Written by twatmaster

19 Feb 2007

Having read numerous articles about the goings on at Morfa Dyffryn beach near Barmouth, I persuaded the wife to give it a try, We had been there some years previously, and had been intrigued by the number of men lying singly or in pairs in the dunes behind the beach. As the years unfolded, my wife who is a very attractive, fit 60yr old became ever more inclined towards exhibitionism, often standing in the kitchen after dark, completely nude whilst ironing, making no attempt to draw the curtains, as a result I proposed that we do the job properly and go to the naturist beach at Barmouth. We booked B and B at nearby Conway, and selected a day when the weather forcast was perfect,on arrival at Morfa Dyffrin, we soon saw what I like to call the sentinels, nearly every 20yards along the top of the dunes, naked single males stood stroking thier cocks and gazing wistfully at the women below. Jane, my wife,said do you really want to leave the beach and go back into the dunes, it is heaving with pervs, I replied that this was to good a chance to do something outrageous, so lets go.We climbed from the beach into the dunes and soon passed a fat naked man about 50, who had a camera, and what looked like a telescopic lense slung around his neck. after a bit of a recce, we found a hollow, that was visible from all sides,spread our towels out and got comfortable, witin seconds a succesion of males walked passed , I started to kiss Jane and pressed her hand to my bulging cock, I quickly entered her and was soon beyond caring, my wife who was on her back spotted the first onlooker, and then a number of men appeared, including the guy with the camera,and from a respectable distance proceeded to masturbate,in full view of my wife. I suppose several minutes must have elapsed, in which time one particular chap got really enboldened and came within a couple of feet of my wifes face, started making stange whimpering noises and jetted spunk all over the sand missing my wife by inches. eventually I shot my load, and on withdrawing, found we were encicled by about seven males, some still openly wanking some meaty cocks, one even came up and said, twos up mate, but we were not having any of that, and a surreal situation ensued, almost like a pack of ferral dogs hanging roung a bitch, these guys are well sad, but if we brought some pleasure into their lives, well good enough, as for my wife she said it was well be dogged, but felt a bit unsafe, however alls well that ends well