Written by Vikki

29 Apr 2012

My story

I sat bolt upright in bed and looked at the clock on the bedside table “hell” I thought the alarm didn’t go off I didn’t have much time to get ready, luckily for me I’m very organised before I go to bed and set my clothes ready for work the next day.

I hurry into the bathroom and turn on the shower, while the water was warming I cleaned my teeth, once done I pull off my pj’s and place in the wash basket then step under the shower. The water was warm and refreshing but I was in a hurry so couldn’t enjoy it as much as i would have liked to. I lather the sponge with the shower gel which smells amazing and rub it over my body covering it with the luxurious lather, i wanted to stay longer and enjoy the water spraying onto my body but i knew i had to turn it off for today. I step out of the shower and pick up the big fluffy towel and dry my hair and body then go to my dresser and start to dry my hair, I hate rushing in a morning it doesn’t set me up well for the day i can be quite abrupt and tetchy when I’m running late. Hair dried I apply my body lotion making sure i don’t miss anywhere, its my favourite one it smells very sexy makes me feel very feminine. I apply my make up and keep it quite simple but effective, once happy with that its time to get dressed.

I go to my dressing table and open the draw and take out my bra, its slightly padded as there is still a chill in the Autumn air and my nipples have a very bad habit of being very large and hard when its cold.

I thought about the team i was training today and shook my head, They are very badly behaved considering they are so called men and make my training sessions very stressful, i know i should say something to them but i think it may make them even worse. The mood I'm in today maybe today will be the day i do say something it may shock them into behaving. I pull my undies out of the draw and put them on, they match my bra and today they a thong as I'm wearing a skirt for a change and its a little tight around my bum and i don’t want that horrible panty line showing.

Stockings next and matching suspender belt and thats  done, wearing this makes me feel very feminine and sexy even when I'm at work, “Mustn't forget I'm a sexy  woman in the week and not just at weekends” i thought to myself. I put on my skirt and blouse buttoning it up but leaving the top 3 buttons undone for comfort. I collect my jacket from the wardrobe and head for the kitchen, just time for a quick coffee, no time to eat. Coffee drunk i collect my car keys and to my car with a bit of trepidation as to what will unfold at work today. I honestly don’t think those guys even know how pathetic they really are. I have to be strong and stand up to them give as good as they give me. “Ha, if only” i muttered to myself I'm just a whimp.

I drive the few miles to the company and enter the car park and park my car close to the entrance so its easier to carry all my equipment in with me. A few of the guys pass and say hello and ask if they can help I thank them very much and tell them it would be a great help. We carried everything  into the training room and i thank the guys once again.

I set up the screen and projector and the items for the activity we will be doing within the training, cups and tennis balls. Paperwork organised and a coffee from the coffee maker and I'm ready to start my training. My heart is beating a little fast because i am nervous of the team I'm training they are so badly behaved and more to the point they know they are. I pull my shoulders back and take a deep breath and walk to the managers office to tell him I'm set up and ready to go. He is a nice man quite stocky and tall but with a gentle manner and is always nice to me. He tells me he will let them know I'm ready so i walk back to the room and  sit down and wait i cross my legs and sit back in the chair. My heart is pounding and my hands sweaty, i shake myself and tell me its only work and i shouldn’t worry about the learners I'm training. I look down at my clothes, i sit forward and look again, silly girl i mutter to myself, I'm training a team of rowdy guys and i don’t want any trouble or any reason to start them off and i wear this. God i thought i don’t help matters much, my skirt is above the knee and quite tight around my bun and my blouse is quite sexily open at the collar and to top it all when i sat down the top of my stockings showed. This doesn’t inspire confidence i thought and shook my head again. Should i cancel the training tell them i have an emergency, tell them I'm ill, tell them anything to not train but too late i hear them talking to the manager, they are as loud as ever . I stand up and pull my skirt down and fasten another button on my blouse. God Vikki calm down your going to have a panic attack, breath, breath,breath, ah thats better.

The door flies open and in they walk, 4 of them and as they go to their seats they walk past me and smile, 2 of them slow down and look me from head to toe and back again and then smiled, i swallowed trying not to let them see i was nervous and manage a shake smile back, not that it deserved a smile i thought to myself.

