Written by fuffnready

4 Sep 2011

My girlfriend and i had been going out for about 6 months and found out she had a wild past!!. I was really intrigued by her past and wanted to know about her sex life prior to meeting me. Emma my girl told me she had slept with around 40 men and loved cock. I wanted to know who the best fuck she had ever had and interstingly it was her ex Neil as he had a huge cock and knew how to please her. She told me how they used to fuck everywhere and anywhere and her fantasy was a threesome with him and me. I hesitated for a moment and then called her bluff and said arrange it (didnt think she would).

We arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm at her house, when i arrived she gave me a kiss and said she had a surprise for me and took me upstairs to the bedroom, there was a man standing there and she introduced him as Neil, i froze not knowing what to say or do, she gave me a kiss made me take off my clothes and told me to sit and watch how a white man fucks.

She walked up to Neil and pulled his trousers down and got hold of his big white cock and started sucking the shit out of him, Emma loved sucking dick and Neil was getting it, he was holding her head ramming his cock in her mouth asking her if she missed his dick and calling her his bitch, i was frozen watching her sucking another man off, she stopped sucking and said she loved his dick and wanted him to show a paki how she should be fucked, they tore each others clothes off and were kissing as he threw her onto the bed and buried his head in her pussy she was screaming his name begging him not to stop all the time looking at me, he licked and fingered her for ages before he rammed his dick into her and started pounding her like a maniac, she was screaming her fuckinhg head off her with legs wrapped around him he was spitting in her mouth, hands round her neck, this man was destroying her, after what some liked eternity they changed positions she was on top riding him so hard it was unbelievable he was aqueezing her tits slapping her big arse, i was so turned on it was unreal my dick had never been so hard, she looked over at me and told Neil she wanted it doggy his favourite position but not on the bed, she walked over to me beding over putting her hands on my knees and steadied herself, she looked into my eyes and said watch and learn, he walked up from behind and started pounding her,i asked her to suck my dick and she said "it's up to Neil his dick is inside me so i belong to him", the bastard held her by her hair her mouth over my dick and said he owned her and could only suck his dick. After about fifteen minutes of doing her doggy he shot his load inside her. Emma walked over to the bed spread her legs and said it's your turn i got top my feet with Neil taking my place in the chair.

Emma ordered me to lick her pussy saying she wanted me to taste what anpother man did to her pussy and whe was fucking soaking, i went at it licking, sucking she was in ecstacy she kept me down there for ages, she pulled me up asked me to lay down and sat accross my face dripping all over me, she kept saying taste it you dirty bastard and lick it all up, eventually she sat on my dick and we went wild i was hammering her cunt it felt so good sliding into a dripping wet pussy, we fucked doggy, missionary Emma on top I didnt want to stop, i was cumming inside her but was so turned on i remained hard. After about an hour her pussy had given up and she couldnt take any more. She got up gave Neil a big kiss and asked him to leave, we laid together she whispered to me that she loved it so much that we would be doing it again very soon and that Neil was still the best fuck but i was a close second.