Written by travebird

25 Sep 2015

From the start I have to say that this is appearing on here, simply because my husband, after hearing about the encounter was so turned on , he virtually begged me to write it up, So here goes, ots quite simple really.

I have been married for quite some time, we have a good marriage with absolutely no infidelity.

Despite John having some difficulty now in maintaining errections, we still enjoy sex.

We moved some time ago from the city to the coast, and I joined the local leisure centre to keep fit and expand my social network. I am a size10 and still turn heads now and then.

Over the months several of the group took to having a coffee or whatever after our sessions.

Mostly women but one or two guys, one chap probably in his 40's was always very friendly and chatty. I got on with him really well, but just in the context of the leisure centre, nothing further.

As this summer arrived , there were less people turning up, to the extent that latterly there was only Richard, (the other guy) and myself having coffee afterwards in the centre cafe.

On this particular wednesday, we swam and did the aqua fit. I had the usual shower afterwards and made my way to the coffee shop. Richard turned up a while later, but this time not with coffee, but a suggestion that we tried somewhere else. Now I was dressed in stretch joggers and T shirt, not exactly going out gear, but he suggested that he knew a place on the seafront, where it would not be noticed. So I agreed and off we went in his car, I didnt actually think much about it at the time.

We ended up some way out of the town at an isolated cafe near the park and ride. I did know it so again wasnt bothered particularly.

However we didnt go in, but stayed in thecar, Richard did step out and cane back with two takeouts which we sat and drank. I dont recall exactly when Richards hand ended up my thigh, but it did. I didnt want to hurt his feelings so said nothing.

What came next did shock me somewhat, He began to tell me that from first seeing me at the centre his feelings for me had grown to the point where he felt he had to say something. During this I told him twice that I was flattered, but married and had never been unfaithful.

This didnt stop him from pouring out his feelings, his hand on occasions sweeping over my crotch.

Quite frankly I didnt know what to do, Richard was clearly genuine and I felt quite sorry for him.

The kiss was unexpected and was long and probing, his tongue finding its way into my mouth, I admit my protestations were weak. I do recall saying something like , I cant do this its not right, maybe a couple of times.

But he was persistent, squeezing my boobs through my t shirt, despite my turmoil, I couldnt stop my nipples from hardening, something which he noticed immediately.

I like an idiot was still muttering that I couldnt do this, even as my t shirt was pulled clear of my sports bra allowing him better access to my boobs. I realised at this point that I only had myself to blame, clearly I had unintentionally signalled that I was available.

Richard still telling me how womanly I was , how he could think of nothing other than having sex with me, even as he gently but firmly pulled my joggers down along with my knickers. I was still telling him that this was wrong.

Part of me was excited, I felt very guilty about that, I had never been unfaithful, and this was completely out of character for me. But I think I didnt want him tostop.

My seat back was lowered, my joggers around my ankles, richards fingers gently probing my now damp pussy; he took hold of me around the waist and gently rolled me over onto my stomach, lifting me slightly so that I ended up kneeling, my head facing the rear of the car.

Silly though it seems all I could think of then was , what if other people could see me.

Richard was extremely careful as he pushed into me, my legs as far apart as they could be, constrained by me joggers. He was big and thick, it did feel good I admit. He pumped me steadily and deeply. When I came I have to say I was noisy, this seemed to stimulate richard, as I felt his warm fluid pumping into me, so much so that it started to leak out of me.

Rolling off me onto the drivers seat , he actually apologised, which I thought very sweet.

There was little talk afterwards, we cleaned up, on the drive back I could feel his cum leaking out into my knickers, my thoughts were how was I going to explain this to John !!