Written by Matt

23 May 2016

Continuing secret diary entries made by Erica of which I had absolutely no knowledge of.

......... can't wait until Friday, me and Nina away for the weekend in Blackpool .

I remember Erica and Nina going away to Blackpool because I fed and watered Nina's dog ......if only I knew what she was upto .

.......... left Peterborough station are 11.25am were on our way..

Arrived in Blackpool and got a taxi to the hotel,just off the main sea front but right in town...feeling a bit light headed been drinking on the train all day ......

Nina and I dressed to kill (had to hide clothes from Matt, don't think he would be happy )

Flirted and chatted with a stag party ( mmmm).

Now the next couple of entries stopped me dead in my tracks , in my own wife's handwriting I'm amazed and incredibly turned on at the same time.

............ went into night club with Clive and Paul , Paul's outrageous flirting is embarrassing ! ........

Left night club with Paul .... first time I've ever kissed a black guy....

Now reading this in Erica's handwriting I knew it was true , just by the way she describes things .

.......Ended up back at hotel Paul didn't waste time , kissing me the instant we got in my room.. his cock !!! Must be 9inches a lot bigger than Matts WOW! I must admit after sucking him for a while my jaw hurt . ha ha . When he fucked me he was trying to finger my arse at the same time , first time anal took a while to push it in , hurts like mad never again !!!! Swallowed every last drop feeling a bit guilty .

Now I'm still a little shocked by the entries, I have never had Anal with Erica nor have I ever Cum in her mouth and I assure you she has NEVER swallowed my Cum!!!!