Written by johnB

5 Dec 2013

I'm really pleased that so many men get off on seeing their wife played with by another man. It's over thirty years since I fucked the first one and it's been a ready source of lovely women ever since. Here is the true account of one of the first

I had been in touch with Julie and Tim through a magazine advert they had placed. This was before the internet became the effective way to meet, and although they had tried to fix threesomes with a few guys Julie had always got cold feet at the last minute. I agreed to meet with no promises that anything would happen, and certainly we didn't do much on the first meet - a drink and a chat in a pub, back to theirs and Julie changed into a very short skirt and tight top, obviously what Tim had asked her to do.

Apparently she just wanted to chat so we went no further. It seemed she wanted a bit more sex than Tim could give her, they didn't spell it out but the problem was his cock was a bit small and he came very quickly, in spite of him being ten years older than her.

They clearly loved each other and Tim worked hard to satisfy her with his hands and mouth, but after seven years of marriage and with two young boys to look after, they had decided to find a bit of extra cock for Julie to enjoy. Two weeks later and I got a call from Tim asking for another meet but still with no promises that anything would happen. I drove the two hours to their house, we went out for a drink in the pub, and although Julie was wearing quite a short skirt and fooling around flirting, when we got back to their house she said she didn't want to take things any further. Another couple of weeks went by and Tim called again. This time he said Julie would like to take things a bit further, but it would still depend on how she felt on the night.

Another two hour drive and drink in the pub, this time it was Julie who said we should go back to their house, so off we went, Tim and I hoping that she would be braver than before. We got to the house and she told Tim to put 'her music' on and she would dance for us. He laughed and said that once she started she mustn't stop, to which she just said 'we'll see'.

'her music' was a sexy reggae song I didn't know, but boy could she dance. She may have lost the shape of her bust but she had a slim waist, sexy hips and a lovely round bum, nice legs and slim ankles - a terriffic sight as she moved to the music. Then she turned away from us and slipped her tight little skirt down over her bum - then quickly off her legs and we were enjoying her in her tiny thong - almost a bare bum. Tim was encouraging her to take her top off and she did - with a tiny quarter-cup bra supporting her lovely but a bit saggy 34Bs her hard nipples were sticking straight out. Tim and I applauded her and called out encouragement until she again turned away, waggled her bum at us, and slipped the thong quickly down and off her feet. More applause from us and she shyly turned until we could both see the neatly trimmed dark hair covering her pussy. Tim told her not to stop dancing and to take her bra off, she turned away and undid the clasp then turned back and stood naked for us to enjoy. Tim was quick to take her in his arms and kiss her, and with her back towards me he waved for me to join them, so I hugged her from behind and kissed her gently on the neck. She responded to my kissing and fondling, and Tim let go of her long enough to slip off his top and jeans. He took over kissing her as I slipped off my clothes, and she pushed back towards me as she felt my naked body against her from behind. Tim and I spent a long time fondling her, kissing her and playing with her until she had a small orgasm.

That evening progressed and we all enjoyed ourselves, Tim and I worked hard on Julie and she had a dozen or so climaxes while he and I did our best to pleasure her. The ice was properly broken but she still didn't want my cock inside her, or for Tim to fuck her with me there. No problems as far as I was concerned, but after a few hours it was time for me to leave them to each other.

The next time we met she made Tim hold my cock and get it in the right place to go inside her. She loved the extra size and started treating Tim as a cuckold, making fun of his much smaller willy. Over a period of a year or so we developed a threesome friendship, with me visiting them at home for an evening of sexy play.

I'd had a vasectomy by then and we were all happy with bareback play. After Julie had enjoyed her share of comes for the evening, and she liked a lot, I would unload a massive final load of my come inside her pussy and leave Tim to look after her needs. He really enjoyed cleaning her out and she enjoyed being made to lick and suck my cock and balls while he did it.

The next year I bought a holiday home in Tuscany and invitied them out to stay for a weekend, the understanding was that Tim was being a true cuckold, bringing his wife out to visit me so that his wife and I could enjoy some sexy fun together. After playing naked in and around the pool for the afternoon, we went out to a local restaurant in the evening then slept three in a bed the first night, at Julie's request.

I fucked her in the morning as Tim lay beside us, and she treated me like her lover, ignoring her husband but hugging and kissing me, as well as giving me bouts of oral and riding my cock. She refused to play with Tim, even though he was lying next to us with a very stiff cock, telling him he might get lucky later if I had had enough.

Then I got up to prepare a light breakfast continental style, laid up on the big table in the kitchen. I had teased Julie the night before that she was to remain naked the whole day, so that she was available for me to fuck whenever I wanted, and she had become very excited at the idea of being a slut and being used anytime. I hadn't really expected her to obey my instruction to be naked, but she duly arrived for breakfast with nothing on, although Tim and I both had t-shirt and shorts on. She sat through breakfast totally naked, obeyed me when I told her to sit up straight so that her breasts were better visible, and she told her husband that she was going to stay naked all day to be available for me whenever I wanted to use her as my slut. It was clear that Tim was embarrassed but that he was enjoying the conflict of love, sexual excitement and jealousy at seeing his lovely young wife giving herself to another man.

