Written by Bad girl.

4 Dec 2007

Hi, I am Debbie, for the duration of the story anyway.

When my husband told me he had sacked Dave, I knew why, he then said he wanted a divorce, and it was for the very same reason. Someone had given him a picture of Dave and I, taken through our front window, showing Dave and I having sex.

I saw the posting by Liz about it sometimes being a mistake to have an affair at work and decided to tell you about my mistake.

I normally worked at home, so I could take the children to school etc, popping into the warehouse now and then to get invoices etc. Sometimes a driver would drop stuff off, if I asked, on his way to make deliveries. My dear husband worked from our warehouse.

Most times when I visited the warehouse, comments were made about which of the men I had come for this time or, about

how the postman must not have come. All a bit of male fun which Hubby joined in with. Not to mention when we went into the office together, it was always suggested we were having sex, even if only for thirty seconds. It was all a laugh.

Until Dave brought the paperwork round one day. As I often did, I asked if he had time for coffee, which he had. It seemed normal for him to ask if anything else was on offer, and I said we had some biscuits. He said they would do if there was nothing more fun, so I remarked how hard it was

not to offer him more but after all I was married. Dave said he did not mind if I didn\'t and was suddenly right in front of me. I told him that \"If I thought you meant it\", meaning I would tell my husband. Dave hugged me and kissed me. I melted. What a kisser. He stopped long enough to say he did mean it, and kissed me some more. Dave is sort of husky, what you could call a bit of rough. I had admired his body before as women will, but this caught me off guard. Minutes later we were naked on the sofa and we did not make love, or have sex. Dave just fucked me! No style, no passion, just a fuck. It was glorious. My best ever.

As we recovered I said that it must never happen again. That lasted ten days. This time on the dining table. I had come twice and a third was building as Dave started to quicken

his thrusts. I sensed he would come soon and told him to

pull out this time, the last time he had driven as deep as

he could, which was a long way, to put his seed as deeply inside me as possible with hard thrusts. This time he said,

\"You don\'t mean that, you love it deep!\" I told him to pull out again but he just did it again and I came with him.

Another six times in the next three months and I was hooked on Dave\'s cock. He made me feel alive even though he treated me roughly every time. He then suggested we should get together of an evening so I told sweet hubby I was playing cards with the girls as I used to a few years earlier, and

as he goes to bed early so as to get up for market each day, he would be asleep when I got home. He could sleep through anything.

After two evenings in Dave\'s flat I arrived for the third. He

could not wait to undress me and I was down to bra and pants as I walked into his bedroom to see another man there. I turned to leave and walked into Dave. He just hugged me and said that Mark was from upstairs and just wanted to watch.

As I argued Dave just hugged me and kissed me hard.

Naturally as Dave gave me his usual hard fucking, making me fly all the while, Mark took off his jeans and played with himself. Dave said a few times what a shame it was that Mark

was all worked up with nothing to do but watch. I eventually said that no way was Mark getting any. Dave stopped and got off me. \"Either you do my mate a favor or we are over!\" he

told me. I tried to argue but I wanted Dave as much as I loved my husband, I was really hooked. So Dave carried on until he was done and Mark got stickies. Dave went again and then so did Mark. Mark was as rough and ready as Dave but not quite so good, and he did not pull out either. He loved my breasts and would suck and bite them, then when he was ready to come I had to ask him to do it in me as deep as he could before he did just that. That was as near as we got to lovey dovey stuff, I was simply being fucked and loving it.

A few more times and then another of Dave\'s mates was there instead of Mark. Then another. Never more than Dave plus one

at a time, but all three got to fuck me several times each over the next fifteen months, as well as Dave at home several times.

I had gone back on the pill and would sweat every time I saw Dave and hubby at the same time. No one ever did anything but fuck me, no other orifices were filled, no passion or anything. And I loved it so much.

Then I lost it all.

After the divorce I had access to the children, got a job and a small flat. Dave fucked me three more times, with Mark twice and one of the others once and then broke it all off. As I was no longer married, it was not so much fun for him, so I was dropped.

That was three years ago. I now have a new man, and one of his mates will join us in bed every now and then, and we pop into this site now and then. But it is not what I had before Dave had me. Be warned.