Written by Phil

5 Apr 2010

Here is what happened on our holiday in Fuerteventura last year we were sunbathing naked on the beach and a few guys had walked past pretending not to be looking at the wife, I had been for a swim and on the way back I got talking to this young guy who seemed to appear out of nowhere just before I reached where we were sunbathing.

We stood for a while chatting about how nice the beach and water was there and when i said I had to get under the shade as I was burning he asked if he could shelter for a minute out of the sun the wife was laying there with her eyes closed just to the side of me and I could see him looking over at her all the time and I was getting a bit uncomfortable and said what are you looking at.

He said in his broken english that my wife had really nice breasts and nice hard nipples I had to look round as her nipples only get hard when she is cold or horny, My heart sort of skipped a beat wondering if she was laying there listening to us speaking about her tits so i said yes she has nice tits and likes when suck on her nipples he smiled at me and said you are a lucky guy to get to do that she is beautiful i thanked him and told him he better go before she wakens He thanked me and got up and left.

I went for a swim to cool down as i was getting all horny after speaking about the wife while she was laying there beside us, when I came back she was sitting up and putting cream on and I told her she had a admirer here a minute ago she looked at me and said what you talking about i told her what happened and said he liked what he saw and told me how lucky i was she said I know you are I said bet he would have it if her legs had been open a bit she said are you mad thats when i said why are you scared she said you really would have like it if I had been laying there with my legs open and let a stranger see me i told her what harm could it do.

I said to her ok if he comes back I dare you to let him get a look and see what he says she said you are mad and went on creaming herself about a 1/2hr past and i could see him coming back along the beach I told her and said go on open your legs a little bit go on He waved and started towards us I said he is coming look she got up on to one elbow and at the same time she let her leg bend.

He came up and kneeled down just in front of me and to the side that had the leg bent is eyes looked straight at down there and said you are very pretty I could see she was getting wet and her cheeks redden and said thank you and sat up and crossed her legs I just about stopped breathing when i saw she was enjoying him looking at her I said that he had liked seeing her nipples hard earlier she smiled and told him they only get hard when He plays with them He smiled and said bet they would get hard if I played with them.

Dont know why i said you would need to pay a lot to do that he said how much to let me get them hard I told him that we don"t do that he asked why not as he would pay 10€ to feel each one of her tits till her nipples got hard I looked at Liz and she sort of nodded I said ok lets see your money thinking he is naked and wont have any he said right and took out a 20€ note from a wrist band he had on and in a flash he had both the wifes tits in his hands and started to suck on one of them Liz let out a sort of groan and let her head fall back I could not believe here we were letting a complete stranger suck my wifes tits for 20€.

I sat there looking while he changed tits and sucked on her other one her nipple was so hard and he was squeezing it while he sucked on the other one I said ok you have had your 20€ worth and he stopped and sat back with a huge hardon the wife was breathing quite hard and looking down at it he said that was the best 20€ he had spent and that he could see she had enjoyed it as much as him as she had opened her legs as wide as she could and said he would give us 50€ to fuck her I told him he had more than he should have got and that was enough ok then 50€ and you let me cum over her now that she has me so horny I cant walk along the beach like this and stood up Liz laid back in the sand and said ok let him he started to wank like mad and saying here it comes open your legs wide he came in big spurts all over her legs and some landed on her tits.

Once he had finished he turned round and said thank you she is a sport I looked down at her laying there she said come on fuck me If you are not going to let him do it, I was on her like a flash and could feel all his cum on her it felt so slippy we both came like mad.

Once we had got over what had happened and I asked her if she had wanted me to let him fuck her she said yes and wanted to feel what it would have been like me watching her be fucked I said it would have cost a lot for me to have let him she said why did i not see how much he would have paid I asked her how much she would have wanted she said he could have done it for the 20€ if I had let him thats when I noticed he never paid us the money to cum over her but we never done it for the money but if it happens again I am going to charge for someone i let fuck her.

We talk about it all the time now when we are in bed about her letting a dare go that far I am thinking about what I can dare her to do next.