Written by Brian

7 Mar 2009

I saw her standing by the roadside dressed in a black skirt and white blouse, it was summer and not cold but it had just started to rain. I stopped, "Want a lift? Where are you going?" "Haverfordwest," she said. "Jump in I'll drop you off, I'm going to Johnston," I said. "Oh? What are you doing there?" She asked. "Booking into the motel," I told her. I realised that she was older than I thought, in her late thirties, maybe even forties, but good looking with a nice figure. "You a rep then?" she asked. "Yeah that's right, I do this part of Wales once a month, always stay in the motel at Johnston when I'm doing this area." She asked me if I was married, "Yes, you?" I asked. "Yeah, my old man's just that, old, past it really. I work so I have to get out when I can for a bit of fun." She laid a hand on my thigh, "Do you fuck?" I laughed, "When I get the chance!" "So do I," she replied.

I carried on driving and after a while I said, "Know someone in Haverford do you?" She shrugged "Yeah, well sort of, know one or two girls I meet up with and hope I meet a nice bloke to give me one. Bit haphazard though, I don't like fucking blokes I don't really fancy but sometimes it's all I can get." We drove on, her hand still on my thigh. After a while she said, "You seem like a pretty straight up bloke, I don't expect you to pay for dinner or anything, but I can stay with you all night if you fancy a good fucking." "I wouldn't mind," I replied. "Carry on to Johnstone then," she said, "you won't regret it."

Half an hour later, just on five o'clock I pulled in to the motel, "You stay here," I told Gwen, "I'll register, they know me here, I don't think there'll be a problem." I went to reception, as usual they were glad to see me, they charged per room but I did the decent thing and told them that I had someone with me. The older lady on the desk smiled and said, "That's alright, Mr.Jones (not my real name) we're broadminded here and I bet you're away from home a lot. Dinner's any time between half seven and half nine as usual." I signed in and took the key. Back at the car I drove to the chalet-type room. They were nice rooms with a bathroom, tea making facities and a decent T.V. We went in and Gwen liked the room, I told her what time dinner was, "I'll have a shower then," Gwen said. I told her that I'd phone the wife while she was in the shower and not to make any noise. The call was as usual and I put the phone down before Gwen came back.

When she did come back she was naked. Nice too, her body was better than I had a right to expect, nice smallish breasts, flat stomach, plump shaved mound and great legs. I turned the T.V. on, "I'll just shower too, then get down to it!" I told her.

Ten minutes later I was back into the room, Gwen was lying on the bed, the T.V. was off and she was playing with herself. I said, "I love a women who wanks." She laughed, "I've always played with my pussy ever since I can remember!" I joined her on the bed and we kissed a few times, I started caressing her breasts, the nipples were already hard so I gave each of them a good suck. She moaned and opened her legs. She had a neat cunt so I went down on her, kissing and licking her lips before penetrating her and fucking her with my tongue. She liked that and convulsed when I sucked her little nub of a clit. "Fuck me," she panted. I mounted her and, taking my cock in hand, rubbed it between her now slippery lips before pushing it into her tight passage. I pushed it right up her then rested. I kissed her, "This what you want?" I asked. "God, yes!"

I started fucking her, as I said she was tight, I commented on it, "No kids," she told me pushing up at my thrusts. She was the sort that really takes part and we fucked strongly at each other with her getting wetter and wetter. I looked down, her cunt had a ring of foam all round it. I suppose that we fucked for about fifteen minutes before I told her that I was going to cum, she said, "Right up me, boy." So I gave her what she wanted, she cried out as she felt my strong, hot, spurts. "Christ, that's what I call cumming!" she panted, "lovely, I certainly picked a good one in you." "You're a good fuck," I told her, "more to come after dinner!"

We went in the bathroom and cleaned up, I watched as she washed her cunt, "You like a good fucking then." "Yeah," she said, "always did, nothing like a good cock fucking me, I love it." We went back and lay on the bed and watched T.V., she said, "Thanks for a great fuck, I'd love more." "Don't worry, you'll get it," I told her, "I've got good stamina, I usually fuck at least three times a day when I'm home."

We went to dinner half an hour later, then came back, stripped, and got down to it straight away. Actually, that was the right word, we sixty-nined. Her cunt tasted nice and she sucked my cock for all she was worth, but we were soon fucking. She got on top at first until her thighs gave out then I turned her over and got up her and gave her a really hard fucking. After a while I turned her again, got her up on her knees and, entering from behind, gave it to her doggy-style. She loved it, urging me on, "Come on, come on! I love it like this, fuck as hard as you like!"

Ten minutes later I groaned and started cumming, six fierce spurts of hot spunk deep inside her did the trick and my cock slid out and I rolled onto my back. She was on me in a second sucking my limp cock into her mouth and really having a hard suck. She got me hard again too so I fucked her again, her cunt was full of spunk which squirted out everywhere, but there's nothing like fucking a sloppy cunt and we both loved it! I was shattered afterwards, Gwen said, "That's the best sex I've ever had," she kissed me, "thank you darling. If you want to fuck in the night just get it in and carry on, I shall enjoy it don't worry!" And did I? You bet I did!

We were a bit late for breakfast and the receptionist gave me a knowing smile as I paid the bill, maybe she would have like what Gwen got, who knows?