Written by hotfun69m

7 Oct 2013

I recently wrote about my chance, and exceptionally pleasurable, meeting with Karen on the back of an ebay purchase. In it, I explained that we had quietly kept in touch and that we were hoping to meet again, for some further fun times. Well, this weekend we managed to do just that.

I was aware that this weekend, my wife was going to be away with the girls on a hen weekend. This I thought would be a perfect chance to try and meet with Karen again, unfortunately she was expected to accompany her husband on some social event on the Saturday, which would include an overnight stay in a hotel and then return home sometime on the Sunday. I was pretty disappointed, looking at the prospect of a weekend alone. That was until, on Friday after returning from work, I received a message from Karen. All it said was "My place, 3pm Sat, Don't be late, Leave rest to me! xx". I reread the message several times, my weekend had just been turned completely on its head for the better.

Saturday morning arrived and I packed a few items in an overnight bag , just in case. Around half one or so, I received a text message from Karen, "Wheels in motion. C U soon! Very wet!!!! xx". Well, she knew what she was doing and I went as hard as rock straight away and couldn't wait to get there. A quick shower and I was away.

A little while later I pulled up outside the house, checking her husbands car wasn't around, and proceeded to ring the bell. Karen opened the door wearing just a matching peep-hole bra and panties set with heels. At that point I knew the coast was clear and we were alone! I grabbed my bag from the car, before entering the cottage. Once inside Karen led me straight through to the kitchen where, she had bought a bottle of Fizz to share. "A bit presumptuous aren't we?" she called looking at my bag. I responded with some witty comment about a good boy scout always being prepared, she laughed and said nothing could prepare me for tonight. That filled me with excitement, anticipation and dread in equal measure. What was I in for! Karen then embraced me in a long passionate kiss, before leading me through to the lounge with a handful of my now very firm cock.

Karen poured us each a glass, before laying, near naked in my arms on the Sofa. She explained that her husband was at an annual charity golf club event that bored her to death and that once she was sure he'd had too much to drink to drive back, she'd made excuses of feeling a little under the weather and called herself a Taxi.

As we lay there discussing our previous encounter I was rolling her hard nipple in my fingers and I could see she was getting as aroused as I was. She lowered her hand and started to rub at her clit. All the while, my cock was getting ever harder, straining at my trousers and pushing into the small of Karens back. Karen slowly turned side onto me and unzipped me to release it, all the time rubbing her clit with the other hand. As my cock sprung out, Karen began to lick at the head, before turning and undressing me completely. She told me she'd been waiting for this since last time, and that she was very much looking forward to a long and hopefully pleasurable evening. She sure as hell wasn't alone there!

Karen soon pulled me onto the floor where she proceeded to take my cock in her hand and slowly wank it. I reached around and unclasped her bra, allowing her huge tits to fall free. "Like them, don't you" she commented, "Who the fuck wouldn't!" was my somewhat crude response before she told me in no uncertain terms to fuck them. Now, fucking my wife's D cups is a very pleasurable experience, but with Karens massive, I later discovered 36F, tits my modest cock becomes somewhat lost, but fuck!! it felt so good. As I continued pushing her tits together and riding them, Karen continued to finger her clit to a huge climax. When she hit her peak, it was like riding a bucking bronco, her body pulsing and riving below me, It was too late to warn her, I shot my load there and then, covering her neck, face and hair. We collapsed on the floor together, Karen exclaiming, what a waste of cum, as she'd wanted a throat full once again like last time. She wiped as much as she could from her neck and face and proceeded to sensually lick her finger clean before licking the last of it from my cock.

As we lay there, I started to suck on her huge erect nipples and pulled down her panties before sliding a finger into her now sodden pussy. Just as she was starting to ride my finger hard, and push my head ever more into her tit, her phone rang. "Shit, it's Brian" (her husband) she called. As she took the call, I continued to quietly tease her pussy with a finger, I could tell she was turned on even more by this as her pussy began to flood. I could hear her telling Brian to have a good night, she was heading to bed soon and she was sure she'd feel fine when she got up in the morning. She ended the call uttering, "Well I didn't lie to him, I just didn't tell him I had a younger guy here about to fuck me." I took this to be an order that she wanted cock, not a finger, and as I'd now firmed up again, I was all too happy to oblige. In no time at all, Karen was once again climaxing and flooding my cock and balls with her sweet juices, before I withdrew and this time, did empty my load into her mouth as she desired. Karen taking every drop and cleaning my cock of all cum and her own juices.

Afterwards, Karen went to grab a gown, brought me one too, and we sat around having another couple of glasses each and discussing our fantasies, preferences and ideals before Karen then decided food was in order so passed me a couple of pizza menu's. I went to call one, the big national chain, when Karen said, not to use that one, as they used that one a lot, "let’s have fun and use a new one". This struck me as a little strange, but i didn't think anything of it. Karen excused herself again and came back wearing a black quarter cupped basque, which held her tits outright and almost entirely on show whilst producing arguably the best cleavage I think I've ever seen, and a matching black thong. As I complimented her on her superb tits once more, the doorbell rang, she popped her head to the window and announced the Pizzas were here. I was about to head to the door when she said, "you watch, I'll sort it". To my amazement Karen opened the door, near naked. The young 20 something delivery lad didn't know what to do. Then Karen placed £25 in notes between her cleavage and told the him "Take it with your teeth and you can keep the change". He looked into the house and could see me watching from the passageway. I just nodded and he bent his head slowly, nuzzled much more than was required in Karens huge tits and took his money, Karen gave him a kiss on the cheek wished him "Happy dreams" before closing the door and he drove away. As we entered the living room again, Karen looked out of the window to see the lads car parked just a short distance down the lane, "Another one having a wank I dare say" she said, "The Dirty Bastard!!" then she burst out laughing.