After we had eaten, I told Tim to clear the table while I played with Julie's body as she sat on my lap. I told him I was going to fuck her on the kitchen table and that after he had cleared away breakfast he was to go and tidy the bed while I enjoyed her. As he left the room I told Julie to lie back on the table with her feet over the end resting on two chairs. Her pussy was wide open and very wet, and as Tim went off to tidy up I asked Julie if she wanted my cock in her. She was a bit quiet about answering, but I told her it was important for her husband to know she was my slut and that she must tell him how much she enjoyed having my big cock in her. She nodded her understanding, and helped position my stiff cock in her pussy for me to fuck her. I stopped pushing when I could feel my helmet pressing against her cervix, and told her to relax so that she could accept my full length. After a brief interval I felt her open up and she groaned in pleasure as my cock gently filled her. I fucked her gently and saw the familiar signs of her hard nipples and red chest as she approached her climax. A few more strokes and she cried out as her orgasm hit, her cries turning to screams of pleasure as her body reacted to the effects of our fucking.

I gave her a minute or two to calm down, but her pussy was dripping wet and I knew she would want more. I called out to Tim to come and watch his wife being fucked, and when he returned to the kitchen I made him hold her shoulders steady while I fucked her again. As my cock disappeared into his wife's soaking pussy, I told her to tell him how good it felt, how much better than his little willy this big man's cock felt, and that he must be ready to clean her up when I had finished using her. She looked him straight in the eyes and repeated what I had said, then added that she belonged to me. I told her I was going to fuck her hard and come in her, and she lifted her knees and opened her thighs wide to give me full access.

I told him to watch carefully as my cock pounded her sweet little pussy, and pointed out the streams of her juices that were running down her bum crack. I told him that if he were a proper husband he would be keeping his wife happy himself, but that he was a wimp and only fit to clean her up. I knew that Julie was close to coming again, and that she was getting off from the very hard fuck as well as the cuckold talk. I didn't know if he would do it but when I told him to get round to her bum and lick her juices he obeyed immediately and I felt his face against my cock and balls as he licked her clean. This pushed her over the edge and she screamed out as she orgasmed, gripping my cock hard as her pussy convulsed. I was about to come but I thought I would push Tim just a bit further down the cuckold road, and told him to kiss my arse as I filled his wife. He obeyed immediately, and as I felt his tongue press on my tight ring I shot some hot streams deep into his wife's body.

I then felt Tim's tongue working around my cock as it filled her, and knew that he would be tasting my come as well as floods of Julie's juices. As I softened and my cock slid out of her, he took my place between her legs and sucked and licked at her well-used pussy. I moved around to push my sopping cock and balls into Julie's face, and she licked them clean as I wiped the rest on her face and hair.

Tim used his tongue and fingers to make Julie come again, and I told her that after a short break I was going to fuck her arse. Tim looked surprised but his wife laughed and said of course I could try but that she was a virgin there and she would need cleaning out first. Tim looked shocked when I told him that it was a job for him to do. I explained that there was a rubber douche and a bidet, shower and toilet in the spare bathroom,and that he was to clean his wife out ready for me to fuck. Julie obviously understood what was needed and disappeared off in the direction of the bathroom. I told Tim I wanted her totally cleaned out because I was going to fuck her arse, and he was to bring her back to me in the sitting room when he had done it for me. He shuffled off to find his wife and I heard her explaining to him that she would have to use the toilet first then he would have to help her wash herself out. I don't think Tim had ever considered anal with his wife, she wasn't getting enough pussy fucking from him to waste any of his little cock.

They came into the sitting room hand in hand, and I asked Tim if he had brought his wife to me ready to take her anal virginity. He nodded and I told him to fetch the lubricant that I had left on the kitchen table. I told Julie to lean forward over the back of the sofa, so that her pert bum was stuck up in the air, and he came back to see her with her arse up ready for me. 'Put some lubricant on her', I told him, 'get her ready for my cock'. He smeared some gel around her little rosebud hole, then I told him to suck my cock to make me fully hard. He got down on his knees and started to suck and lick my semi, and when he took my helmet into his mouth he did a great bj. I held his head steady and fucked his face for a short time, telling his wife what her husband was doing, and she obeyed instantly when I told her to hold her cheeks apart. I used my fingers to gently open her muscle, it was slightly stretched from their cleaning efforts. Then I told Tim to hold my cock firmly as I pushed gently into his wife's virgin arse.

