Written by stickyfingers

8 Oct 2009

My partner is working away, so finding myself on my own and also randy (as usual) I took a shower and while soaping my balls and cock, I started to get hard, my hands were covered in thick, foamy suds and when I was washing around my ass hole the very tip of my finger just slipped into me ( I have never had any thoughts of doing ANYTHING anal before, in fact I always thought your ass hole should be marked \'EXIT ONLY!\').

But this time it felt alright, and I then gently pushed the tip of my little finger into my ass hole, and to my surprise it felt alright and my cock went rock hard. Still in the shower, my hard cock covered in thick soap suds and with one hand I\'m slowly stroking it, while with the other hand nice and soapy, I know have my index finger sliding nicely in and out of my ass hole and I\'m starting to really enjoy myself, to my surprise !

I get out of the shower and dry myself off but make sure my ass hole and one of my hands are well soaped and slippery. I go into the bedroom and bend over the bed so my ass is up in the air and this time my finger slips into my ass hole with some ease and I finger fuck my ass. I then lie on my back on the bed and wank my cock while finger fucking my ass hole I didn\'t realise it could feel so good, my finger was sliding in and out with some ease now and my ass hole seemed to have widened to accomodate it, so I tried two fingers and they slid in well, I lifted my legs up so I could get right in and I was fucking my ass hole at a quick hard pace now and my cock hasn\'t been as hard for ages!

At that point I actually would of let someone fuck me properly, with their cock and I wondered what it would be like to feel someone\'s hot cum inside my ass hole. I stood up at the side of the bed and started to wank my hard cock while still pushing a finger up my ass hole, as I felt myself starting to cum, I slid the finger out of my ass and put my hand in front of my cock just as loads of thick,hot,white sticky cum shot out all over my fingers and onto the towel I had placed on the bed, without thinking I bent forward and pushed the two fingers covered in my fresh cum into my ass hole, god it felt good, I could feel the warmth of my cum inside me and began to finger fuck my ass hole again, my fingers now sliding in and out even easier with my cum making an excellent lubricant,I bent over even more so I could get my fingers in my ass hole as deep as possible, my face laying on the towel, my mouth comeing to rest right in the pool of cum, it felt warm and moist on my lips, I dipped the tip of my tongue into the cum, it tasted good so I then began to lap up the cum, while still fucking my ass hole with my two fingers, just wishing at that point that I was being fucked by a hard cock !

I cleaned myself up and got into bed a very tired but satisfied chap, I had the best nights sleep I\'ve had for a long time !!!

This morning my ass hole feels a little tender (after all its the first time its been finger fucked) but ok. My cock is a little swollen, I must of wanked it that hard I was enjoying myself so much. Surprisingly I still have a nice sexual feeling about about last night.

It was just one of those spontaneous things that you \'go with the flow\' and it was a good sexual experience, whether anything will happen like that again, either on my own, with my partner (she has played around my ass hole before with her fingers but never entered me) or with another individual, who knows ???