10 Oct 2016

sitting outside a cafe on a sunny afternoon, i came across an old work colleague, whom i hadnt seen for some years, Susan was still quite trim and was wearing a shortish skirt long boots and a slightly low cut white top. i had had the pleasure some years ago lovely sweet tasting pussy, pert breasts with perfect nipples which she loved having nibbled. after a bit of small talk she told me she moved nearby and i should call round sometime as she could do with a hand with some flat packs that she had. I was doing nothing that afternoon so i offered to go then and she agreed. going up the stairs to her flat i couldnt help but glance up the skirt (she had a perfectly shaped bottom) which revealed a tiny glimpse of black underwear. we went in and of course it was bedroom furniture didnt take long and Susan asked how could she reward me with a wicked grin. I stood up wrapped arms around her and we locked tongues . my cock was now stiff and erect which she proceeded to stroke, i didnt need a second nudge and slipped my finger under her thong and slipped my finger into her moist wet pussy. I pushed her back onto the bed,she lifted her skirt as i pulled off her thongs and dived into her pussy with my tongue ,teasing her clit and nibbling her lips with my teeth sucking in all the beautifully sweet pussy juice, she was now writhing and shouting fuck me fuck me ,how could i resist ?? i plunged my cock deep into her giving her a few hard strokes before turning her over bending her over the unit just put together and thrusting hard and fast into her dripping pussy, tweaking her nipples as i stroked deep into her, I knew this would bring her to orgasm quite quickly , i noticed that she was watching in the mirror as we fucked and after filling her pussy with cum, she placed a finger into herself to taste the hot cum i had left inside her. i asked her wether watching herself excited her more , she answered yes it really turned her on, she then asked how my sex life was and was i still single. I am but do enjoy a couple of'sex buddies' which i explained sometimes involved threesomes susan wanted to know more and as i explained i sometimes visited a swingers club with a married couple, she was fingering herself as she was getting so horny again. Well who am i to let a lady down so after another fuck fest i asked her if she wanted to come along, i explained the club i went to was really respectful and that she wouldnt have to do anything she didnt want to, she thinks she will 'soft swing' and only wants me to fuck her but hey.. i'll bet that changes when we get there she has a quite a sexual appetite can't wait and will update next week !!