8 Aug 2016

This is an account of something that happened when I was nineteen years old and I was at university. I had been going out with a girl called Nicky for about three months, she was almost eighteen. I git on ok with her parents; her dad was drunk a lot of the time, but her mum, Emma, was stunning. Emma was thirty eight, slim, dark hair, amazing figure, long legs. She looked about early twenties rather late late thirties. Emma and I always flirted and I think there was an instant attraction, when we first met. I used to keep fit; playing squash, swimming, weight training etc. I went to a couple parties at their house and Emma and I danced and she knew I was excited as she would feel my hard cock against her. I am quite well hung look at the profile) so it was difficult to hide!

Anyway the relationship with Nicky was coming to an end and I kept it going so I could see Emma, to be honest. We, her parents and Nicky and I went to a club in Sutton one Friday evening. As usual Nicky's dad was passed quite early and Nicky was not in the mood, but Emma wanted to stay. Nicky said she would get a taxi and take her dad home I should stay and drive her mum home later. So I thought I would see what, if anything, happened with Emma. She was dressed in a figure hugging dress, long slit up to her thigh and no bra. We danced and she had more to drink, I was being good as I was driving. The slow dances started and we danced very close; I lowered my hand to her arse and pulled her closer to me, I was rock hard by now. Emma nuzzles into my neck and I stroked her arse, she whispered "have I done that to you ?" And I said you always do, and she just said good. I kissed her head and she looked up and me and we had a passionate French kiss. I had my hand inside her dress via the slit and onto her commando arse and was fingering her. She almost came on the dance floor. She said lets get a room, I know the receptionist. We end up in a room on the first floor. We had each other's clothes off, she went down on her knees and held my cock in her two hands, telling me I was double the size of her husband , and she gave me a bj, and I held her hair and started to face fuck her. I did not want to cum too early, so we went to the bed her on her back and her legs open, and I went onto me knees and deeply licked her cute and rimmed her arse. She was moaning loudly, I started to pinch her lovely nipples hard and licking her at the same time, she had a huge orgasm screaming very loudly. I was so hard by then, I stood up had her legs over my shoulder and slowly entered her tight and wet cunt a and started to fuck her hard. The first fuck was a hard rough fuck, real animal passion from both of us. The second one was doggy and during that I fingered and lubed her arse. I then pulled out and into her arse; slowly and deep I went. Her arse was so tight. Once in I waited for a second before started to fuck her arse, leaning over and playing with her clit. Emma was making lots of noise telling me to fuck her harder and deeper, after a while I started to alternate between her holes she loved that I came inside her are this time and we then lay holding each other. She told me that she had fancied me from the first time we met, I told her that I felt the same. She said this was the first time she had been unfaithful. I said that I hoped that it was not a one off, and she said no she wanted to see me as much as possible, but I had to dump Nicky as she would feel guilty otherwise. We dressed I drove her home and ducked her in the car near by to her house. I dumped Nicky the next day and she was OK as we knew it he run its course. I saw Emma for over two years. She came to stay in a hotel at the university most weeks, we went on holiday, I flat sat during university holidays and she used to stay over. I never knew what she said to her husband but there did not seem to be a problem. She was the best fuck I ever had; we almost moved in together, but articles got in the way. I saw her on and off for a while after we split and Nicky found out after about a year and she was fine as she hated her dad. I think of Emma often even now.