The incident had clearly aroused Karen to new heights, as indeed it had me, and as such, the Pizza was pushed aside and we went upstairs into Karens bedroom. As soon as we were there she pushed me onto the bed and began to, once again, perform the most amazing blowjob, taking my cock all the way down her throat. Karen seemingly having absolutely no gag reflex at all. before I was able to enjoy too much of this, Karen stopped, climbed up the bed and lowered herself onto my hard cock, before riding it and taking the full length in each and every time. As she rode my cock, I reached forward and started to thumb her clit, her pussy still flooded from earlier in the evening. Throughout this, Karen caressed her amazing breasts alternating which nipple she was going to pull and which she was going to suck. Knowing that this was driving me wild, and sensing she was getting close to coming too, she released he hold on her breasts reached forward to brace herself on my shoulders and began riding me with much more force. Her breasts slapping my chest and my face with each thrust. Suddenly Karen lifted right up, took my whole length deep and I felt her pussy clamp incredibly tight around the base of my cock as she came again, once again flooding my cock, balls and the bed below with her juices. Once the sensation had lifted just enough she began grinding away at my cock again and inside no more than 3 or 4 thrusts I'd filled her pussy with my hot cum for the very first time.

We lay on the bed, entwined in each others arms were we both fell asleep. At some unearthly hour of the morning I was awoken by Karen entering her En Suite. She'd decided to have a shower to freshen up and clean the cum from her hair from the evening before. I suggested I join her, before getting dressed and leaving, a threat I was was hopeful would be prevented, and thankfully it was.

After showering together, Karen suggested I open the right most wardrobe and pick an outfit for her to wear, in order for her to be sure that I leave with a smile on my face. I can assure you, if I left at that point, I'd have left with a smile, but on opening the wardrobe door, I was taken aback. At a conservative estimate there must have been at least a dozen fantasy and fetish outfits in both leather and PVC as well as a range of assorted bra and pantie sets, boots, shoes and a draw full of toys. I looked at Karen, who smiling said "Take your pick, not much need for them these days, he's turned into a boring fart" (referring to Brian, her Husband). I selected a pink and black corset with removable cups, a matching thong and a pair of thigh length black PVC boots (a life long fantasy of mine). Karen took them from me and went through into the en suite to dress, claiming I had to wait for the full sight, not get any sneak peeks. Even before seeing her in the outfit, I was already hard as hell in anticipation. As I looked through the other outfits and the toys I was amazed at the collection she'd amassed, Handcuffs, nipple clamps, a huge assortment of dildo's and vibrators and at the back of the drawer a huge double ended dildo. At that, Karen came out of the en suite, dressed in the outfit, looking every bit the whore I was expecting. "Will I do?" she asked. I nearly came there and then, even my imagination couldn't have designed a look as good as Karen was carrying off at that precise point in time. Her 36F tits barely contained, her tight arse cheeks parted only by the thong and her neatly trimmed pussy only just covered from view.

She walked towards me, telling me to bend over and brace myself against the bed. Having been threatened that she'd bought a strap on, I was a little fearful. Karen proceeded to stand behind me, rubbing my arse with a lubed up finger, and tugging me off with her other hand. Then, without warning, she'd inserted a plug into my arse. This one felt larger than the last time, but still felt good.

Karen then walked around and onto the bed, where she pulled her thong to one side and allowed me to go down on her. Her pussy producing the sweetest of nectars. In little time I could feel Karens thighs clamping tighter around my head, before she exploded into her first orgasm of the morning. No sooner had she cum, than she'd rolled onto her hands and knees and started to rub her pussy juice into her arse before asking me to fill it for her. As I slowly entered her arse, I could see Karen adjusting her corset and removing the cups, letting her tits escape. It was at this point that I'd realised why Karen had chosen to position herself where she had, In front of her was a large mirrored wardrobe door which allowed her to look back at me, but most importantly for both of us, allowed me to see her fantastic tits swing hard with every thrust into her arse. After what felt like no time at all, I was ready to explode, I checked with Karen where she wanted it, but without answering, the clamping of her arse around my shaft left me in no doubt I was not to pull out, and so I flooded her arse with my hot cum. Whilst still inside her but getting softer, Karen lowered her head to the bed and reached round her pussy and grabbed my balls tight, "Don't fucking dare pull out yet". She then proceeded to rub her clit and bring herself to another shuddering climax before collapsing on to the bed.

I showered again, got dressed and joined Karen for a brew before making my way back home. When I got home and unpacked my bag, Karen has slipped her drenched and sticky thong into the side pocket. I'm only pleased I found it before my wife did, buy it's been put aside as a memento until I can return it next time. We're hoping to meet up later this month at a country house hotel not far away. Wherever it is it can't come soon enough for me!