Written by sharedhusband SW

22 Feb 2007

As I waited at home my mind was doing somersaults thinking about what was happening to my gorgeous 44 year old blond wife. It was our first time, I had long wished for her to be soundly fucked, by other men, women or a couple.

I had long ago told her about my desires for her and over the years she had come around to the idea from an original answer of "No way".

The thought of her being served by another man especially from behind, or entangled with another woman had been with me for such a long time, and now the moment had come it was all I could do to stop myself from masturbating.

Pen had come home at 5 and standing in front of her wardrobe she chose her black dress and red high heels. She showered and between us we ensured she was shaved, legs, under arms and pussy.

She was smooth and stubble free and a little talc ensured that her black lace pants and stockings slipped onto her with ease. As she put on her suspender belt, I caressed her pert bottom. "not for you tonight" she laughed "another man is going to enjoy me, and I am going to enjoy him"!!

I laughed the thought making me incredibly hard. Pen sprayed herself with Chanel Cristale her favourite scent and slipped the dress over her head.

I went downstairs to wait and after about 20 more minutes Pen came down and looked stunning. Her feet looked great in her stiletto's accentuating her calves and making her legs look even longer. Her tits were pushed up high revealing the start of a very deep cleavage. her hair was straightened and she smelt delicious. Her nails were painted dark blue and the beginnings of her toes just showed in her shoes. I was jealous, excited and my heart pounded as I knew I wanted this.

Pen smiled at me "Thanks for this hun, I cant wait".

We drove to the pub where Pen was to meet an old flame she had had an illicit very sexual and very wonderful affair with before we had gotten together. During the journey Pen said to me "Are you absolutely sure your OK with this hun"? I replied with a question "Are you"? There was a pause and Pen nodded "I want this to happen now, mostly for me". I smiled "good so do I".

At the pub Pen smiled "later" she said....."hopefully much later".

And that was that, there I was at home looking at the clock not being able to concentrate wondering was he at last inside her.

At about 8.30 my mobile sounded a text had arrived and I read with delight "don't wait up......happy and relaxed".

The arranged safety text had been sent, Pen was going to be taken, now for sure.

I decided a few drinks was in order but not too many so I didn't sleep through Pen's return home.

By 1:30 despite the excitement I decided to await Pen's return in bed and at some point I dropped off.

It was 4:40 that the front door shut, and I was awoken from my sleep.

The bedroom light was on low, and Pen crept in. "sorry did I wake you hun" she asked. " I smiled no not really been wondering how you got on.....maybe you don't want to talk about it".

Penny laughed "course I want to talk about it...thats half the fun"

"Hang on I want to get this dress off".

Pen' slipped out of her dress and I saw that now she was naked underneath, except for her bra. Gone the suspenders stockings and lace knickers.

Pen undid her bra and I was delighted to see her breasts were now displaying several small love bite marks.

pen slipped into bed and I felt her body against mine. As I lay on my back she slipped over me, her legs straddling me. Her pussy was on my stomach and I could feel she was wet, very wet.

She kissed me deeply and I tasted her mouth which did seem a little different.

I kissed her neck which was salty, the taste which comes from perspiration.

Pen was grinding her wet pussy against me and soon she was using it to massage my very erect cock.

"come on then ask me" she giggled...getting near my mouth with hers but not kissing me. I whispered in her ear " tell me what happened" Pen rolled onto her side pulling me behind her, and adeptly she slipped me into her very slippery pussy. "mmmmm she purred "both my men in one night". I groaned as the friction pulled back my foreskin my cock deep inside her.

Gently she rocked and as she did she relayed her evening..."we had a very nice dinner, where we talked openly about what would happen later. Initially we sat opposite one another then side by side and Graham slipped his hand onto my knee and stroked my leg. At one point he slipped his hand as far as my stocking tops, which was as much as he dare in the pub. His wife was away and he had arranged to use a friends house for us in a T***********.

