Written by Jake

10 Feb 2009

Last summer a large group of us were supposed to be going to Europe for the summer – unfortunately as the time drew nearer more and more people dropped out. It ended up that there was just me and a girl called Heather – who goes to my college but I really didn’t know her too well. My assumption was that the trip was off and I would take a job near home for the summer but I saw Heather in the restaurant – and she was really up for the trip. I agreed to go over to her place one evening and we discussed dates travel etc. The time came and we made our way by train to London where we caught the Eurostar to Paris – from Paris we headed to Lyon – where we found a cheap hotel to stay the night.

I found myself sharing a room with a girl I really didn’t know but was impressed that she stripped to her bra and pants in front of me – when she saw me looking she said ‘look we are going to be together for 6 weeks – so let’s be comfortable with each other – you are going to see me naked, I am going to see you naked, we are probably gonna fuck each other and we are both probably gonna fuck other people, but whatever happens let’s stick together, let’s have fun and not a word when we get back to college’. Wow I thought. And with that she got up – walked to the bathroom and removed her bra and pants wiggling her bum and she went into the bathroom. A few minutes later she emerged wrapped in a towel – she looked sexy and I went to take a shower. When I came out again wrapped in a towel she was sitting sideways on the bed wearing a t shirt – as I started to sort out my bag I noticed Heather get into bed and I was treated to a glimpse of her hairy pussy as she slipped under the sheets. She saw me looking and she said ‘naughty’. I finished hanging up a few clothes before deciding to hand up my towel and got in beside Heather naked. Heather shuffled across the bed and we kissed – it was a nice kiss and I started to touch Heather – moving my hands under her shirt to feel her small breasts, we fondled for a short while until Heather whispered in my ear – ‘let’s be rude and make each other cum’. We then pulled the covers back and Heather sat to one side of me and put both her hands around my cock and pulling the foreskin back she slowly started to wank me. Twisting the top part of my body I used my right hand to lift her hood and my left hand to start gently rubbing her pussy – she was wet and it felt good. After a few minutes Heather stopped rubbing my cock and started to rub herself – she indicated that I should rub myself too – which I duly did this was the first time I had masturbated in front of someone else and I was shaking with excitement. Heather’s face was contorted and she rubbed herself fast and hard to an orgasm. When she had cum she asked whether I wanted her to ‘finish me off’ or if I ‘wanted to come inside her’. Irrationally but, probably because I was close to coming I asked her to finish me off’ which she did and I had plenty of other opportunities to cum inside her.

The next six weeks were spent travelling Western Europe and Heather and I pleasured each other morning and night and a few afternoons as well. We had a wonderful time and we were so close. We have seen each other lots since we returned and she remains very special but we cannot maintain the closeness we enjoyed during the summer – it was a special time that will last with me forever and Heather is a fabulous girl.