Written by Steve

9 Jun 2011

I was jogging through a small park in the town where I live the other day and noticed that the park toilets were being demolished.

I thought back to my first experience of real fun in the mens lav back in the early seventies when I was in my late teens.

I had heard stories from friends and wokmates about how men go to places like that to get picked up by other men and the rest of it, I am not openly gay or anything and have been married for a long time but it always got my dick hard thinking about it.

Anyway this particular day back in 73 I as finishing up my usual running route when I needed a pee so went inside, it was the usual dingy place and I stood at the three urinals and got out my dick.

I heard some footsteps outside and a man came in and stood at the place at the far end. He was middle aged I guess and I noticed he was looking at me as I tried to pee, my penis started to get hard at his gaze and soon he moved over to the next urinal and was nudging me with his arm and looking down at my by now fully erect cock.

His hand moved to take hold of my dick and I stood there and allowed him to masturbate me till he said lets go in the cubicle.

He led me across to the small shitter by my dick and once inside he sat on the bog seat and pulled my shorts all the way down so they were by my ankles.

He ran his hands up my thighs and this time put my penis in his mouth, I have never felt anything like it since in my life and he sucked me and stroked my balls till he had me shaking like a leaf.

I lasted about two minutes till I came with a huge orgasm in his mouth, he swallowed all my semen and when I recovered he asked to wank him which I did until he came in my hand.

I think that it was the best sex I have ever had to this day except for having my wife talk dirty to me about shagging with other blokes but that's another story.