Written by Harriet.

4 Aug 2007

Maybe I should change the header of my posts to something like "Confessions of an expat wife", that's probably been done before so I'll keep it as is.

My most recent episode was the result of a lunchtime end of year do for our ladies expat association, this was at the begining of June when the schools close for the summer and all of the wives head back to their home countries.

The lunch was at a big hotel downtown and everyone was dressed to the nines, the lunch was great and my close friends and I had engineered it so we would all be on the same table, there are a couple of wild girls in my circle of friends and we drank a load of wine, actually there was a bit of trouble in the lobby afterwards with the hotel security arseholes when one of the girls who's from Texas jumped up on this real size ornamental horse and started shouting Yeehah. This one jerk who's hat was bigger than he was was trying to pull her off, one of our friends is a German lady who is a good six foot tall, she stood right in front of him and said do you want to fight me little man!

Anyway they have a nice lobby bar and as I have a driver so no worries about drink driving I thought I would have another couple of glasses of wine before heading home, I don't touch the hard stuff only wine so although we had been going through it I had a good lunch so was fine.

I sat near the bar and ordered my drink, this hotel was always busy with apart from the usual tourists a lot of business conferences etc, to say it was early afternoon the bar was pretty busy.

There was a guy a couple of stools away who kept on having a look which I don't mind but I thought why the hell don't you say hello or something instead of just having a furtive look at me now and again? I shifted around a bit on my stool and as it was nearly the height of summer I was wearing a very simple outfit, although we had as I said been having a semi formal lunch I can because I am in such good shape get away with light sensible attire.

Today I just had a nice light blouse with a shortish but not tarty cotton skirt, almost white coloured stockings and high heeled mules.

As I said I liked this guy looking at me but was frustrated that he didn't try and say anything, I thought bugger it and asked for my bill, he then got the message and said no need to leave on my account. This broke the ice and soon we were chatting and he moved to the stool next to me.

It turned out that he was on vacation with his wife who had wanted to go on a city tour which he didn't want to do so consequently she was gone for the day and he was just killing time till she came back.

We were talking about the hotel and other stuff and I mentioned that I had never had to stay there as obviously have a house outside the city so had no idea what the rooms were like, he said why don't I show you?

In the elavator I said that I had seen him having a good look at me at the bar, he said sorry for not saying anything but was mesmorised, I asked him how come and he replied that when I first sat down at the bar and crossed my legs he looked over and before I had chance to position myself on the stool he had a nice view of the tops of my stockings and bare legs under my suspenders.

This had me feeling better as I thought before that as I usually get plenty of attention what was up this time.

We entered the room and although it was a bit small was very nice and clean and overlooked the river, I went over to the window while he fixed us a couple of drinks from the mini bar.

I commented on how nice the view was, he said it's not bad from here either, I looked back and he was staring at my arse and legs, he came closer with the drinks but just set them down on the table and moved closer.

I looked down and saw he was as excited as I was, he moved even closer and put his hand around my neck under my hair and pulled my face towards him, we started to kiss soon his hands were unbuttoning my top, when it was fully undone he went behind and unclipped my bra. He slipped off my blouse and bra and I was naked from the waist up. He stroked and sucked my nipples while his hands went around to find the zipper on my skirt, he soon had it undone and it had dropped to the floor.

I had by now begun to get his jeans open, soon I had his tee shirt and pants off. While he continued to suck my boobs and feel my pussy inside my panties I got his boxers down so he was naked.

He pushed me over to the bed and just before that I glanced across and saw our reflection in the full length mirror, this thing will go with me forever but I thought hell here I am a mature married woman with a family having been stripped down to panties, stockings and shoes by a complete stranger in a hotel room shortly to be fucked.

He got to the bed and laid me down, he was over me and started to remove my panties, he got them to my knees before leaning forward to kiss my naked pussy, I gasped and he pushed my knees up so I was fully exposed he kissed and licked my clitty till I was shouting the place down,he moved around so we could have the perfect sixty nine. We almost came like this but as we both wanted to fuck he got up and got on top of me, he again lifted my legs up but this time he went right in, obviously I was well lubricated by now so no need to help him, we both came pretty quickly and laid on the bed kissing and dozing for about an hour.

Later we finished the drinks he had made previously and as it was getting on a bit I had to go.

Later that week my husband and I happened to be in the same hotel as they have a very nice rooftop bar/restuarant which we like to go for a nightcap after a nice dinner, my midweek guy was just checking out with his I have to say very plain looking wife, I thought when you can perform like he did why the hell settle for that frumpy looking horror?

If you readers would like more please let me know.