Written by Amadeaus

28 May 2010

Most stories on SH seem to follow the open relationship trend, where people can live with the reality of their partners sharing fun sex. Thinking about this now, I was aware that my situation was almost bizarre.

My wife was a virgin when we married, although beforehand was not averse to some heavy petting which included wanking me off, never really embraced carefree passionate sex. An old friend who I knew was very up for hard-core sex let it be known that his wife was interested in a 3-sum, but only with me....so on rare but highly-charged meets we would undress, kiss, cuddle, massage with scented oils, then get down to some good old-fashioned fucking: This included her bum, and apart from an urgent and rather spontaneous incursion into another friend's arse some years back, was a delight. She hadn't realised I had cum inside her probably because her old feller was giving her a real shafting up her cunt, but the evidence made itself known to her some time later when she felt a bit sticky below. Mild panic, but a brief explanation with apology sufficed!

These rare meets still continue, the pleasure never diminishes.

Then there was wife of another friend....lovely body, a real sexy MILF...we had shared the odd clandestine snog at BBqs, but when returning some borrowed garden chairs after one such event, she followed me into the shed, peeled off her top (no bra) and pulled my head down onto her gorgeous breasts. Hubby at work, so she led me into the kitchen, stripped me naked and proceeded to ride me cowgirl on the tile floor. No preliminaries, no sucking or fingering, just straight on top. I came loads fairly quickly, but unusually for me managed to stay hard enough to keep my end up for several minutes after. When she lifted off she swung round to present me with her very wet and sticky cunt whilst sucking vigorously on my now softening cock. That done we dresed, kissed goodbye...but have managed a few savoured and very passionate meets since.

Now the bizarre bit: We all 3 couples sometimes holiday together, and none of the 3 women know one from another that I have had the pleasure of each of their lovely bodies. Only my mate knows of our 3-sum, but hasn't found out about Mrs. Kitchen Floor, who's husband is non-scene and very jealous anyway. My randy mate has often tried it on with my missus (I wish him luck....would love him to succeed) but she has become very chaste and sexless in her sixties, so I think my 3 out of 3 record may stay for some while.

In case you think this is pure fiction, let me assure you that it is all completely true. I still get a stiffie thinking about it!