Written by Adriano

20 Jun 2013

This is something that I will never forget from when I was 18. My parents decided to move to the coast from the city. We lived in a nice quiet area which I later discovered was close to a nudist beach. Having found out about this beach I got in my mind that I wanted to go, so one Thursday I took myself down there. The weather was great and there wasn't really anyone on the beach which in some ways I was happy about as I had never done this before and was a little nervous about been nude in public.

I lay my towel on the sand and began to undress. I'm a tall lad 6ft3 slim toned I work out 4 times a week been told good looking and I am 8" erect and 5" flaccid good thickness and have had a lot of comments on the size of my cocks head it is big. All said at this age I was a shy lad although very horny like most lads my age I guess.

I lay on my towel listening to my ipod and began to enjoy been nude. I had my eyes shut after about half an hour i opened them and noticed two women walking down on to the beach. They were both mid/late 30s one was blonde about 5ft4 quite slim but had good sized tits the other a brunette about the same height but was a little more cuvrvy very busty and a nice big round bum. A little nervous i rolled on to my front as they made there way on to the sand walking in my direction. They came towards me and as they walked past the brunette said hi with a big smile, i smiled back at them both and said hi. They coninued a little towards the water and put there things down. They chatted for a min then began to undress. I pretended to have my eyes closed bathing as the brunette removed her summer dress instantly the excitement of seeing them both strip made my cock begin to grow. By the time they were both nude i was rock hard laying on my front. Nervous about been seen hard in public i just didnt look and after a bit my erection went down.

The two women lay on there backs sun bathing i decided to go in the sea so i got up and began to walk towards the water. As im walking down i notice the blonde turn her head she must of been checking me out behind her shades as i walked in the sea. After 5 mins in the water i noticed them both sitting up talking, then they stood and were making there way in to the water. Watching them walk in to the water made me rock hard both had nice bodies and couldnt see any sign of pubic hair on them.

They swam in a little the sea was a little choppy so i was riding the waves as were they as the brunette was laughing at her friend getting washed up. They eventually drifted near me and they began to make conversation the usual about the sea and weather ect. We must have all been in the water a good 20mins talking joking both women were very well spoken and introduced themselfs as sue(brunette) and clair(blonde) they asked me a little about myself.

Eventually we made our way out of the sea my erection had gone down tho my foreskin still peeled back over my glands. As we left the water i was chatting to sue but noticed clairs eyes on my cock as we left the water. As we walked up the beach there wet bodies in full veiw my cock became a semi i went a little quiet nervous as i didnt want this to happen. Clair glanced at it again and as we walked i seen them give each other a smile and a look. We made it to where we had left our towels and dryed a bit we then lay on the beach and continued our chit chat.

As we sat on our towels talking i would often chatch them glancing at my cock and i couldnt help but look at the tits both women had rock hard nipples clean shaven my cock grew in to a full erection not wanting to draw attention i carried on pretending nothing had happened but i knew they were looking as they couldnt help there smiles. My cock must have became erect about 3 times in 20 mins.

Clair offered to go to get some ice cream so put her shorts and vest top on and headed up the beach leaving me and sue. We chatted and once again my erection began to grow it was soon rock hard. This time it was really throbbing and i could see sue watching as it was twitching she then suggested another paddle i nervously stood up my cock rock hard pointing out in front of me sue stood but turned around to put her sunglasses in her bag as she did i got an amazing veiw of her arse and pussy this was to much and all of a sudden as sue was turning to face me my cock twitched and began to come without me even touching it.