Written by hotfun69m

11 Sep 2013

I've been a long time lurker on here, and had many a fine wank to the stories, however I've never posted anything. Put simply, I've never been lucky enough to have anything to post, that was until a recent event that literally blew me away.

Having recently won an item on ebay, I duly spoke to the guy selling it and arranged a time to collect it as his home wasn't far from my usual commute back from the office, and I was too tight to pay for postage!!

On the agreed day of collection, I received a text message late morning from him to advise that he'd been called away on business, but that it would still be fine to collect the picture as his wife should be home from work by the time I got there. I said I was happy to wait, but he said it wouldn’t be a problem, so I agreed.

That evening I left work as normal and headed along to collect and pay for the picture. The house in question was an old farm cottage, about a mile or so from the main road and after a couple of wrong turns I eventually found it. Cursing a little as I walked to the house and rang the bell, after a slight delay, in the rain, I was just about to ring again when the door opened. I looked up and Karen introduced herself and made her apologies for the delay explaining that she'd just got in from work and had hoped to get changed before I arrived. She invited me to step into the doorway out of the rain.

Now, Karen was about 5'8", of medium build, about 40 years old and was clearly a lady who knew how to dress to impress. She stood there in a tight fitting business suit, which left just enough to the imagination, while clearly revealing enough of her assets to likely seal any deal she wanted. I looked, transfixed on her fantastic tits, and stammered some gibberish about being there to collect the picture. She promptly passed it from behind the door and I gave her £40. She offered to go and get the change, all of about £3, but I said it was fine and turned to walk away. I was just about to walk away when she asked me to wait just one moment while she got it. Not wishing to be rude I agreed and stood there while she went through another doorway and out of sight. A moment or so later she came back having discarded her Jacket and undone the top couple of buttons on her blouse, revealing the tops of her bra and even more of her wonderful breasts, her clearly erect nipples were pushing hard through the fabric. I tried, and failed, to divert my gaze as she walked towards me. By now, I was aware of an increasing bulge to the front of my trousers that i couldn't hide as Karen got ever closer. I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, frozen to the spot as Karen looked at me, took the picture from my hand and made comment to the effect of "Now now, we best do something to fix that before you leave". She placed the picture down and closed the door behind me, before immediately dropping to her knees. She undid my trousers, slid them down, releasing my now rock hard cock and began to expertly suck and lick at the head as I, having now managed to move again, began to fondle her huge tits. She led me through to the front room where, she started kissing my neck while wanking my cock as I removed her blouse and undid her bra to release probably the finest pairs of tits I've ever had the pleasure of. Karen proceeded to unbutton my shirt, running her fingers through my hairy chest and then pushed me down onto a sofa before slowly lowering her skirt to reveal stockings, suspenders and a very neatly trimmed pussy which was already glistening. Karen then dropped to the floor once again and continued to suck on my shaft, taking my head ever deeper until she had my whole, modest length in her mouth, whilst rubbing at her own clit.

Within minutes I was ready to blow. I warned Karen i was getting close, and she responded with "Well you better fill my fucking throat!!!". That was it, seeing and hearing this previously well dressed, polite and eloquent business woman, turn into a sex starved whore before my eyes was too much and I couldn't hold back any longer. I let out the largest load I've ever felt, directly down her throat as she took my whole length again. To my amazement Karen took the whole load, barely spilling a single drop, and then proceeded to suck me clean.

Immediately after she'd finished, she demanded I return the favor, now I can assure you, I was not going to pass up that opportunity in a hurry. I got to work, fingering her, sucking her clit and playing with her huge tits as Karen continued caressing my balls. After two shuddering orgasms, Karen lay naked beside me on the floor, clothes strewn all over and asked "If that's the starters, then what's for main?". I laughed it off as a joke, before Karen excused herself and left the room to freshen herself up. Several minutes later, just as I was beginning to think about trying to find my clothes again, Karen returned. This time wearing knee high black PVC platform boots, a black and red PVC open cupped corset and a carrying a drawstring bag.

The sight of her in her PVC, with her tits suspended on full show and her pussy still dripping had me hard again in no time. Seeing the obvious reaction she was having on me, she ordered me to sit on the sofa as she took to the armchair opposite, before emptying the bag, which seemingly contained one of everything in Ann Summers, onto the floor. Karen proceeded to walk over to me, before bending over and dropping her huge jugs into my face before reaching down to select a small dildo from the pile, where she returned to her chair and began to tease her pussy with it. I reached for my cock, to be immediately told it was off limits, I was to watch only. Now, I'm not a passive guy, but in this situation, I was not going to complain and duly watched her pleasure herself to orgasm.

My cock now throbbing, I walked over and dragged her to her feet with the intention of having her there and then, but she stopped me in my tracks and ordered me to follow her to the kitchen where she pulled me close, squeezing and caressing my arse with a lubed up finger, before, to my surprise, inserting a small plug deep into me. Now, I've always enjoyed a little arse play, but never had anything but a fingertip in there before. This was very much virgin territory. Karen then walked away, removed a vase from the table and sat on the edge, her legs spread wide. "Well, are you going to Fuck me, or do I need to get that dildo again!" she yelled. I wasn't going to be asked twice, as I went over and entered her wet pussy. She lay back on the table, my hands on her hips, her tits bouncing with every thrust. I was getting close again and asked her where she wanted it, "Up my fucking arse" she shouted. Now, again, this was a first for me, but a first I wasn't going to pass up on, I withdrew and she turned over, bracing herself on the table as I slowly teased her arse before carefully entering her. The tightness of her arse compared to her pussy had me on the brink again in no time, as I cupped as much as I could of her breasts, tweaking her nipples she let out a groan as I filled up her arse with my hot cum. We stayed there for a moment or two while I finished her off by fingering her clit. She carefully removed my plug, before a final tease of my arse, before we headed back through to the lounge where we collapsed on the sofa together.

Eventually I got dressed, thanked her for her "hospitality", collected my picture and thanked my lucky stars that my wife was working late that week, and her husband had been called away.

We've quietly kept in touch in the 2 weeks or so since this occurred, and we're waiting for another opportunity to meet up, it can't come quick enough for me, although her threat of having bought a strap-on does worry me just a little!!

It's taken two wanks and lots of happy memories to write this, and If/when we do manage to meet up again, I'll be sure to post the details on here should you want me to. I've also told Karen about this site, so maybe she'll pay us a visit too. I'm sure she must have other tales to tell. Until then, I can’t look at the picture without smiling to myself