Once in his car, I slipped my hand onto his trousers massaging his very large cock through his trousers. "I unzipped him and at last released his cock from its bonds. I could see it was already wet and I gently pulled his foreskin back and forth, seeing the effect on his face".

"Before we crashed, I stopped and sat back while Grahams left hand slipped under my dress.He gently rubbed me through my pants and I was now desperate to get to our destination".

"We finally arrived at the house and we fell through the doorway not making it to the bedroom before we began our lovemaking". "Graham pulled up my dress revealing my suspenders and knickers running his hands over me as we kissed".

"My dress was unzipped and it fell to the floor while I pulled off his shirt".

"Pulling me into the living room Graham laid me onto the settee and we kissed again allowing our tongues to re discover one another". "My bra was taken quickly off and I felt his mouth cover my nipples gently biting and sucking". "I felt Graham kissing around my breasts as his fingers teased and gently pinched my nipples". "Then came the sharp wonderful pain of his love bite....I wanted it...I wanted a memento that he had taken me...it was perfect" penny was breathing deeply as I pushed gently in and out of her, hard at the story she relayed. "I was desperate to have him between my legs hun, and My knickers were slipped down and off over my shoes".

"I watched as he moved his attention to my pussy, I loved his mouth sucking my clit and his tongue inside me, and I remembered how much I had enjoyed him those years previous". "Graham slipped fingers inside me with ease and I pushed him into me deeply kissing him as I did".

"I really wanted his cock in my mouth hun, and so I lay back onto the settee easing him into a 69 position once I had very aggressively removed his trousers and shorts".

"He was so erect and as he began to work his magic on my clit I slipped him into my mouth wanking him back and forth as I did"

"Pausing for a moment I asked him to stop before he came asking him to cum on my back".

"Soon I was on my knees facing the back of the settee as Graham pumped his hot sperm all over my back and arse.

"I felt him rub the juice into me and I knew then that it was time to have his cock inside me".

"I watched and smiled as Graham slipped a condom onto himself, wanting him to hurry". "He applied lots of gel to my very wet pussy rubbing it also between my arse cheeks, I was in heaven".

"My lips were soon parted as I was once again treated to Graham inside me". "The walls of pussy were stretched as his cock made headway and went deeper with every rocking movement he made". "My shoes were still on and I hooked my feet behind grahams legs".

"I thought his cock would burst out of my chest as he entered me fully and began to speed up his thrusts".

"I was moaning as he fucked me harder and harder. By now I was rubbing my clit to ensure it wasn't just Graham who came".

"I was so happy inside I loved Grahams body against mine and I wanted him to have me, to fuck me, to serve me". "I never wanted it to stop as he slammed into me, the wetness of me being evident by the wonderful noise and the trickle that ran down my thighs"

"Stopping Graham applied more gel and once again re inserted himself, I gasped as he totally withdrew and then slowly entered me again over and over".

"steadily he began to increase speed and depth once more until yet again he was thrashing his strong body into mine".

"I began to feel his cock pulsate and I knew from his breathing he had emptied his beautiful body into me".

"I continued to wank and shortly after I arched against him as my own orgasm racked my body".

"We fell apart and took some wine up to the bedroom where we enjoyed each other again, lots of kissing, lots of massage and there we made love the animal sex now satisfied".

Back in our bed I was now thrusting deeply into my wife and she half whispered half groaned as I took her " I'm going to be making love to Graham again hun...and very soon" ..."good" I moaned as increased the speed of my own thrusts into her. "I want him as a lover hun, and soon I will want his orgasm inside me" I came with such force that I felt it against Penny's insides, god she was sexy, to sexy not to be shared that was for sure.

We held one another and fell asleep, both happy satisfied and sure that the step we had taken was right for us.

Penny and Graham did have fun again several times, but since then Pen has enjoyed other encounters with other people and we are closer than ever. She describes herself as Very married but very free.

I descibe myself as a lucky Bastard.