Written by markandjaq

2 Nov 2009

Not written for a while as my gorgeous wife informed me 18 months ago that she no longer wished to continue our double life and just wanted to be with me!I was of course delighted she was so commited to me but really disappointed at the same time as we had a really good thing going so to speak.Jaq was regularly having fun with a friend of ours peter and the situation was great as we were all so relaxed together.Jaq had informed peter of her decision but had spent a very naughty weekend with him to say goodbye, with my agreement of course.So that was it or so i thought!

It was last week and we hadnt been out for a while and jaq asked me to take her out on the saturday night.I arranged a babysitter and jaq allowed me to choose what she wore.I chose a teddy with suspenders attatched and a sexy shortish dress black of course with the obligatory black stockings!

She dressed i had a little grope of her and she laughed and told me to wait.She insisted i take the car not a popular request with me as it meant i wasnt able to drink.Anyway i agreed and we had an enjoyable meal at a nearby resteraunt.I was getting in the car as she approached me and said she wanted to thank me "in her special way"

I drove to the nearby coastguard station car park near the beach a well known dogging spot.Jaq had my cock out on the way and was playing with it roughly.I parked up away from the other cars and jaq smiled and said she knew what sort of a place this was and kissed me passionately i pulled up her dress revealling her stockings and pulled at her teddy which also rode up.Jaq had removed her knickers in the resteraunt loo and her beautiful hairless pussy was on view.She pulled the straps of her dress and teddy down revealing her fantastic tits.I fingered her gently but then she started to suck my cock and moved around so she was on her hands and knees her arse almost on the side window.It was at this point i noticed a figure next to the car on jaqs side i whispered to her he was there but she said "its your night you decide what to do" continuing to suck my cock but wiggling her sexy arse in the direction of the bloke.The door opened and jaq never flinched, he looked at her and then at me and i nodded my approval.He looked very young about 22 (we later found out he was 20)and although im not bi in the slightest he was obviously a good looking bloke.At this point he moved behind jaq and started to touch her bum and her stockings she wriggled and moaned her approval at which point he unzipped his fly and took out a truly enormous cock jaq carried on sucking and licking me as he showed me a condom i nodded and he put it on. Ive got about 7" but i swear this bloke was twice the size of me he licked her pussy briefly and moved behind her and slowly entered her she moaned as he gave her half of his manhood but he was very gentle she looked up at me and said she wanted to see him while he fucked her he pulled out as she turned round she swore when she saw it but relaxed back lying on me with her legs spread.I played with her boobs as he again entered her each thrust went further into my tart of a wife who was moaning loudly, he looked at me and said she was gorgeous and that he loved stockings and had never fucked a woman while she was wearing them.He was now fully inside her and jaq was screaming absolutely loving it.He kissed her stockinged legs as he rammed into her harder and harder.I could cvontain myself no longer having been wanking all the time as he fucked her.I exploded all over the side of her face and hair and he also reached the point of no return and emptied the contents of his balls inside the condom,inside my wife.He pulled out but jaq sat up quickly and passionately kissed him.She asked if she could see him again i looked at him and he readily agreed and exchanged phone numbers with jaq.It turns out he recently split up with the only girl he had ever been with and now came her to get his rocks off watching courting couples.Well jaq now has a new regular lover in fact she has just spent a long weekend with him in wales but going by the photos and videos they brought back they didnt leave the hotel much.Our sex life is marvelous (jaqs a bit better than mine of course) and she now wants to return to our old ways which we have done.If you show any interest i will post another.