Written by Erica's man

26 Mar 2017

After Erica acted out my sexual fantasy on Friday afternoon/evening , she has confessed to several sexual encounters that I had no idea of .

She thinks that it is important to come clean now after her liason on Friday.

Saturday evening we discussed what had happened the night before and yes as one of the comments made about Friday night was once Pandora's box was open there would be no stopping her , I think Erica has already started and my fantasy was just another chapter ! She explained that at a bbq last summer , to which I never attend , she had been chatting to a Romanian co-worker when by accident she dropped her phone , as she crouched down to pick it up she accidentally showed the top of her panties above her jeans at the back , apparently her colleague ran his finger across the top and commented about how nice the silk felt . Erica claims she just laughed it off .

After a few more drinks and she claims a bit more flirting other colleagues had noticed how friendly they were , and as both had partners they should be careful of loose lips etc , Erica obviously realised and ordered a taxi , just before she went to the bathroom, took her panties off , wrapped them up in some kitchen roll she had taken with her , then as she left she handed them to her admirer , she then came home, I was out so she admitted to masterbateing at what she had done , then on Monday at work she found the panties had been put back in her desk draw with fresh Cum in them after she had left her desk to get some dinner .

When she discovered them she put them in her bag , made her excuses , went to the toilet to lick the Cum from the panties .

I couldn't believe what she was confessing to . I had no idea just what a slut I've got myself involved with .

She explained lots more , I'm loving every moment of it ! She's like two women , slut behind my back , loving partner at home , confusing to be honest .

But I'm enjoying it.

More confessions to follow , some not overly explicit , but one definitely is !