Written by SPJ1964

16 Aug 2010

Well I have to say that I have had a wonderful week of sex with my horny wife, after posting our story (Eventually) and profile on this site. I showed “A” the story and comments on Thursday and she was so excited. She also read through the dozens of letters in the mailbox and Mmmed and Ahhed at each one. I had the joy of standing behind her and massaging her tits whilst she looked through and saying things to her like “Imagine Chris doing this,” or “I bet you’d love to suck Dave’s big cock.” She wet her knickers profusely as she made a note of a couple of guys she likes the look of, who live nearby in the north of the country, but not too close. I was really surprised that she seemed to jump straight in and by Friday night she/we were exchanging E Mails with two complete strangers. We went away for the weekend, which is the reason for my story, but when we came back Sunday evening, “A” got straight on the Internet to see if “J” or “C” had sent any more mail. She was delighted to receive some nice cock and face shots from both and immediately sent off replies with a couple of far more revealing photos. She has told both that this might be a slow burner especially as she has to go off to the States on business on 21st August, (I’m going along for the ride), but it seems that quite soon I could be sharing her with some other guys.

However I did get the joy of doing that again over this past weekend, which also included a new experience for me. “A” has been talking about Alan and his big cock all week and virtually begged me to take her back to our regular hotel in Northumberland for another threesome with him. Unfortunately we couldn’t get in on Friday, but managed a booking for Saturday and I phoned Alan and told him our plans. He was delighted and said he couldn’t wait to get between “A’s” legs again, but that he could only get to the hotel on the evening as he was working during the day.

All of Saturday “A” was in a really horny state and couldn’t wait for the evening. At about 7.30pm Alan text me to say he was on his way and “A” was like a playful schoolgirl. She stripped down to a red pair of lacy panties with a matching lacy bra, red suspender belt and red stockings and waited patiently.

I warmed her up with my hands and mouth and by the time Alan arrived, she was feeling extremely randy. I let him in as last time and he immediately stripped off. “A” leaned up from the bed to watch and gasped when his huge erect cock was let loose. Alan and I then went to work on my wife and she was soon writhing about in ecstasy as we massaged and sucked her tits and fingered and licked her pussy. I’ve always known she was a randy tart but she really was a slut Saturday night, talking dirty and begging for cock.

Alan obliged her by pushing his huge swollen cock against her lips and “A” licked him from tip to base and then engulfed his head with her mouth. At the same time, I lapped away at her cunt and gulped down loads of her cum as she gave Alan a blowjob. He also fondled her tits quite aggressively, which she found really horny.

The next hour or so was probably typical of any male, male, female threesome. Alan and I took it in turns to do different things to her and have her do things to us which including us taking turns to fuck her whilst she sucked the other’s cock.

The only problem from last time is that we had tried a double penetration, which she had enjoyed at the time, but not so much for the next couple of days, so that was out this time, but during our session my wife insisted on two new things for me, which were just as horny.

The first was that at one point she was lying on her side with Alan fucking her from behind. She told me to get down and lick her cunt whilst he did so. Well her pussy was well stretched with Alan’s nine inches in her and as I kissed her and watch his cock thrust in and out I couldn’t help but feel his cock against my mouth. Then when he shot his load inside her, “A” held my head there as he withdrew, so I could watch his spunk slide from her wet cunt.

I then had to fuck her whilst she was still full of his cream and the sensation was very erotic, making me cum a lot quicker than I normally would.

After Alan and I were both spent, “A” suggested a shower together and we managed to cram into the shower cubicle and “A” soaped up our limp/semi erect cocks until we were both hard again and we soaped her beautiful body.

By the time we were all clean, we were all ready for some more fun, so after drying off “A” took her position on the bed and Alan and I moved in from either side. It was during this second session that she asked Alan if he would let me wank him off so she could watch. Now I have never had any gay tendencies and I think I would say no to going any further than that but her suggestion just seemed right. Alan was quite happy with the idea so we both knelt on the bed facing her. I then reached down and wrapped my hand around Alan’s throbbing cock. It felt no different from mine, just thicker and longer of course and all I did was gently run my hand up and down his shaft. “A” licked her lips and started to masturbate and Mmmed and Ahhed lots. Alan then grabbed my cock and we did some mutual masturbation for “A”. He was dripping pre-cum, so I rubbed that into his shaft and he was soon doing the same for me.

Through her gasps “A” managed to say “I want you to make each other cum all over me.”

She was by now rubbing her clit with her right hand and twiddling her nipples with the other and the sight of that and Alan’s hand on my cock soon made me shoot my spunk out onto her stomach, pubic hair and pussy. Alan was also panting and gasping by now and within thirty seconds I felt his cock stiffen even more in my hand and then a long thick rope of cum shot through the air and landed on “A’s” tits and stomach. She carried on fingering herself but was also now rubbing our cum into her naked body. As Alan and I relaxed, spent again, “A” let out an almighty gasp and squirted her cum onto the bed.

It was another fantastic evening and although after Alan left we both fell asleep exhausted, in the morning, she wanted a good fucking before and after breakfast.

It has taken about fifteen years to get my wife to this state, but now she is there, she doesn’t want to let go and although she doesn’t want to jump into bed with complete strangers, she is hoping to build relationships which will eventually lead to lots of exciting fun. I think for the time being we will be sticking to mmf threesomes and as said after her trip to the States maybe with some new partners. However hopefully this might lead to more things maybe 3 or 4 guys at once and also there is the possibility of a mff threesome. Who knows what the future holds?