The loudest guy leaned forward in his chair and said out loud “ i bet she wears really sexy undies”  one guy asked if i was wearing a thong, i told him to mind his own business then another said she is you can tell with that skirt on. At this point it almost became like a free for all and they started with smutty comments “do you suck cock” one asked “do you like a big cock” asked another “ you would be much cooler with your clothes off” said another. I told them to be quiet and said if they carried on i would pack up and leave.  “Nah you wont” said the loudest one you enjoy it really. You wouldn’t dress like that if you didn’t. I started to walk to the front of the group and as i walked past the one guy he put his arm out and stopped me and calmly placed his hand on my knee then ran it slowly up my leg under my skirt to the top of my stockings, when he felt them he smiled and said ”stockings, sexy, very nice”  i pulled his hand away and walked to the front of the class and told them to behave or i will leave. Thats the second time you have said that said one so i think if you were going to leave you would have done it by now which leads me to believe your enjoying it and want more. I told him not to be ridiculous and he stood up and walked up to me stood in  front of me and looked me in the eye and smiled, i swallowed hard and looked down and took a step backwards and hit the chair with the back of my legs tipping back slightly, the guy moved his arm out and put it around my waist and pulled me back upright and close to him, “god” i thought “he smells good” i couldn’t look at bim as he would have seen my thoughts in my eyes. I pushed him away and he laughed. You know what i think he says and i ask him what, he said i think we need to change the training session today and turned to the other guys and said “what do you think lads”. Oh yeah they all shout we’ll have some of that.

Now I'm very nervous and one guy out of the blue says “i bet you love being fucked don’t you” at this point I'm starting to feel angry and nervous with them and tell him my private life had nothing to do with him. One guy made a crude comment about my pussy and i walked to the door to leave. The guy that confronted me was right behind me and put his hand firmly on the door to stop me opening it. I turn around and put my hands out and place them on his chest to push him away. I look him in the eye and tell him that this is sexual harassment he laughs and put one hand on one of my boobs and squeezes, “no” he says “thats sexual harassment and by the way your nipple responded to my hand being there i wouldn’t call it harassment but sexual enjoyment”. My breathing is hard and fast and i realise his hand is still there flicking his thumb over my very erect nipple. I put my hand up to his and pull it away and he pushes closer to me forcing me up against the door as he pushes closer i can feel he is hard and excited, i look up quickly and he is smiling, “feels good “ i try to push him away then realise that the other guys have left their seats and were standing around us egging him on to do more. “Go for it” says one guy then the loudest guy moves closer and says to the guy in front of me “i bet you would love to fuck her wouldn’t you” the guy up against me licked his lips and looked down the front of me my cleavage clearly showing at the opening of my blouse, he nods and pushes closer.  He puts one finger on my neck and moves it slowly down until he reaches my cleavage i realise i enjoyed the feeling then came back to reality when i saw the other 3 guys waiting expectantly. It was obvious they were all excited as all their cocks were bulging in their trousers.

One guy sees me looking “you like to see excited cocks do you” i look away not sure what to do but god i cant believe i feel excited myself, how can i be in this situation , it isn’t right i should be scared and want to get out of here. I feel myself start to relax, right i thought to myself I'm not letting them get the better of me so i looked at the guy who made the comment and said”well actually i love to see excited cocks but  not if theres nothing worth looking at” Oh i have something worth looking at said another guy you want to see. I nod and he opens his trousers and his cock sprung out of his trousers big and hard, my eyes opened wider as i looked and the guy close to me pushed closer and put his mouth to my ear and whispered “you know your going to get fucked by all of us don’t you”. I lick my lips and look at him and push my hips a little harder into him, He made a growling noise and pushed harder against me rubbing his cock against me through his trousers. I push him away and walk over to the table and lean on the edge and cross my legs, i knew the top of my stockings were showing but i didn’t care this was what they obviously wanted.  I remove my jacket and placed it on the table behind me and sit and looked at all of them almost drooling over me.

