asked over dinner if I was serious. I told her about our relationship and even about \"Manuel\".

So after dinner, Bernice came back to our room. My hubby was very gentle with her at first, holding her and kissing her tenderly. I watched as he ran his hands over her lovely big tits, telling her how wonderful they were. She let him undo her dress and it fell down, revealing matching white bra and panties. He undid her bra and carressed her breasts, rubbing her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Bernice was in total ecstacy as he slipped 1 hand into her panties and fondled her bum. He eased Bernice on the bed and started to lick her tits, slowing easing his tongue all over her fantastic white boobs. I was feeling as horny as hell, so I stripped off and started to masturbate. My hubby then went down to Bernices crotch and he eased her panties off. She moaned out loudly as he started to kiss her pussy and I watched as he parted her lips with his tongue. Bernice reached down and opened herself up and my hubby started to lick and suck at her clit.

I couldn\'t wait any longer, so I knelt on the bed beside them both and asked Bernice if it was good. She just said wonderful. I then reached down and fondled her left breast. Bernice moaned even louder and when I started to suck at her nipple, she arched her back in pleasure. My hubby came up and went to work on her other tit and both of us started to finger her. Within seconds of that Bernice had a massive orgasm, groaning like mad and soaking our bed with her cum. I went up to kiss her and she responded, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I then moved further up, so she could suck me and she eagerly took my nipple into her mouth. She had never had another woman before, but took to it really well, actually making me cum by just using her lips on my boobs. As I orgasmed I moved on top of her, so that my juice ran down her body. With that she reached down and pulled me up, so my pussy was over her face, then she licked my cunt til I spurted again in her mouth.

Meanwhile my hubby knelt between her legs and put his cock into her pussy, so whilst she licked my cunt, he slowly fucked her. Watching me and another woman at it, always gets him going and it wasn\'t long before he filled her cunt with his lovely cum. It was then my job to lick her there and then share what leaked from her pussy with her as we snogged.

We spent the rest of the night together and after a rest and a shower, me and her had some more fun together and my hubby ended up fucking us both before we all fell asleep.

We did the same the next night, but then we left the next day. So for those of you out there who want it, but are a bit hesitant about doing anything about it, be bold there are so many horny people who just can\'t wait to have sex with you.