Written by pantypaul

10 Aug 2010

When we go in to a certain pub in Atherton an old bloke always comes over and chats. Bit of a mithering twat really.He would always look down my misses top, staring at her lovely 36d tits,but he would always have his hand on my knee. I never thought anything about it till she mentioned it.

One afternoon when we were in he came over as usual and chatted and put his hand on my leg, but this time it was a bit higher, dont know why but I was enjoying it. I already had a semi on, his fingers moved up a little just touching the tip of my cock. I made out I wanted to go to the loo, I got in the cubicle and straightened myself. On returning to the bar he had gone back to his friends. 'He touched the tip of your cock didnt he' Yes I said Thats why I went to the loo to straighten it. She asked did I enjoy it.' Maybe'I said.

The following morning I wanked myself off thinking of his hand on my cock.How could I get him to do it to me. I wanted this 72 year old to wank me off.

I went in to the pub at lunch time and he was there. I bought him a drink and we chatted, every now and then he would touch my leg. My cock was getting twitchy and was dying to be pulled. After an hour or so he said he was going and did I want a lift in the taxi. When we got to my house I asked him in for a drink. We chatted, but how was I going to get him to touch me. I asked did he still have any sexual feelings. "Some times I get a semi but I very rarely come. You get hard easily dont you", "I felt you getting hard when I put my hand on your leg". With that he put his hand on my leg and rubbed it till he came to my crotch, "hard already he said, Let me see it I want to see it". I stood up and pulled my trackies down and stood there with my erect cock, He stretched out and grabbed it and started to wank it," slowly I said I am close to cumming". But he carried on and three big globs of sperm shot across the room. "Fuck that was good". He squeezed every last drop out of me. "Anytime you want a bit of relief come in to the pub at lunch time and we will see what we can do"

He has wanked me a few times but wont let me touch him. Yet.. Any more oldies like a bit of attention.