Written by djo

11 Aug 2008

I took my wife to Edinburgh recently just for a get awayy from it all couple of days. we stayed in a reasonable hotel in Princes St but unfortunately, the room we were given had a crap view of the alley between Princes St and Rose St so i was a bit miffed about that. Anyway we went out and hit a few bars and J got herself quite tipsy on her vodka & cokes so we headed back to our hotel and J said shall we have a drink in the hotel bar first. I went and ordered the drinks and J took a seat at a table by the window and when i returned, she said what a lovely view of the castle from here. A guy in the next table overheard us and commented that most of the rooms have that view and what room did we have. Anyway after a bit of idle chat, we learned the guy was Mick from Leeds who was returning here on business again. M was quite a friendly guy and J was getting on great with him, we all had another drink together when J again mentioned the view and M said why not have a look from his room so as we know what rooms to order if we ever returned.

We entered his room and J went straight to the window and was readily impressed with the view. She asked me to nip to our room and get our camera so off i went and when i got back, M had poured J a vodka from his room bar so i sat down and J sat on the edge of the bed and i got the shock of my life when J started teasing M about being lonely in his room. I bet you use the video service she teased and M blushed a little before replying that he did\'nt need to as he had plenty downloaded on his laptop. J started urging him to show her and M looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders so he opened his laptop up and said he was downloading at present and 1 had just finished so J said show us that one then and he pressed play and it started with a girl sitting on the sofa and a guy was massaging her shoulders slipping his hand down her top and playing with her nipples. I looked at J and M who were watching the clip and I seen J\'s legs slightly part and her chest heaving, a sure sign she was getting turned on. Just then another guy entered the clip and i heard my wife make a noise from her throat, and i nearly choked when J asked M if this is what he liked? Threesomes? M looked at me again and i nodded my head and he said he had never had one but it was his fantasy. J never even looked at me, but stood up and start to pull M\'s zip down and her hand went inside and pulled his cock out. I could\'nt move as J dropped to her knees and started to suck M\'s cock.she was undoing his trousers and he had his hand in J\'s top and J turned to me and winked at me beckoning me to join in.

We all started to strip off and i have never seen J\'s pussy so inviting. J pushed M back on the bed and straddled M in the 69 position and the two of them where licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow and i went to the back of J and pushed my cock deep into her pussy and J simply shuddered as she had her first orgasm. I could feel my cock squelching inside her and M was still licking away at her when i felt a hand grip my cock and pull it out of J\'s pussy and fuck me, M started to lick my cock. I swear my cock went twicw as hard and J pulled away and smiled at me as my cock was gatting sucked. J impaled herself and started to ride M for all she was worth. That is J\'s favorite position and in no time she was having her second orgasm. M was sucking my cock like he had done it all his life and he stoppedsucking me as he started to buck and shoot his load into my wife\'s pussy. When he had finished coming, my wife joined M in sucking my cock and as soon as she started to lick my balls, i could,nt stop myself as i shot spurt after spurt of my hot come all over M\'s face and J just licked all my come of M\'s face. We spent the next three hours fucking and sucking and licking anyway we wanted and J must of had 8 orgasm,s.

When we woke up in the morning in our own room, I looked at J and said have I just had the most amazing dream or......... J just smiled at me and licked her lips. She has never stopped fucking me since that night and loves it when i mention that night. Thanks M for an amazing night