Written by archman

4 Feb 2011

I am experiencing the best sex ever with a 22 year sales woman. It all started , a few weeks ago when Mary, knocked on my door selling an alternative energy supplier. I'm 45, successful self employed architect, and normally work form my studio office. recently moved back from Dubai so enjoying the uk single life.

As soon as the door opened, she took my attention straight away. Really tall, blonde, slim build and gorgeous tits. Been cold I invited her in, offered her coffee and with little percussion signed the dotted line. But kept taking to her, she became relaxed, her short skirt exposing her lovely legs making me hard..One coffee led to a glass of wine, led to two, led to her calling it quits for the evening..

Both very merry, the flirting started , her coat off , her white top exposing some of her tits, the subject moved to sex... She just broke up and me been alone for a while led to confession of needing sex...

This led to us both sharing a nice long passionate kiss. She turned into a wild animal , virtually stripping my t shirt off and jeans. My cock throbbing, she soon was sucking and wanking it off. It didn't long before i came all over her mouth..She was very experienced. I paid back the treat by firstly licking and biting her soft nipples, then taking her tong down and fingering her deep. Her legs wide open led me to lick her deep and flick her clit. She needed to be fucked. I took her to my bedroom, and with safe sex, started to fuck her firstly in a missionary position, swapped her to dogging , leading her to orgasm ...

2nd time around it was more enjoyable. We became more passionate , licking my nipples, kissing and stroking my chest with her long nails, then softly wanking my limp cock to hardness. I returned the favour to softly kiss her back, alone her spine, around her bum to her arse, raising her bum to lick her shaven pussy...

She wanted to ride me so sat on my cock , taking the full 8inches and moving her hips up and down for greater penetration. This she screamed firstly with her orgasm but continued till she heard me moan while I came.

She stayed the night and we fucked over and over again. I am getting regular fucks from her ever since.