Written by John_Hutton

30 Nov 2009

Hi my name is John and I thought I might share my story of how I got into sex with women much older than myself. I am in my mid 40's and unfortunately got divorced ealier this year. It therefore meant that I went for quite a few months without a woman. I also moved a round a bit to start with until I managed to rent a house on a long term lease. My neighbours are all okay, but keep themselves to themselves, however I struck up a bit of a friendship with a lady 3 doors down. Her name is Peggy and she is 71 years old. I had seen her about the street, but one day about 4 months back I met her in the local Co-op and ended up helping her home with her shopping. After that she chatted to me whenever we saw each other and we started to have quite a laugh together. One day in August I was walking past her house and she was in her front garden doing some weeding. She was kneeling on one of those boards you can get which turn into seat when you turn it over and I stopped to say Hi. She stopped her work and we chatted for a couple of minutes and then she said she had to get on and returned to the job in hand. As she did, she leaned forward and I could see right down the front of her blouse, catching a sight of her breasts incased in a white bra. After 6 months without anything, I felt a familiar stirring in my loins as I looked down Peggy's blouse. As I stared, Peggy looked up from her work and embarrassed I walked away. When I got in, I went into my lounge, dropped my trousers and had a glorious wank with that mental picture of Peggy's boobs at the forefront of my mind. I did feel tremondously guilty afterwards and even a bit perverted because of her age, but even then I knew I wanted to see much more of Peggy.

I knew Peggy lived alone, but that is all, so when I saw her next I made a few discreet enquiries and found out that she had been widowed for 3 years. For the next few weeks I tried to see Peggy as often as I could and tried harder to try and get a glimpse of her tits or anything else. However it seemed Peggy was completely oblivious to my desire for her until a wonderful day in mid September. It was a Saturday evening, I was home alone with a take-out Pizza, a can of lager and the X Factor when the phone rang. It was Peggy, a light bulb had gone in her lounge and she daren't stand on a step ladder to change it, she told me, "Could I help?" I went straight round and Peggy let me in and immediately handed me the new bulb. I fetched the steps from her shed and changed the bulb in seconds. Peggy was watching the X Factor too and I commented how sad we both were.

"Why don't you stay a while and we can watch it together?" she asked.

I agreed, anything to spend more time with her, and we settled down, her on the sofa, me on one of her chairs. At one of the breaks I asked to use the toilet and went upstairs to her bathroom. I pulled out my semi-erect cock, which had been twitching all evening as I stole glances at Peggy and mentally undressed her. I was about to have a little play when I heard a cough outside the door.

"Sorry, Peggy, do you need to come in, I'm nearly done," I called.

I zipped myself up and opened the door to find Peggy standing in the hall.

"Sorry," she said "As soon as you got up, I needed it too."

"Okay," I said and held the door open for her.

She walked into the bathroom and as I turned to go, she said "You don't have to go, you can stay if you want."

For a second my heart lept, but then I felt confused. What did she mean, go home, go downstairs?

"What I mean is," Peggy said "I don't mind if you want to stay in the bathroom with me."

The adrenaline rushed through my body and the blood rushed to my cock.

"What stay here, I thought you wanted the toilet," I stammered.

"Mmmm I do, but I thought you might like to watch."

Well I can honestly say I have never seen a woman take a pee before or even thought about watching, but here was a 71 year old lady who was quite happy for me to watch her drop her knickers and piss into the toilet.

"My husband Doug, well it turned him on and I know you like me and I really want to turn you on," Peggy said.

"Peggy, I do like you and I'm glad you've noticed, and well you do turn me on anyway...,"

Peggy held up her hand interupting me.

"Then let me have a wee and you can watch and then afterwards, you can do what you want," she said.

Peggy then dropped her trousers revealing a pair of white cotton knickers, which she also pulled down and I saw her cunt surrounded by mainly grey pubic hair with little bits of black here and there. She squatted over the toilet bowl and I watched as a thick stream of yellow piss came from her vagina with a hiss and a loud splash as it hit the water. My cock was aching now and I again released myself and started to stroke it as Peggy continued to pee in front of me.

"Oh John, that is nice," she said as she stared at me.

Her pee tailored off to a dribble as I continued to wank and I instinctively reached out to stroke her pussy as she stood up, with my free left hand. Having just peed, she was so wet and juicy and I easily slipped 2 fingers into her waiting cunt. She reached down and grabbed me herself and as I finger-fucked her, she wanked me with nice long strokes from the base of my cock to the tip, massaging my pre-cum into me. We kissed for the first time, a hungry passionate kiss, mouths open, tongues searching. As she continued to wank me off, my balls tightened and I shot a long stream of cum up her arm and onto her blouse.

"That's good," she said "Feel better now?"

I nodded feeling completely drained.

"Good," Peggy said, "But don't stop just yet."

I continued to finger fuck her, forcing my fingers in and out as she leaned against the bathroom wall. She moaned and groaned in ecstacy as I did so. After a few more minutes, she wanted to move, so I pulled out and she turned round and leaning over the toilet bowl, she thrust her arse up. Her arse-hole was glistening, as was her pussy and I started to use my fingers on her again.

"Finger my arse darling," she said.

I couldn't believe this old lady was talking to me like this, but I didn't want to disappoint her, so I slowly inserted a finger into her rectum, pushing it in and out, until she was yelling for more.

"Use your tongue, baby," she said.

I knelt down and started to lick at her labia and then pushed my tongue into her juicy pussy.

"My arse too, John, darling, lick my arse too," she demanded.

In 18 years of marriage I had never licked my wife's arse, but I desperately wanted to please Peggy, so I moved my tongue backwards and forwards, running it over her pussy and then her butt-hole.

"Oh, yes John that's lovely, tongue my arse darling more, put it right in," she said.

He arse-hole was lovely and tight and pink and I pushed my tongue into her and the wonderful taste and sensation spawned another load of spunk from my cock.

A minute or so later, there was another tinkle in the toilet as Peggy released a little bit of cum plus some more pee.

Satisfied she stood up and faced me.

"Haven't done that for a few years now," she said "It was bloody fantastic."

She sat down again on the toilet and giggled, reaching out she flipped my now limp dick.

"Oh dear," she said, "Have I burst your libido?"

I laughed "No Peggy, I'm not 21 you know, erections come slower at my age."

"Mmm, Doug couldn't get it up at all for a number of years, but we still had fun."

She lifted my limp cock up and moved forward, taking me in her mouth. The sensation was amazing and as she sucked some life back onto me, I fondled her tits through her blouse and bra.

She then stood up again and taking my hand we went into her bedroom. She stripped off what clothes she had left on and lay back on the bed. It was something I didn't expect to see at my age, an old lady with wrinkled skin and saggy tits and a bushy grey snatch masturbating in front of me. The sight of her soon had the blood rushing to the right places and I joined her on the bed, eventually mounting her and we had a nice long shag. Both of us were exhausted afterwards and I felt guilty and worried because of her age, but I have to say it was an absolutely amazing evening and one that we have repeated on a number of occassions since.

In fact it has totally revolutionised my sex life and I have been doing things that I wouldn't have dreamed of doing with my wife and now I know what I missed out on for all those years.

Not only that but my adventures with Peggy have led me to join another online site where I can meet other older ladies in my area who are desperate for some fun. So 3 months on, not only do I get to have Peggy and all her perverted whims every now and then, but I have also met up with 2 other older ladies, (one 67 and the other 73) via the Internet for some intimate fun.