The guy who had opened his trousers to show me his cock walked over to me his cock still hard and throbbing took my hand in his and placed it on his cock and said “work it hard and fast” i gripped it hard and started to move my hand fast “oh god he said that feels great” , the other guys move over to me and one puts his hand under my blouse and places it on my boob squeezing it hard, i moan and he smiled, “you know what “ said another guy “i think your wearing too many clothes and i want to see you in those sexy undies”.  They all agree and i remove my hand from the guys cock and stand up.  Before i knew it they were pulling at my clothes, it made me feel nervous and excited at the same time as they were quite rough, my blouse was off my breathing fast my nipples erect and excited as my skirt was unbuttoned and pulled down. I stood in front of them in my undies and they were all looking and taking in the sight before them.

I blushed and looked down and one guy said “oh acting all innocent and naive now are we” i bet you a wild one under that exterior why don’t toy show us” never one to be beaten i look up and squint my eyes at them and a smile formed in the corner of my mouth and i nodded casually. They all smile and take a step towards me. “How do you want us clothed or unclothed” said one.”What do you think “ i replied. A couple of them shift a little on the spot maybe not feeling so comfortable now the action was going to start. I look at them and say “well go on what you waiting for you were all loud a minute ago”

They stand and remove their clothes one by one and before long they stood there in all their glory their cocks standing proud and very aroused. I look at them all in turn and the one held his cock in his hand and moved towards me and said i bet you would love this in your mouth wouldn’t you. I look down and to be honest it looked very exciting i nod and he moves closer to me, i move slightly away from the table and stand up straight and look at his face, his breathing is very hard and uncontrolled and i can tell he he impatient, i stand and look and smile a little he shouts “for christs sake just do it will you suck my cock” he puts a hand on my shoulder and pushes me down in front of him and I'm faced with his cock inches away from my face, he is throbbing, he is aroused and he is extremely excited, “suck it i said” he moves forward and i open my mouth taking his cock  fully into my mouth and i close my lips around it, he groans and says “ yes baby” i suck him hard, i want it over with then i sense movement at the side of me and another learner has moved towards me and is unclipping my bra, my boobs fall out my nipples hard and very sensitive and his hand cups one then his lips move towards it and he sucks on my nipple, it felt good as i felt his tongue flicking over the nipple gently, he stands up and tells me to work his cock which i do as I'm still sucking the other guys cock,”Man that is so sexy “ says another as i see from the side he is working himself.

The guy who’s cock I'm sucking lets out a little groan and his breathing changes from small quick breaths to long hard ones i move away from him and  look up, his eyes are closed  and he groans again, he opens his eyes and says “what the fuck are you doing i haven’t cum” “not in my mouth you wont “ i replied he lifts me up and sits on a chair and tells me to sit on his cock he pulls me back and i sit facing away from him and his cock slides in to me, the guy who's cock i was working walks towards me and pushes his cock to my mouth  and i suck him. I felt excited and aroused and the feelings in my pussy were very sensitive and on edge it was all too much and i could feel myself building up to cum, my breath caught in my throat as i let out a “YES OH YES” the guy fucked me faster as i cum and it seemed to go on forever, then i finished and i slumped back not realising that the guy i was sucking has cum over my face and boobs, i was covered in his cum and i didn’t even know, he slumped back onto the table and was breathing hard and long he was totally spent but i could see from his cock that he wasn’t going to have any trouble getting aroused again.

I pulled off the guy who was fucking me, i looked down at his hot red face he still hadn’t cum, “you want more “ i asked him “god yes “ he said and i stand in front of him and bend over and take his cock into my mouth for a second time, as i was sucking him i felt a hand on my bum and it was one of the others who hadn’t had any action yet, his hands roamed my body squeezing my boobs and rubbing his hands over the roundness of my bum cheeks then around to my wet pussy. God your wet enough to fuck he said as he opened my cheeks and started to rub his cock between my legs “Im an anal man myself” he said and started to push gently at my opening, i gasp as he pushes a little further until his tip enters me then he moves forward until i can feel him inside me deep he starts to pushes more and moves faster and i push back and suck on the cock harder and faster “ your hurting me” says the guy I'm sucking and i realised my teeth were biting on him and im enjoying the pleasure pain ecstasy inside me, i release my teeth and move on him and i can feel he is ready to cum, i move my mouth deep and hard then move my mouth up to flick my tongue over the tip and he is groaning hard i pull away holding hard onto the chair and he explodes his cum over me enjoying watching as he does.

