Written by Dodgeballthtthe

29 Jan 2017

The following morning I crept to the door with my bag and opened it slammed it walked ro the kitchen and started breakfast I walked down to the bedroom and peeked in the two of them we're entwined naked from the night before I spent a few minutes.just looking at them and started to get a hard on as they started to stir Laura started to finger dolores probing deeper and deeper then adding another finger as she started to thrust her hips

"Oh Laura that is so good" she moaned until with a loud moan she collapsed back onto the bed thoroughly spent I snuck down to the kitchen and continued making breakfast soon'Laura must have been getting the same treatment as her'moans filled the apartment

I let it play out and after a couple of minutes I shouted "breakfast ready" I heard dolores say "oh shit" eventually they came down I served them breakfast as if nothing happened but they both knew I had heard them Laura quickly made her excuses and left I then sat down across from dolores and took her hands in mine I said "do youlove me dolores" with this she broke down and cried "yesyes more than anything" I told 'her that I knew everything and she was to tell me her side of the story

She started with the night she went off with the fellow from theclub up to last night with Laura I obviously didn't know all the things she got up to but she told me everything

When she'd finished she explained that because she had so little experience before she met me she craved New sexual experiences and got a kick out of being wanted by menand after last night women!

I was sitting there with a raging hard on and when she asked what will we do now? I replied by taking her to the bedroom and furiously fucking her she seemed like a different woman more self assured and confident she obviously had been practicing sucking cock as she was so much better than before even licking myballs which is something she had never done before and talking dirty using words she would normally say it was too much for me and a short time after entering Her I shot my load into her as we lay there I told her I didn't mind what she did but she had to tell me and I had to agree she threw her arms around me and started kissing me and thanking me it seemed to lift a weight off her mind

The following week at work I got talking to the sales guysat work when one of them mentioned he had a holiday booked and payed for in Cyprus but because of a bereavement he now couldn't go "I've been trying to resell it but because it's such short notice no one is interested how much is it I casually said well its an all inclusive deal in a five star hotel everything paid for I paid twenty-five hundred quid for it but I would sell it for half now

When for for I said Friday week he replied I'll take it but all I can afford is eight hundred he said fuckit done

As you can imagine I was a big hit when I went home and told dolores she was yelping and jumping up and down like an overgrown puppy

Ten minutes later she was jumping up and down on me

The next week was a blur what with sorting out stuff at work and dolores shopping for the trip eventually we were ready over dinner on the Wednesday before the trip dolores asked could Laura stay over Thursday as she was going to do her hair and bring some dresses over I asked her if that's all they were going to do she replied that she didn't know if that night was a one off or not"would you mind" not really I replied what I saw of Laura looked nice

Anyways I came home from work Thursday and the two of them were in the lounge drinking wine and having a great laugh as dolores was trying on clothes as I've said before dolores was quiet petite with a lovely figure gorgeous tits and a lovely pert little bunk went down the kitchen and heated up my dinner dolores shouted were getting out of your way Gary we're going into the bedroom I went up to the lounge and started watching tv now and again dolores would come in and model some dress or top and skirt for my approval eventually this stopped and it went quiet

After a while dolores came in looking very flushed and said Laura wants to know if you'll come in with us?

Wow yes I said with that she led me by the hand into the bedroom

She stood by the edge of the bed and took off her robe looking so sexy I looked down at Laura she was lying on the bed smiling up at me with just a thong on her breasts were a little smaller than dolores but she had ever big nipples which were fully errect as she opened her legs dolores immediately started to lick her pussy by this time I had positioned myself over by her head she grabbed my cock andstarted sucking me dolores looked up and said"she's ready for you nowwith that I moved over and entered her it felt so good I started pumping into her while dolores was fondling and sucking her tits "come on Gary fuckme fuck me " I increased the pace and dolores pushed my face down towards Laura s "kiss her" she painted as we were kissing I looked over and dolores was standing at the side of the bed fingering herself and moaning"oh this is fucking great oh God I'm cumming" with that she started jerking frantically and had a huge orgasm I soon followed and Laura with me we all lay on the bed stunned after a while we drifted off to sleep.I wokeup the next morning with Laura next to me cuddled up to dolores I moved my hand down between her legs and she started to stir as I rubbed her clitoris she started to lick dolores nipples thinking it was her touching her they then started to kiss long and slow it was so sexy I immediately got an enormous errection I gently nudged my clock into her pussy "oh dolores your husband is fucking me again" go on Gary give her a good seeing to but don't chm I want to do me next I just kept rocking Laura gently at an easy pace and she soon shuddered as she climaxed then dolores laid me on my back and mounted me " lovely lovely fucking lovely she moaned just as she climaxed Laura inserted a finger up her bum with that dolores just let out an animalistic cry and jammed herself down on it .she came and came moaning and sobbing until finally she collapsed in a heap on the bed not able to move .

After about five minutes Laura slowly removed her finger dolores took it put it in her mouth and started sucking it "oh God I love you two" she sighed Laura leaned over to me gave me a passionate kiss and said I'm going to make us a nice cup of coffeedon't worry about the mess I'll clean it up you better start getting ready for your holiday

God only knows what the two of you will get up to.'......

To be continued