Written by fuffnready

6 Sep 2011

After our first threesome Emma had a tatse for fucking people infront of me, we were in the pub round the corner from where she lived when a bloke came in smiled at her and said hello. I asked her who it were and she said it was on old friend called Chris. He sat at the bar and we continued with our drinks. After a while Emma went to the toilet and was gone for about ten minutes and looked really flustered when she got back. I asked her what was up and she quickly replied that Chris had got hold of her on the way to the toilet and fingered her in the gents. I wasn't best pleased and was ready to show my displeasure but Emma held my hand said he had the biggest dick she had ever fucked and wanted it again.

I didnt want to dissapoint so we agreed for me to head home and hide in the spare bedroom for her to come back with Chris, wasn't long before she came back and this brute was tearing her clothes off and mauling her on the stairs, Emma was also going wild and was extremely aggressive, within seconds they were upstairs and left the door wide open, i had a clear view of everything and this guy had a monster cock it was so thick i thought it was going to kill her, within seconds she was sucking his cock desperately trying to get it all in, he was forcing it down her throat choking her but she didnt care, after about ten minutes or so he picked her up and threw her on the bed like a rag doll and just rammed his massive dick right into her pussy she was squeeling in agony but he didn't give a shit he kept pounding her into submission, she was screaming like a bitch, after about 15 minutes of brutal fucking he picked her up and sat her on his cock and was fucking her as hard as he could and Emma was trying to give as good as she got bit couldn't handle it,he was throwing her all over the bed man handling her, he bent her over facing the door i should have hid but couldn't, he looked straight at me and smiled and went bezerk on her fucking her brains out, i thought she was going to pass out he drilled for another 15 minutes so hard all she could do was scream and beg for him to stop, he eventually shot his load inside her and let her collapse on the bed, he simply got up and got dressed and walked straight past me and said this is fuck all ask her what happened to her 6 months ago.

I walked over to Emma who couldn't talk or move for about ten minutes, she eventaully spread her legs and showed me how wide her pussy had been stretched. She laid there for around half n hour before she got up and couldn't walk, i carried her downstairs and asked her if he was better than Neil whom we had done a threesome with and she said no but loved fucking Chris because of the size of his dick, the pain he put her through and how rough he was. She said he was the biggest challenge for her and wanted to fuck him so hard he would give in and not her. Her pussy was that battered we didnt have sex for a week and when we did i kept slipping out thats how loose she was. I asked her what happened with him 6 months ago and she said that was a story for later.