Written by Hunting4Milf18

18 Feb 2018

The following morning we met in the hotel reception waiting to get the mini bus home. Sam eventually came down just before we were about to leave. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose fitting jumper, nothing like how hot she had looked when we were out. I assumed she was back in housewife mode and as we got into the mini bus I asked if she was ok.

She said yes, but that was about all we said as I sat at the back and she sat with one of the other women near the front.

I thought I would message her and asked her if she had remembered anything about her night out and a short time later I saw her look at her phone. She messaged me back and said not really and I said that for me to know then and you will have to find out. This probably started her mind racing as she wondered what she had done in her drunken state. We exchanged a few messages until we arrived back, with me teasing her about what she could have got up to.

As we arrived back at the gym to collect our cars, I saw her walk over to a man who was waiting In the carpark.

I later found out that this was her husband. They greeted each other he took her case and put it in the boot of the car.

There was no kiss and I though to myself, he does not appreciate her.

A couple of days later whilst at work my phone pinged. I looked at it and saw that it was Sam. I opened the message and she asked if I was okay. It was clear she has been think about what may have happened whilst she was away.

I text her back and said that there was no need to worry as she hadn’t really done muck.

She text me back almost immediately as said what do you mean done much.

I decided to tease her and say I had over heard her talking with the other women about sex and what they liked and didn’t like and that I was surprised with what she had said.

I sent the text and didn’t hear anything for about half an hour. I assumed she would be trying to remember about what she said.

Eventually my phone pinged again so I opened it. Sam pleaded with me to tell her what she had said as she was really worried about what she has said in front of other people.

I reassured her that she hadn’t said much apart from the fact she didn’t like to swallow and didnt like anal.

I said that was a waste as she had such a lovely toned bum.

She replied almost immediately asking how I would know and had I been looking.

I said of course I had and who could blame me. She had a very sexy bum expecially in Lycra.

The messages then went back and forth over the next few days. It was clear that when ever I complimented her on her body or how pretty she was, she lapped it up and wanted more.

She said it was along time since anyone had said how sexy she was and went on to say she had been with her husband since school and it was clear they were in a bit of a rut and things hadn’t been the same since they had children. She didn’t seem to feel sexy or appreciated by her husband.

During one of the messages I asked if she was enjoying the banter and she asked if that was all it was.

I asked what she meant and she said i thought I was flirting with her. I immediately asked if she would like that and she replied with yes I would.

From that point the messages when back and forth getting more sexual with me calling her a MILF and that I bet she had lovely tits and a sexy tight bum. She kept saying wouldn’t you like to know, so I just messages back saying let’s not keep messing about. You know you want me to fuck you and we just needed to arrange a time to meet up.

I didn’t hear anything until then next day when my phone pinged. I opened it and she said she had been thinking about it all night and had got very wet and wanted to meet me.

I said if we do, I am going to push your boundaries and she just messaged back and said that she would look forward to it and needed to meet soon.

I then knew I would fuck her and would do all I could train her to please a man properly.