The guy fucking me starts to moan and he tells me how tight it is on his cock and how it is going to make him cum , he is excited now, very excited, he sees the other guys watching him as he fucks me and asks me if i like to be watched like this, i nod my head and let out a groan, “oh you like this do you, you like being fucked like this do you “ i say yes and he fucks me harder and deeper and just when i think i cant stand it any longer he shouts he is cumin, i start to stand up so i can pull him off me and his cock slides out of me and he holds my hips against him and pushes his cock between my legs and moves back and forth and i can feel his cum over my pussy and running down my legs, the other guys are watching and enjoying and i look as they are all standing aroused in front of us. I turn around and sit on the chair exhausted and catch my breath then a voice in front of me says “i haven’t had any fun yet”  I look up and see its the last guy who has been watching all the fun, He kneels down in front of me and kisses my neck then moves down and kisses and sucks on my boobs and nipples then he opens my legs and places his fingers on my pussy and starts to rub, i was so sensitive it hurt me and i tried to push his hand away, Hey don’t worry he says my cock will be in your pussy in a minute let me enjoy the feel of you first, his hands roam my pussy area and he pushes 2 fingers inside my very wet pussy and he starts to finger me , it felt good very goods and i could feel my cum building up once again, “ you like that don’t you” he says and i whisper yes. He could feel my pussy tighten around his fingers and i could feel myself starting to cum, i groan hard and  then he pulls his fingers out and pulls my bum forward on the chair lifts my legs high and wide and pushes his cock full into my pussy and fucks me hard, i cum immediately and shout “oooooooooooo gooooodddd yyyeeesssssss” he laughs and carries on fucking me his thumb flicking over my clit as he moves on me. I look at the others standing watching and enjoying and as i look at them they move closer, one starts to feel my boobs and the other 2 tell me they have some enjoyment for me afterwards. I feel his cock inside me throb hard and he is ready to cum i tell him not to cum inside me and as he is ready he pulls out and lays his hard cock on the top of my pussy and lets his cum shoot over me, he groaned hard as he cum and closed his eyes enjoying the moment. He finished and fell backwards on the floor breathing hard.

Before i know it the 2 guys watching stood me up and i faced him he pushed his cock between my legs and said”god i want to fuck you again” i was absolutely exhausted but god so excited at the same time, i felt hands on the top of my legs opening them slightly and realised that the other guy was behind me he opened my bum cheeks and started to push his cock into me anally, god i thought i don’t think i can take that again but i was wet and excited and he slid into me and started to fuck me gently at first his rhythm smooth then the guy in front of me eased down and pushed his cock between my legs and slid it into my pussy, god i had never experienced this before, the other 2 guys were shouting at them telling them to go for it and to fuck me hard, their movements started to gain speed and as they moved faster it began to hurt then the hurt turned to ecstasy it was a feeling i had never known before and before i knew it i was starting to cum they moved harder and faster inside me until they both at the same time pulled out of me and cum over my bum cheeks down the back of my legs over my pussy and up over my belly, i was soaking in all their cum the room smelt of sex and we were all spent totally exhausted.

We sat for a few minutes gathering our breaths, luckily the training room we were in was a managers office with an ensuite bathroom so i went in first and cleaned up, my hair was a mess my make up smudged i had cum all over me and my pussy was sore but i felt very excited with what had just happened. As i cleaned up i heard them talking saying they had never done that before and i had a sexy pussy  and it was the best sex they had had for years, i looked in the mirror and smiled then opened the door and stood in the doorway and looked at them. They were all still naked and spent and one was still aroused, “ i don’t believe you could take anymore could you”  i said. “Come here and find out “ he said and smiled , i shook my head and said no way then he said thats ok I'm first next time we do training.

They clean up as i pack away and as i go through the door i look back at them, “thought you could scare me off didn’t you thought i didn’t have what it took to stand up to you lot” i laugh as i walk through the entrance to my waiting car.

I sit in my car and i can feel my pussy throbbing with sensitive excitement and my nipples were hard against my clothes. I sigh a big sigh and start the engine and smile as i drive away.