Written by Wakeylad

9 Sep 2010

This is a true story that happened about ten years ago. We were married at the time and my ex (Helen)was quite a shy person. She was a size 14, 44H boobs, red hair, not a stunner but not bad either. Anyhow we had both been flirting and stuff with people online, She sometimes showing her assets via msn to guys. Anyway one night we met up with a mate of mine who I knew from another well known swingers website. We went to a local pub and had a few drinks. Helen diodnt drink much so she soon became quite merry. Around 9.30pm we decided to go home and my Mate was offered to stay over as we had a spare room.

When we got home we put the telly on and had a few more beers. Helen was getting quite pissed and she closed her eyes and she seemed to be drifting off although not fully. Me and my mate started to chat about sex and experiences and I noticed Helen seemed to be listening but still had her eyes shut. I said that she has shown guys her boobs online and John mentioned that she had a fine pair. I grinned and lent over and caressed Helens breasts through her top, then slipped my hand up inside. John laughed and Helen's head moved back and a light moan escaped her lips. I thought I would be a more daring and so I pulled her top up exposing her bra, Johnleaned forward to get a better look, and I eased the cup of her bra down so that one of her tits were on full view. Her nipple was hard and her creamy white flesh looked so inviting. I knew that this was the first time that any other guy had seen her breast in real life. I eased the other breast out and then bent forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth. My hand went to her jeans and started to massage her gusset.

Her legs parted and I undid the button of her jeans, looked at her to see if she was resisting. Nope, she didnt, so I slowly eased down the zipper, her panties came into view. I bent and kissed her belly. She shuffled which allowed me to pull down the top of her jeans.

John looked at me and i nooded. He came and sat next to Helen on the sofa, watched as I licked and sucked a nipple and caressed her pussy through her panties. She tried to open her legs more but was restricted by her jeans so I tugged them down to just below her knees. As she was a redhead her pubes were quite sparse and downy which meant her pussy lips could be eaily seen. So I thought lets see how far we can go before she stopped me. I pulled her panties to one side and exposed her pussy. Her lips were quite puffy by now. John laughed and said "very nice", I nodded and indicated for him to suck her nipples as I slipped a finger into her. I am sure she must have known it couldnt be me sucking her nipple and fingering her. I parted her lips to show John her clit.

I managed to pull off her jeans but she wouldnt let me remove her panties so I pulled them to one side and started to lick her pussy and clit. The tale tale signs showed me she was enjoying it as her hips twitched and thrust. I got carried away and was enjoying eating her psuuy. After a few minutes I looked up and saw John taking his cock out of his trousers. I wondered what Helen would do now as reality was starting to kick in. Johns cock was quite bigger than mine, he held it infront of Helen her eyes still closed, he moved forward and rubbed his cock head over her tits. She moved a hand up and grabbed hold of his cock and guied it to her cheek. Rubbing the tip over her cheeks and neck. John took hold of her head and guided his cock towards her mouth. I knew she may need a bit of nudging in the right direction so I licked and sucked her clit sending her into an orgasam, I looked up to see Johns cock slipping past her lips and into her mouth.John held her head as he fucked her mouth with his cock. After a while he tensed and pulled out shooting his cum over her tits.

Reality must have brought everyone to their senses and we all cleaned up and shortly after all went our seperate ways to bed. She never spoke about that night again, and we never experimented again. About a year later we seperated and divorced. But what an awesome feeling seeing her sucking another man.