25 Jun 2016

Sorry if it's to long. I didn't know what to leave out .

It must be something about house parties !

I have been with Samantha for a good few years now. We have a great sex life and recently Sam has fucked other men when I have been there. She has had a threesome with a female friend of mine called Vicky and her male friend. I work with Vicky and we have fucked before. Since Sam fucked Vicky and her male friend we have never arranged anything else with them. I work with Vicky and she has mentioned it a few times saying that we should arrange another night , but the timing has never felt right

Vicky mentioned that she was out with her friend John on a Saturday just gone and that me and Sam should join them for a night out. I spoke to Sam and she seemed very keen especially with John being out ! She said that we should go out at least for a few drinks and see what happens. We got ready for the night out, Sam looked stunning again wearing a low cut too which showed off her great boobs. We met Vicky and John out and my mouth opened when I saw Vicky , her tits looked fantastic. John and Sam smiled at each other and kissed. We started drinking and dancing and went to a few clubs. As the night went on the flirting got dirtier and so did the dancing. The girls danced with each other whilst me and John spoke. He was respectful,but he said that he loved fucking Sam and that he would love to fuck her again but only if I was ok with it. I said that I'm happy when Sam is enjoying herself and I get excited seeing her fuck other men. I spoke to Sam and I said that John wants to fuck her again,she giggled and said that she would love to ride his big cock again. Sam then went and spoke to Vicky and then came back over to me , she said that she told same that she wants us all to fuck in the same room. I was more then happy with this !!! I had a dance with Vicky and she whispered in my ear and told me that she wasn't wearing any knickers, I started to get a little bit hard. Vicky then grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt , I felt her moist pussy and I slipped a couple of fingers in. Vicky moaned and smiled at me. We sat down after dancing for a few hours. We had a good chat and Vicky asked Sam if she had ever had two cocks at once, Sam laughed and said no, Vicky then said "well tonight that's going to change " me and John then looked at each other and then high fived each other !

As we were ready to go back to vickys she walked over to me and John and said that she had some exciting news. She told me that a couple that her and John had fucked were out and about wanted to meet up. Vicky said that the lad was called Liam and his girlfriend was Ashley and that she was a sexy little woman. John said that I would enjoy her ! I spoke with Sam and she said that we will see what happens , but hopefully we will get a long with them.

John and Emily we supposed to meet us in a bar , after 30 minutes they never turned up. We decided to go back to Vickys place to carry on drinking. The drinks flowed and the fun started , I sat on the couch with Vicky and she was rubbing my cock whilst Sam and John were kissing on the couch and I saw that John was fingering Sam. As we were enjoying each other's company the doorbell rang. Vicky answered it and she then walked back into the living room with Liam but minus Ashley . He told us that he had an argument with Ashley and that she had gone home and that he decided just to turn up and see what happens.

We went into the bedroom Sam was leading me by the hand we started to kiss and get undressed. Vicky then came in with John, she led Sam away from me and said that John wanted to fuck her again. Sam asked my permission and I said of course. I sat down with Vicky sitting on my lap to watch the show. They got down to business licking nibbling each other , John then got on top of Sam and started to fuck her hard, I saw her eyes light up with every thrust. He said that he was about to cum and Sam said that she wanted to swallow it. As she took his cock in her mouth, Liam walked in with a massive hard on, he asked if we minded him watching. I said that he should come in and watch the show with us. Vicky then whispered in my ear that I should let Sam enjoy a three some with John and Liam. I said that it was up to Sam, Vicky then said to Sam that now was her time to have two cocks at once. Sam was sucking johns cock and looked at me, Vicky said that it wouldn't be with me , Liam would get involved. Sam said would I be okay with that. I was nervous but said that if she was okay with it I was. Sam looked nervous but said that she would love it, Liam asked my permission and I nodded my head. He got undressed and got on to the bed. Sam then took his cock in her mouth and John went down on her pussy. They changed around several times. Liam then lay on his back and Sam took his cock in her mouth. It was some weird but horny watching Someone I love getting fucked by two men. As Sams arse was in the air , John came over he grabbed Sams arse and eased his cock in. Sam had a really filthy look on her face. I watched them all fucking on the bed, Sam was kissing me and wanking me off. Liam then said that he was about to cum. I watched as Liam finished in her mouth and John cummed in her whilst fucking her doggy style. I just sat their and enjoyed the show.

The night didn't finish at the point .