Written by Hot6969

11 Sep 2009

Although 22 I lived at home, everyone was away and I thought I would have some friends round, well after a long night, everyone went apart from my mate Ian. At the time I had a big double bed (thanks mum) and feeling pissed and knackered I told Ian to help himself to any bed and with that I went to my room, stripped and got into bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. As morning stirred me and my morning throbbing cock was rising I started to realise though half asleep that something warm was pressing against my cock. Oh it felt nice and then something or was it someone was blowing warmth onto my balls - fucking hell I thought and looked down to see Ian kneeling at the side of the bed, with his head under the duvet and his tongue pressing onto the very top of my cock. Before I could say anything his mouth slid down my cock and I was engulfed in a warm, moist mouth. Never, ever had another man touched me like this let alone had my cock in his mouth. Struggling to fully wake up, Ian was slowly sliding his tongue back up my cock and his hand was slowly stoking my balls. Fuck it felt so good, but I wasn\'t gay, neither was Ian or so I thought and I was struggling to work out why my cock was in his mouth. I pulled the duvet up as he speeded up his mouth, swirling his tongue around my now throbbing helmet. Just then it hit me that this was so wrong and I started to push him off. However, Ian had forseen this and quickly swung his legs up and pressed his thigh down onto my chest and fuck me, I was face to face with his arse, his balls and his cock which by know was hard, erect and the helmet was glistening with some pre-cum oozing out of his tip. I was in shock, I had never been in a position like this (literally), as I started to struggle, Ian increased the speed which he was sucking my cock. The waves of lust were starting to wash over me as I felt the familar orgasmic stirring in my balls. Ian wiggeld more on top of me and as much as I was now half fighting him off, I was enjoying getting my cock sucked - I closed my eyes. Ian licked my balls and licked back up my cock, he started to wank me and I felt trapped. He was force wanking me, I was half trapped under my duvut, with him lying on top of me. I was close to coming, but I was still trying to stuggle when I felt him stoking between my balls and my arsehole. I could feel moisture trickling down my balls as I realised he was dribbling his saliva down my sack and in that nano second, he slid his finger in a circular motion around my rim and up my arse. At the same time, he slid his tongue over my cock and sucked me deeply and I shamelessly came, I squirted my spunk into his mouth, my arsehole gripping his finger hard and whilst I was coming he thrust his cock in my face and I just opened my mouth and moved his cock into it. With his full hard cock gagging my mouth, his fingers stoking up my arse I could feel him tense, I wanked him as I was just coming down from my orgasm when I felt a rush of juice in my mouth, he was coming and I was swallowing. What the fuck was going on.

With my cock deflating Ian turned round in the bed and said - Morning. Morning I said, what the fuck are you doing. Just saying thanks for letting me stop over, don\\\'t tell me you didn\\\'t like that. I told him I had never, ever done that with another guy, but you liked it though he said, because you came in my mouth and you swallowed my spunk after letting me put my cock in your mouth. Its only sex he said - I had to agree. He pulled the duvet down and looked at my cock and took it in his hand. Shamelessly I started to get hard again in another mans hand and he started to slowly wank me. See he said, you like it, another man wanking you. Let me show you something that will send you wild, bet it makes you come again really quickly. With that he slid down the bed and slid up between my legs, splaying them over his shoulders. His mouth closed over my cock and he sucked me hard, he was holding my balls and his head was bobbing up and down. I could feel his fingers again stoking my balls and sliding down towards my arsehole and then he forced my legs back to my chest. Hold your legs back he said as he slowly wanked me and started to swirl his tongue round my balls and then, unbelievably he snaked it down to my arse, he licked round and round my hole and I could feel him also sliding his finger in and then another. My arsehole was feeling very wet and moist and my cock was responding to the wanking, I could feel my spunk swelling and just then he sat up and in one quick moition I felt his cock press on my arsehole. Because he had so expertly lubed me up his helmet slid in. Easy tiger, just relax he said, don\\\'t fight it and as I relaxed my inner muscle I felt him move further into me and further still. His balls were against my arse and I was so fully, fully full of his cock. Wank yourself he said, but I didn;t need to, as he thrust into me again, my cock just exploded, I came shamelessly and he rubbed his belly into my warm come. It must of been the signal for him too as his face just crumpled and I felt his warm sperm splash inside me. He collapsed on me and kissed me. I was so totally shagged, I kissed him back, pushing my tongue hard into his mouth, as his cock slowly slipped out of my arsehole. I was so totally fucked, so unexpectedly and by another man - so unexpectedly. I never got the chance to repeat the performance with Ian as he moved to London. Life moved on and I never had the chance to repeat my brief flirtation with another man.........but I keep wondering, maybe I should.

Well, what do you think....should I ?