Julie relaxed well as the helmet went through her ring, but I could tell it was uncomfortable for her. I told Tim to get underneath and use his tongue on her clit and pussy to distract her, and I put some extra lube on my cock as it slid into her. She cried out for me to stop, so I waited until she relaxed, then gently started to slide in and out of her sphincter. She was tight, but then I felt her muscle relax and she started to enjoy it, crying out that she was a dirty slut getting fucked in the arse. I spanked her hard with the flat of my hand, once on each cheek, and she yelled out to be spanked some more for being such a slut wife. I fucked her hard and felt the tension rise in her body as her climax started, then she screamed as she came, shaking her head and crying as the peak passed.

I had the feelings of a come but by now my balls were empty, and they started to ache as I pulled my cock from her loose ring. 'Look at her used arse', I told Tim, and I think he was surprised to see how open her ring stayed after I had pulled out. 'Next time I may let you use her there after me', I told him, 'you would slip in easily with her stretched wide'. He looked at me sadly as we both laughed at his stiff little cock.

I had intended to take them out to a local restaurant to eat that evening, but it was a warm evening and Julie refused to put on any clothes after spending the afternoon naked by the pool. I played a bit with her sexy little body, keeping her aroused while she flirted with me in front of her husband. When she refused to dress for dinner, I told her that she was a disobedient slut and that she would get punished unless she learned to obey. She said she didn't care and wanted a real man to control her, instead of a wimp of a hubby who always accepted whetever she did. I warned her several times that she might regret her disobedience, but the idea of being punished seemed to turn her on more.

Eventually, I could threaten her no more and told her to position herself over my knees to accept a spanking. She seemed to hesitiate, wondering if I really would redden her sweet round bottom. I told Tim to get his wife into position across my knees, and when he stood to grip her wrists his cock was the biggest I'd seen it - hard as a rock and an extra half inch in length, so I knew the scenario was turning him on. He tried to take her wrists, but she told him to sit and watch what a real man does to keep his slut in order. Then she lay across my knees and turned her head to look at me, challenging me to control her. I made Tim put his chair in line with her legs and feet, then told her to open her feet wide so that I could see her pussy. I started to play with her pussy lips, easing them apart and telling Tim what a dirty little slut his wife was and how much she enjoyed me giving her the sex she wanted. I opened her lips and a little flood of her juices ran out and down her bum crack. Tim sat mesmerised as I played, but then I asked her if she deserved to be punished. She admitted she was being a slut and teasing us but she begged not to be punished. As I played with her sopping wet pussy, it was clear she was near to coming so I gripped the engorged head of her clit and squeezed, giving her a real shock. She squealed and clamped her legs together. 'Are you going to be obedient?' I asked. 'Ow, that hurt', was her reply. 'Well do as you're told and I will let Tim fuck you'. 'I don't want Tim's little one, I want your big one'.

'You're being a naughty wife', I said, 'you should always keep your husband happy'. 'I don't want Tim 's cock it's too small', she replied, 'give me your big one'.

'I will fuck you when I'm ready', I said, now say sorry to your husband and tell him he can fuck you'.

'No, I don't want him I want yours' she replied.

'Be a good wife and look after your husband?' I ordered her

'No, you fuck me I want your big cock' she replied.

'I shall spank you if you don't do as you're told' I threatened.

'You don't dare', she challenged, 'now give me some of that big cock'.

I spanked her firmly with my open hand on one cheek, which reddened immediately. 'Ow don't do that'.

'Are you going to be a good wife and obey me?' I asked

'No, I don't want Tim's little one, I want your big one'.

I spanked the other cheek firmly and she squealed.

She tried to get up from across my knees, but I told her she was to wait there and accept her punishment. She was waving her feet around making it difficult to play with her. 'Thwack', I spanked her again and she let out a cry. 'Now are you going to behave and do what I tell you?' I asked.

'No', she replied, ' I don't want Tim's little cock I want your big one'

'You're going to learn to do as you're told' I said, 'a good wife should be obedient and look after her husband's needs.

'He doesn't deserve looking after', she said, 'I need lots of fucking from a big cock like yours'.

'One last time,' I said, 'are you going to be obedient and be a good wife or am I going to give you a spanking?'

'I will do what I want', she said, 'and I want your cock'.

'You will do as I tell you, you disobedient little slut' I replied

'You're going to get the spanking you deserve'.

I started to use my cupped hand on her upturned bottom, she was a perfect shape to be reddened and as the colour changed I could feel her body relax. After a dozen she was beginning to push her bum up to meet my hand, and after another ten I felt between her legs, her juices were running like a waterfall. I stroked her hair and her bottom, leaned down and asked quietly if she would like some more. She nodded and stuck her bum up ready to receive more smacks, wriggling around and trying to rub her pussy on my legs. I smacked her a bit harder and told her to lie still, but she kept her bum in the air as my hand delivered stinging smacks to her very red bottom. She was loving the mix of sex and pain, and that was the start of our BDSM play, and I've still got the pics I took of Julie as reminders of the pleasure we had.