16 Jul 2015

My wife enjoyed going to a nudist beach in Devon and on the first occasion we sat at middle of the beach far end. As she took her clothes off I saw that ten or so minutes later a couple of meerkats were casually strolling to pass within 15 or so feet of her. As they did, they smiled and slowed and took a good look at my wife. It was incredibly exciting watching these two leching at her as they walked slowly past.

On their return a few minutes later, they both stopped to say hello and came closer as I chatted with them. One asked if my wife minded being looked at and I said I think she was a bit embarrassed but seemed OK. My wife raised herself up a little and smiled but as she did, she was careless or deliberate in opening her legs somewhat. This didn't go unnoticed by the men and I only realised it by the wide-eyed looks they gave her and her movement out the corner of my eye.

They asked to sit down, I asked my wife if it was OK and they did, directly in front of her! She didn't close her legs and they had a good look from time to time as they chatted. Of course they became more confident and asked her if she wanted some suntan rubbed on, "Don't want that lovely body of yours getting burned, do we?" was a phrase. She said you better ask my husband if he minds. I could hardly say no really and said "Sure, give her a good rub down."

They smiled and knelt each side of her while squirting some sun oil on her thighs, boobs and stomach. Each took a different part of her and I looked away from time to time only turning back when my wife sighed or gasped. Watching one squeeze her nipples and breasts as the other gently worked oil around but not quite into her shaven fanny (Is your wife shaven Rick?) was amazingly exciting.

The three of us had erections and over the next half hour they played with theirs as my wife watched. Her excitement became apparent when she ran a finger down to her fanny and finding her clit, frigged herself as they watched her spread her legs for them to get a good view of her performing for them. She watched them tossing themselves. They took a tit in each hand and sucked a nipple each, which drove her crazy as she worked her clitoris.

After asking me by body language if he could, and getting my OK, one entered her fanny with a couple of fingers and made her flood and squelch that pleased them greatly. She refused to suck the cock offered to her mouth but after fifteen minutes perhaps, my wife looked at me and said, "I need cock!" I must have looked shocked or confused and she said, "Yours! Not theirs!"

She pushed them away and knelt up and presented for me. Three other watchers joined us while our keen helpers held my wife's buttocks and opened her for me to slip into her gape. Such was her excitement, I barely touched the sides. As I worked my self in and out slithering, each man squeezed a tit each and rolled her nipples.

As my rhythm increased she took the cock offered to her mouth and sucked him as he felt her tits. His friend was also treated similarly. It took little time for me to ejaculate copiously and she was a little disappointed but refused the offer of more penetrations even though my performance had been short and lamentable and sat back down.

We now had five men leching at my wife and talking very good naturally and calmly. She was very relaxed but the situation and enjoyed what she had done immensely. They stayed for another twenty minutes then after being asked to leave us, went. Asking if they could come back later perhaps. We agreed but only if they got a clear signal to come in close.

So that was our fun there and there have been similar events.

We discuss what happened when we're in bed and it adds tremendously to our sex.

Hope you enjoyed what I have related to you and you will send me some photographs of your wife with face suitably blurred.