Written by Donna46

24 Mar 2011

Thanks for all the comments from last weeks post. Its Thursday and its shopping day again so I thought I would share with you and hopefully my unsuspecting hubby when he reads this.

Well I had arranged for this weeks shop to be delivered, thanks for the "you shop, we drop" :-) so at around 8am it had been dropped off and pack away shortly after. I had texted Ashley last night and arranged for him to come around and help me with my shopping. Anyway around 8.45 Ashely knocked and I let him in. He saw me in my dressing gown and mentioned that I wasnt ready yet, to which I replied that I was ready, and with that I opened my dresssing gown , slid it off my shoulders and let it fall. Stood there in just my bra and panties. I dropped the latch on the door and took his hand and led him upstairs to the spare bedroom.

As soon as we were there he took me in his arms and started kissing me whilst his hand slid down to my panties, slipping inside he soon buried a finger into my wet fanny.His fingers did the business and before long I was whimpering as the pleasure took hold. I was rubbing his cock through his jeans and I said that I needed it. I climbed on the bed as Ashley took off his cloths. His cock looked big in his boxers, but when he slipped them off I gasped. It looked magnificent. Once on the bed, I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started wanking him, then going down and sucking it. The smooth silky cock head tasted fantastic, as his hand was busy pussing one then two fingers into my wet fanny. I knew we wouldnt risk being too long, so I asked him to do me. I felt him rise above me, opening my legs for him I felt his cockhead touch my lips then with a push he entered me. He fucked me slowly for ages, then increased the pace, hearing the squelching sounds of his cock pounding me, I started to come, expecting him to come soon, but instead he pulled out, laid back and told me to get on top. I clambered on top, positioning his cock and slid down. I was so wet t slid in with ease, as I was now in control I fucked him for all I was worth. After what seemed ages but probably was only 5 or 10 minutes he told me to stop, he pushed me off, and I got on all fours, as he entered me from behind. He was slamming into me for all his worth, my hands clutching the sheets, face buried in the pillow as a huge orgasam shook me. I felt his cock swell inside me then I felt him coming, feeling him fire his load into me.

Afterwards we laid with me playing with his flacid cock teasing it back to life. I went down and helped it by sucking him, tasting both our juices, and once he was hard again, he fucked me again, me on my back, buried deep, making me come once again before shooting again inside me. Shortly after he left.

So here I am now, 12.20, only about an hour after he has left, at hubbys desk typing this, dressed only in my bathrobe, with Ashleys come drying on my pubes. Roll on next week, maybe try to get him to "help me" twice a week.