28 Oct 2015

This is a true story that happened very recently. I am a 55 year old man, divorced and I consider myself ok looking, and I do keep myself in shape.

I rented a terraced house, and the kitchen and bathroom is at the back in a single story extension that mirrors my neighbours next door. I stand just outside the kitchen door to have a cigarette, which faces the neighbour's kitchen door, the neighbours being Tom and Lisa; he is a long distance Lorry driver aged about 40, and she is 36, slim but shapely with a good figure considering that she has had two children, both of whom are at school.

Anyway, we chatted over the low wall that separated the two properties, as neighbours do, (Lisa smoked too) but there was no indication of it being more than just banter between neighbours.

However, I took two weeks holiday, as it was either use it or lose it, so whilst I had nothing planned, I took the time off anyway.

On the Monday morning, I went out just before 9.00am in my dressing gown, and was greeted by Lisa, having a cigarette outside her back door, having packed her kids off to school, and she was wearing pyjamas and a Toweling robe, not particularly sexy! We chatted for a while and then she went in, having said that Tom, her husband was away all week.

Come Tuesday morning, she was outside again smoking, but this time the pyjamas were gone and it was just the Toweling robe; Wednesday came and the Toweling robe had been replaced with a long silky robe, and through it I could make out the shape of her thong as she bent to extinguish her cigarette.

Thursday morning, and she was wearing a different silky robe, much shorter than the previous one, and this time I could not see the outline of her thong and my mind went into overdrive - was she teasing me? Was I reading too much into it?

As we chatted, I remarked that she had more dressing gowns than anyone I'd ever met, and she laughed and said she had just one other one, and, rather flirtily I thought, said "I'll wear that tomorrow if you like?" I said something like "oh yes please!" and we both went into our respective houses.

I spent the day wondering what she might have on the next morning!

Friday morning finally came and I went out to my usual spot, waiting to see what treat I may be in line for. Lisa appeared, and I was not disappointed! She was wearing a white, very very short wrap, in a t shirt type material, with clearly nothing on underneath! The fabric clung to her breasts, her pert nipples clearly visible, and to her bum; it was only the fact that the material crossed over iat the front that prevented me from seeing her pussy!

She noted my open mouthed expression, and cheerily said " good morning! You approve then?" I stammered my approval and we chatted avidly as we smoked, and unusually, she had a second cigarette, extending the time we spent outside; all the time I could feel my eyes mentally undressing her.

We finished our cigarettes, and she chirpily said "there's a pot of coffee on, would you like one?" So without further ado, I clambered over the wall and joined her in her kitchen.

I sat at the kitchen table, and she served the coffee, before sitting down, letting her robe part at the bottom, showing her legs completely,, but not alas, her pussy! We sat and chatted and she told me that her husband would be back that day, and I said "oh, so tonight's the night then" but her face clouded and she said "in my dreams, he'll get home, shout at the kids and then get drunk" I didn't know what to say, and then she sighed and said "another coffee" but it was more a statement than a question. She turned on her chair in order to get up and I hoped that I would get a glimpse between her legs, but it didn't happen. She brought the coffee pot over and poured, refilling our cups, and she stood very close to me, directly in front of me. Once she had finished pouring, she made no attempt to sit down, but remained standing there, then she asked me "so you like this robe the best then?" I nodded in agreement, and then she shocked me as she said, " do you think it would look better on the floor?" Again I nodded and she did no more than loosen the belt and she let it fall open, revealing her nakedness, before letting it slip to the floor behind her.

I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me, taking her nipples into my mouth one by one, caressing her bum and slipping a hand between her legs, she was shaved smooth, and sliding a finger into her soaking pussy. She asked me to bite her nipples hard which I did, and she loved it when I did it really hard.

After a while she panted "fuck me" so I stood, threw my robe off, and positioned her bent over the kitchen table, before sliding my cock into her gorgeous little fanny. I fucked her hard and fast and she was squealing in pleasure until I could hold back no longer and squirted my spunk right up inside her.

Once we'd got our breath back, she invited me upstairs where we spent the day in bed, until it was nearly home time for the kids, but I was treated to a similar performance all the next week.

Sadly, I am back at work now, but Lisa has promised we can pick up where we left off next time I have some time off!