Written by fuffnready

6 Sep 2011

Saturday evening Emma finally decided to tell me what Chris had done to her before i witnessed him screwing her senseless.

He was mates with her boyforiend of the time Craig, they were having a drink in the pub when Chris started embarrasing Craig saying his dick was tiny and shouldn't even have a woman and according to Emma it was ridiculously small. After a few drinks Chris started to play with Emma's pussy under the table whilst Craig was sat there. He made her cum around three times and licked it off his fingers. Craig was to afraid of Chris to say anything. Chris ordered Emma and Craig back to her house which was only next door. She had heard rumours of how big he was and was desperate to see what all the fuss was about.

As they got in he got hold of Craig and tied him up to the chair in the bedroom and without warning he threw her onto the bed and started to tear her clothes off, Emma was loving it and was giving him everything she could, he pulled his dick out and frightened the life out of her but she was gagging for it according to her it was so thick and long she couldn't get her hands around it, he forced it in her mouth and started fucking her mouth fast and hard making her gag and drool spit out of her mouth (my girl can suck dick) he pulled his dick out of her mouth and dragged her over to Craig and made her kiss him spitting in his mouth, he has huge hands and was fingering her like mad making her cum within seconds, he carried her to the bed and slammed her down burrying his head in her pussy licking and biting her, he was so rough but she couldnt help but cum in his face over and over again, he pulled his head out spitiing in her mouth, he looked at his friend Craig and said watch what i do to your bitch and slammed his huge white cock in her dripping pussy he fucked her so hard she nearly passed out he wouldn't stop, he was fucking her so hard her bed broke,he cummed deep in her pussy, He made Emma tell Craig he was shit in bed and was now Chris's whore, Chris dragged her by her hair over to Craig and made Emma rub the Cum from her pussy in his face and mouth, he bent her over on Craig fucking her doggy he was like an absoulte animal not caring how much pain he put her through she said he had split her in two, she was holding onto Craig whilst getting fucked screaming "Chris baby fuck me fuck me fuck me" he stopped and again dragged her by her hair to the bed and slammed her down hard holding her arms not letting her move ramming his tongue down her throat. He noticed some handcuffs that Emma liked to use and tied her to the bed and used that pussy for hours, making his best mate sit there watching his girl being destroyed over and over again. Emma was in agony and ecstacy at the same time and thought it was all over but he wasn't finished. He got on his phone and told a friend to come round,20 minutes later he answered the door and in came a huge black man, he told him to fuck the slag she loves it the black guy wasted no time in pulling out his big black cock and fucking the life out of her while she was cuffed to the bed, she was fucked over and over again screaming like a bitch for about 4 hours. Chris and his mate got dressed and took the cuffs off Emma. He untied Craig dragged him over to Emma and made him lick her pussy, they were both laughing at him calling him a bitch. As they left Chris said she is ours and said all he was allowed to do was lick her pussy. Emma stayed with Craig for about a 2 weeks after that and all he did in that time was lick her pussy after Chris had fucked her cunt wide open.