Written by fuffnready

11 Sep 2011

We posted an add for a straight male to screw my woman,they were asked to contact us with what they would do to her and she would choose the best message. The one that turned her on the most was a reply for a guy called Paul, see below.

I would have her stripped naked on the bed in front of me, I will run my tongue up her legs and then gently run it up and down the inside of her thighs, She will be begging me to move my tongue to move a little higher but I wouldnt just yet. Then when it looked like i was about to I would change my mind and start licking her erect nipples in circles. When she has begged me to lick her pussy well enough which will now be dripping will i consider it.

Then I'll give her what she wants, flicking her hard clit with my tongue till she writhes on the bed and gasps for air.

I will then tell her that she is making too much noise so i will lie on my back so she can go on top in a 69. My big, hard dick will be sticking in the air and she'll be licking and sucking it like an iced lolly and i lick her wet pussy and lap up her juices.

when she is ready she will get a good fucking. I will make u watch as she slowly lowers herself down onto my hard dick, her juices will run down my cock as she inch by inch. This will allow her to get used to it before I have her on her back with her legs pin back driving my big hard dick deeper in inside her than she can imagine........

We arranged to meet last night and this guy was true to his word as soon as we walked into the hotel room they were at it like rabbits he did exactly what it says on the message and made her cum all night long he fucked her for hours on end the man was like a rabbit, she was kissing him loads which was unusual for Emma and was screaming that she needed this dick in her life i wanted to join in but she wouldn't let me, she slept with him in the bed all night with me sat in a chair near the bed, i would wake up to the sound of moans coming from Emma and his big cock slapping against her pussy through the night. In the morning he asked her if she would like to meet up again possibly spending a weekend with him and she said of course. They exchanged numbers and he left.