Written by Amanda

2 May 2008

I am a 44 year old woman who was married for 20 years and now found herself divorceed , kids left home and me alone.

I had a good job and within a year of my separation I was soon out on the town with my friends , enjoying life again.

I am fairly attractive, long dark hair , slim with a nice firm pair of boobs and I am confident about my looks and figure.

After a year or so of going out we got into a routine of ending up in an 80`s theme bar most Friday nights. There were always two guys in there who were mates and who both seemed to like me. They too were in their forties one was a guy called Ray who was black about six foot tall and quite athletic in his build. The other guy was Mike who was white fairly stocky but good looking.My friends were quite envious of the attention I got from Ray and Mike and were always encouraging me to take one of them home.

On particular Friday about 6 months ago I was feeling really good, I had just been promoted at work and was celebrating in fine style. As I danced with Ray I was being a little more provocative than normal and when he pulled me close to him I could feel his huge cock against my thigh. I then danced with Mike a slow dance this time and he to was as hard as nails.I told my best friend Sue what had happened and she told me quite bluntly to fuck one of them or even both of them. I have to admit that the thought of having them both was a real turn on and so as Mike and I danced again, I told him how horny I was feeling and how I was up for some fun with both Ray and him. His face was a picture a he said he was up for it in more ways than one. Within minutes we were all in a cab heading back to mine.

Once at mine I slipped into a nice short skirt and vest top and dispensed with my underwear whilst the boys poured some drinks. I put on my highest heels and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked and felt like a very horny woman.

I went and sat on the settee inbetween Ray and Mike. I could see Mike was hard and so I leaned over and began to kiss him whilst slowly releasing his cock from his trousers. His hands were soon under my top and his fingers pulling on my nipples. With his thick but not long cock now exposed I knelt next to him and began to lick and suck on his prick lapping up his pre cum. My top was now off and Mike had his hands all over my tits. Ray by now had my skirt up over my arse and was giving my arse and cunt a proper seeing to with his tongue. After some time I stood up and dropped my skirt to the floor and the guys stripped off too. Rays cock was superb, long and nicely proportioned. I knelt in front of him and began to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. Mike was now fingering me from behind with some expertise as he allowed the odd finger to stray up my arse. As Mike played with my clit I came for the first time. I urged Mike to put his cock inside me. This was the first time I had been roasted and I have to say girls do it once and you will want to do it again and again. Mike was soon filling me up with wad after wad of spunk and I then took Rays load in my mouth. As both of them sat down I cleaned up both of their cocks licking off every last bit of cum.

I felt really good, these guys were obviously turned on by me and I knew I was in control. I went and sat in the chair opposite and spread my legs over the arms. I slow began to play with myself before Mike came over and buried his head between my legs. His tongue was probing my clit and licking his own cum. He soon brought me to a superb climax.

Ray was now hard again and with my legs still wide apart he came over and began to rub his cock up and down my clit. I could bear it no more and just told him to fuck me, which he did. Ray was ready to cum again and I told him to sit down , as he did I wrapped my boobs around his shaft and gave him a tit wank. As I did this I told Mike to wank into my open mouth. It was so dirty , horny and exciting watching first Ray shoot his load into my tits, then Mike furiously wanking before cumming into my mouth and all over my face.

The guys went home but they have been back several times since and the last time we were joined by my friend Sue who is also a convert to two cocks, but that is another story...